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Site model slows computer up


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I think my computer specs are reasonable (shown below in signature) however when ever I create a site model my machine becomes extremely sluggish, I have no problems with any other programs (nor games :) ) which have intense graphics.

I have attached the OIP info of the site model to hopefully give an indication on size and complexity.

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i have found exactly the same problem when creating site models. the bigger the site the slower the machine is to reacting to the changes you make. One excellent tip i found was using a site boundary to get rid of any bits of the site model you do not need, simply copy your site boundary, select your site model, then go to 'edit group' in the modify menu and paste your site boundary in place, then exit and update your site model, now you should only be left with the area you need.

this tends to speed things up a little if you are dealing with a large site.

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Another tip: if your Site Model is polygon-based (that is, made from 3d polys), try this. After converting the 2d polys to 3d contours and before running the "Create Site Model" command, select all polys and run the "filter 3d polys..." command. I usually can get away with reducing down to a 12" interval which will reduce the vertex count of each poly dramatically. This will speed up the Site Model. Of course it won't be quite as accurate, but usually still accurate enough for my purposes.

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Interesting... I don't have a "Filter 3D Polys" command, but then again I don't have the Designer version of VW2008. Instead, I use the "Purge Polygons" command from VectorBits, which I use on 2D poly contours before I convert them to 3D polys. I also found a bar mode of the 2D reshape tool where you can point click to delete vertices - much faster than the Obj Info Palette.

And you're right, Peter. The Create Site Model and Update commands are really sped up by simplifying the contour polys.

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I have a site model which I have created using around 50 3D locis, the site is basically stepped down evenly with the highest point being approx 15m above the lowest point, the site is approx 40m wide by 60m high, I think it is a pretty basic site model, however as soon as I have created the site model from those 50 3D loci my machine becomes extremely sluggish when ever Im on a layer with the site model visible. I have created 3 storey buildings with extensive joinery and various textures and my machine seems to handle these fine.

Why is it that the site model slows things up so much (even in top/plan view)?

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Have just checked and there is only the site model on that layer.

Something I have noticed is if I have the view set to top/plan and have the mouse hovering over the white space on the page and use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out the change in view is instant. However if I hover the mouse over the site model and perform the same move it takes about half a second or longer to make one zoom in. Makes no differnce if I have the site model selected or not.

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