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why is it, NNA dont seem to have an answer for crashing? they build the program, sell it for alot of money yet cannot fix the problems that everyone experience.

i have along with others, constantly put up with vectorworks crashing with the attached problem yet do not get any support. i transferred to this program from another well known CAD package and do not recall such problems with them. as a supplier, you should offer a good support service but that seems to be missing.

i actually feel at this stage, reverting. surely if your program doesnt work properly, i have a right for recompense afterall, i am slowed down by the lack of sustainability with the program. come on NNA, support your customers!!

oh and before you chip in with " have you checked your graphics drivers", yes i have. i have most update everything to rule out any issues as i have tried in vein to fix the problem.

a previous problem i had was your program didnt even recognise its native file.you did not fix it, i did. your support on that was rubbish too.


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The runtime error used to happen to me in 12.5 (winXP/VW12.53)when I was drawing walls that did not terminate at another wall, and I did not click fast enough to end the command. In general, I have had none of these problems, and on a run-of-the mill off-the-shelf computer. You have thousands of users quite successfully using the program, large and small offices and getting on reasonably, and getting tech support. Quit whining and do what you have to do to find out what the glitch is. Your settings? Your hardware? Your methods? or really the program?

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my system details are-

Sony Vaio FE28H

T2300 @ 1.66GHz Dual core Centrino

2046MB Ram

Nvidia 7400 GeForce Go

Vectorworks Renderworks 2008

i get the runtime error on startup everytime. it takes about 10 boots to get a successful one. each crash takes about 6 minutes to recover so i am losing about an hour per day.....

and, im not whining Blackdogarch. take a look at alot of issues in this forum. alot are saying" i have this problem" and NNA do not respond. good for you, im glad your system is working fine. not everyones does. my system is not a cheap or low graded one by any means yet have a problem with VW. i have run the SP2 too. surely, a well prepared, well written, well presented program should get some sort of response from support. i have contacted support more than several times but i dont get a response there either.

keep your opinions to yourself. if you dont have anything contructive to say, shhhh!! this is a public forum. a place where people get advice, air views and gripe sometimes. its controlled and monitored by NNA so eventually, they might get the message. support is rubbish. i have paid alot of money for this program and then paid again for an upgrade. dont preach to me about Whining. i could understand if i got it for free but its expensive especially when it doesnt work.

next time your car breaks down, take your own advice and don't whinge about it. maybe its your driving, your petrol, your model or really the car!


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Hi Donne,

i had tried running in xp compatibility mode but i still had the same error. i have tried running as administrator, turning UAC off too. today, i had the same error but only twice. i would expect with a problem, a pattern occurring but the crashes are completely random. sometimes i get 10 crashes, sometimes i get 3 and other times i dont get any. i have tried turning ALL other applications off too but still the same.



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I have to say, my VW program crashes at least once a day since switching to 2008 and crashed a couple times a week when I was running 12.5. I've been exploring this problem for the past year with little in the way of results and would say this is my biggest complaint against the program. Mind you it may be my hardware, but I've run as many test as I could on my own and have found no problems.

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Hey there Katie,

I've actually contacted tech support on several occasions (present company included), not to mention posting and discussing the issue with other VW users, and though for the most part they've been helpful in terms of trying to trouble shoot the problem, it has yet to be solved. And this problem has carried across from two machines and three versions.

Again though, I've talked to many users of VW who say they have very few to no crashes and I'd be happy to except that it's my machine, but I've run all the test I could and don't have any issues with other programs (including other CAD software). Still, I must say that overall I'm very pleased with the program and staff at VW... but the crashes are having a serious impact on my productivity.

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It seems to be a well known issue that everyone i know who works with vectorworks just puts up with. It crashes! always has done as far as i can tell - really annoying. Now it's just a case of backing up your work regularly and sighing, and restarting when it does crash. Only happens a couple of times a week now that i'm on a mac - yet on my old pc it would happen every 10 minutes. I talked to every tech support person there was and there was no solution - it's not very good! and a complete waste of my time and money. At least it works for me now *touch wood

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Ironically, I recently switched from an ATI graphics card to nVIDIA because NNA techs pointed the finger at the video driver to explain my frequent crashes. In VW08 the crashes only got worse, so I'm now back to the relatively more stable VW12.

I love VW, especially 08, but love has its limits. For several years crashing has been a serious time-wasting, hair-falling, and stomach-churning problem for me. Is it possible for NNA to work together with the major graphics card companies to find and eliminate the incompatibilities?

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even being a greenhorn (since minicad5...) my VW2008 runs rock-solid and the few crashes i had (must have been VW!cant remember a single crash on VW08) had to do with corrupt fonts. And i got the feeling (and it is only a feeling no proof) that this is still a matter out there! check your font run some "fontdoctor" application maybe it helps.

and/or change the fonts in your documents to use only clean fonts!

cheers joerg

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most of history's greatest Love affairs have involved persistent crashes and "stomach-churning problems"... why should VW be any different ... could just be that all CADMonkeys are masochists ...


those nefarious GraphicsDriver Coders are really sadistic... they revel in our pain ; )

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Very interesting.

I'm experienceing crashes while performing basic drawing functions, crashes while updating a viewport, corrupt files, renderworks texture mapping issues, and viewport hide lines issues with sheet layer vp's not hiding lines of dlvp's on a layer.

All of this relating to an ATI graphics card and it's driver?

I tried to update my ATI driver, brought up a number of warning messages and crashed my machine to the point where an IT pro was need to bring it back around.

Here are the details:

Computer: Dell Precision PWS 390

OS: MS Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2

Processor: Intel Core2 6600 @ 2.40 GHz

2.39 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM

Display Adapter: ATI FireGL 7200

VW 2008, Spotlight, Renderworks

I'm also in contact with Tech support. Hopefully, something positive will come from all of this.

At the moment linux is starting to look pretty good. How much buggier can it get?

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I use VW2008 all day, every day on my 1st generation 17" MacBook Pro (MacOS 10.4.11, 2GB RAM) hooked up to a 30" Dell LCD and it is quite pleasant. Very few crashes. If you've seen the "BIM in Practice" webpage, you know what kind of work I'm doing - 2D, 3D and rendering.

I'll admit, though, in interest of full disclosure, I'm a die-hard Mac-guy. Learned AutoCAD on PCs back in the 80s. Learned MiniCAD on Apples in the late 90s and never looked back (except when I was forced to). Though not perfect - NO platform is - I'm happy 95% of the time.

Crashes on Windows OS/hardware setups will always be harder to diagnose because there are too many permutations of hardware pieces, their drivers and OS updates to be certain what is conflicting with each other and ultimately responsible in each and every case.

Just hold on... or Switch to Mac...;).

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