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  1. Thanks for the info Mr. Cipes. Odd that 12.0 installs fine, just won't update. 12.5.3 is running fine on other 10.6 machines here in the office, but I guess they were migrated from older machines. Upgrading the one machine means upgrading all of the others in the office. Not really an option since we are phasing out VW in favor of another program. Thanks anyway....
  2. Trying to update 12.0.0 on a new computer running OS 10.6.8. When running the update I get an error message that says the update is obsolete and that I should download a new one. The website the message sends me to does not have 12.5.3 as an option to download. Thoughts?
  3. I also use the trackman by logitech, which is a thumb operated trackball type mouse. The nice hting is you can keep the mouse in your lap, you do not need a hard surface for the mouse. I find that keeping my elbow level with my mouse hand with the combination of not having to move my wrist alleviated my pain.
  4. I've taken to turning off the "Rulers" display preference. The shortcut button to the "reset origin" tool is very close the the mode selection icon of all the other tools (top left). It's pretty easy to reset the origin and not notice by accidentally clicking on this icon.
  5. Not sure about version 2009, but in 12.5 I had to resort to turning off the "adjust flipped text" preference for sheets laid out in portrait orientation (wall sections). Worked for me, but I always kept forgetting to turn it off when printing out a set. I had to have it on for the rest of the set (plans anyway) to display the doors correctly. Pretty frustrating.
  6. Been a problem since 12.5, good to know it hasn't been fixed.
  7. I have noticed that when exporting to newer AC formats I get smaller files sizes as a result.
  8. How did you get 16gigs of ram "thrown in"?!!!
  9. Ha, very true brudgers. Price is always an issue. In terms of the original questions of stability, I think that has more to do with the hardware than necessarily the operating system. Mac products tend to use high quality components, hence the price. Not that you can't get good quality from a PC brand.
  10. If you're committed to VW I would say it doesn't matter much one way or the other. Mac tends to limit your cad program choices though. I think if traveling is your thing, you might want to consider things like battery life and weight rather than one operating system or the other.
  11. I have this problem as well. As a mac user, there are no suitable dwg viewers available either. VW could be proactive in this issue, but I am not going to hold my breath.
  12. very nice animation. rendering looks pretty good. the design of the tower is underwhelming, a one-liner at best.
  13. How do you set a viewport to B/W. Is this a feature in the newer VW versions?
  14. Don't spend more than a couple hundred on a graphics card for VW. Any more would be a waste in my opinion.
  15. Yeah, since dims are almost always next to another, its tough to pick the correct witness line. Better than nothing I guess. I seem to be saying that alot about VW.
  16. I have noticed that it is not possible to deselect dimensions using the shift click feature. Is it possible to deselect dimension in some other fashion?
  17. Well it appears that someone has switched serial numbers with me without mentioning that to me. That explains it, thanks. I didn't think to check for renderworks being on my machine.
  18. Nobody? I reinstalled VW and the problem still somehow exists.... I'm stuck.
  19. The Renderworks Camera tool no longer shows up as a tool to add....
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