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  1. figured it out organization and set option as per layer in visibilities nigel
  2. Hi, can i get some quick guidance please? i have never needed to venture into layers before ( dont ask me why ) but now i do. i have my classes set up i.e. Walls Flooring Furniture Electrics Plumbing Site Plan i have my layers set up i.e. electrical Flooring Full Site Layout Floor Layout Utilities what i want to do is have the site plan always visible and for every category, (for example the floor layer would have a greyed out Site Plan class and an active Flooring class) have only them shown except for the Full Site layout. this layer is required to have all items shown and the site plan class greyed out. i have tried various things but seem to get a zero result. i have saved views but again, not much result so, is there either a tutorial or quick guidance to setting this up properly? i have to admit, im a CAD convert and up until now, always worked in the old CAD way but this does look like a very productable way of drawing however, on works if you know how........ many thanks, Nigel
  3. Hi Donne, i had tried running in xp compatibility mode but i still had the same error. i have tried running as administrator, turning UAC off too. today, i had the same error but only twice. i would expect with a problem, a pattern occurring but the crashes are completely random. sometimes i get 10 crashes, sometimes i get 3 and other times i dont get any. i have tried turning ALL other applications off too but still the same. regs, Nigel
  4. Hi Donne, i am running Vista Ultimate 32 bit. i am set up as an administrator user and also set the program to run as an administrator. i have tried it running as normal too and with UAC turned off. all the same. many thanks, Nigel
  5. Hi, my system details are- Sony Vaio FE28H T2300 @ 1.66GHz Dual core Centrino 2046MB Ram Nvidia 7400 GeForce Go Vectorworks Renderworks 2008 i get the runtime error on startup everytime. it takes about 10 boots to get a successful one. each crash takes about 6 minutes to recover so i am losing about an hour per day..... and, im not whining Blackdogarch. take a look at alot of issues in this forum. alot are saying" i have this problem" and NNA do not respond. good for you, im glad your system is working fine. not everyones does. my system is not a cheap or low graded one by any means yet have a problem with VW. i have run the SP2 too. surely, a well prepared, well written, well presented program should get some sort of response from support. i have contacted support more than several times but i dont get a response there either. keep your opinions to yourself. if you dont have anything contructive to say, shhhh!! this is a public forum. a place where people get advice, air views and gripe sometimes. its controlled and monitored by NNA so eventually, they might get the message. support is rubbish. i have paid alot of money for this program and then paid again for an upgrade. dont preach to me about Whining. i could understand if i got it for free but its expensive especially when it doesnt work. next time your car breaks down, take your own advice and don't whinge about it. maybe its your driving, your petrol, your model or really the car! NS
  6. Question, why is it, NNA dont seem to have an answer for crashing? they build the program, sell it for alot of money yet cannot fix the problems that everyone experience. i have along with others, constantly put up with vectorworks crashing with the attached problem yet do not get any support. i transferred to this program from another well known CAD package and do not recall such problems with them. as a supplier, you should offer a good support service but that seems to be missing. i actually feel at this stage, reverting. surely if your program doesnt work properly, i have a right for recompense afterall, i am slowed down by the lack of sustainability with the program. come on NNA, support your customers!! oh and before you chip in with " have you checked your graphics drivers", yes i have. i have most update everything to rule out any issues as i have tried in vein to fix the problem. a previous problem i had was your program didnt even recognise its native file.you did not fix it, i did. your support on that was rubbish too. nigel
  7. Hi, i had the same 2 problems. problem 1 was the runtime error and problem 2 was NNA NOT providing any type of solution. it seems, once you have the program, thats it. no help. i also had an issue where my PC would not recognise the file types. NNA had no suggesions even though its their program!! in the end, i fixed it myself... ( off my soapbox now ) i found that once i had set my compatability to " Run as Administrator", it worked ok. instead, i now get a prmpt to run as Administrator but thats my UAC. i am running Vista. i think you can Runas is XP too. NS
  8. Hi, i have set up a custom title block and that works fine and is inserted into the correct position. however, i have a few queries- 1. can the border settings be adjusted as a default? they currently come in at 12.7 for all sides with a grid enabled and i find it quite consuming turning all of this off for every page. 2. how do you insert the revision data that you can add from the border settings? i can add revision data in the settings but it does not appear on the drawing.i am using fundementals 2008 with renderworks and service pk 1. many thanks, Nigel
  9. Hi, i updated about a month ago. my latest drivers are: Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 regs, NS
  10. Hi, is anyone else getting this? i have upgraded my VW to 2008 from 12.5 and now get the error attached. if i close it then re-start it, its ok but its really annoying and i expect, not suppose to do it. it is labeled a a Runtime error. i have runt the Service Pack 1 but that hasn't fixed it. my system: Vectorworks Rederworks / Fundementals Vista Ultimate x86 AMD turion 64x2 1600Mhz 2 Gb Ram Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 i have also tried running as xp compatible with Run as Administrator ticked. Any solutions would be greatly received. NS
  11. Hi Benson, exactly what i was looking for. i had asked a Client of mine who has been using VW for year but he didn't know. his advise was " draw a circle and move it until it looks right"!! the fillet is perfect. Thanks, NS
  12. Hi, is there a way of creating a circle bound by tangents only? i have found it can be done with a line but i do a lot of setting out with curved work that require circles tangent to other circles like a clover leaf shape. i can do this in my old cad software quite easily but have not yet found how to do it in VW. i tried selecting object with tangent snap but they still overlap. any ideas or is it the old fashioned geometry set out? regs, NS
  13. Hey, i have fixed it...... here was the problem- registry settings HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VectorWorks.document HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VectorWorks.Template with all sub keys that point to the application & icon were missing. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.Mcd ( that points to the above was missing ) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.Vwx ( that points to the above was missing ) anyway, so far so good NS
  14. Hi Katie, i am using Windows Vista Ultimate, Intel dual core T2300 @ 1.66GHz 2.00GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce G0 7400 Vectorworks Fundementals2008 / Renderworks ( Sony Vaio laptop ) i have added some things into the registry and i can now select VW as a program to use and after selecting the program, VW will open however it doesn't set like this even with the tick box ticked. i have compared various settings with a desktop PC and some of the settings are different. i would have thought that a new install would refresh everything to at least recognize its native file type! i have logged on as another user and still the same issue. my account is an Administrator account so i have full privileges. how can i successfully remove every trace of VW from the pc for a completly clean install? many thanks, NS
  15. Hi, i have now re-installed VW2008 and still nothing. looking through the registry, the file types .mcd & .vwx are not there. also, going to the control panel/default programs, the file types are not listed there either! i have selected a .mcd file, right clicked and selected open with, browsed to Vectorworks2008.exe and pressed select but it does not accept it nor show it in the list of programs available. it is like it is not even on the PC. its getting very frustrating. surely i am not the ONLY person with this issue. regs, NS
  16. Hi Katie, i have tried the "right click, open with" along with setting the default through " default programs ". ( windows user ) i have browsed to the program to try & select but nothing. i have just completed removing EVERYTHING from the registry that was associated with Vectorworks, Nemetschek, .MCD, .VWX so hopefully, this might help on a re-install however, there was a heck of alot of registry items left in after an un-install. maybe because there is no way of un-installing as VW doesn't show up on a removal facility nor does it have an uninstaller so completely reliant on a folder deletion!! i will now try to re-install and let you know how i get on.
  17. Hi, i seem to have a file type problem. i was using VW 12.5 and one day, my file type stopped working as in, my pc did not recognise it a a vW file so when i double clicked to open, it would not open. i removed the program and all traces through the regedit and now have upgraded to 2008. the install went ok but still nothing. it is very vexing as i am use to browsing folders and selecting the desired file but with VW, i have to open it first then browse. how can i fix this so the program can identify its own files? many thanks, NS
  18. Hi i would agree with the move command. in AC, it is very easy... select item and press move ( press move and select items, press enter click the point which you require on your items to be moved click where you want that point to be all items moved to the desired point. it takes nothing more than a few seconds however VW, it is hard. i don't want to move by co-ordinates beacuse mostly, i want to move visually from one area to another snapping to a point and moving to another point. in VW, you have to group ( otherwise only one line moves ), move your mous arond until the move icon appears, then move but it does still pick up other iems instead of the one you want. it could be alot easier. regs, Nigel
  19. Hi, why does my smart cursor cue just disappear ( turn off )? i have been working on a drawing and i have had to go Tool/options/preferences and click on the cursor cue at least 2 dozen times in one day. its quite frustrating. is there a short cut to toggle on/off or is it a fault? i know someone else who has the same issue. regs, Nigel
  20. Hi, i'm using VW 12.5.1 on windows Vista. my printers are HP 1280 & 6200 series but i'm unsure of the drivers. i'm pretty sure they are the standard printer drivers that are supplied with the printers. regs, Nigel
  21. Hi, i am fairly new to VW being an ex AC guy. i am currently trying to print a sheet. my dimensions are correct with filled arrow heads and lines meeting the arrows to the dimension text. when i print it, the arrows become hollow and the lines disappear making it very difficult to acertain which arrows are for which dimension. i have looked everywhere but currently drawing a blank. anybody have any ideas? regs, Nigel
  22. Hi, after reading various notes on importing Sketchup, and still having the problem of not being able to import although i have installed the importer and placed the import button in my workspace, it reads that maybe Renderworks doesn't support this. is this correct? if so, why not? i mean surely it must be harder to write a plugin that is only accepted by some of the modules.... everyone has still purchased the software so why does it not work for all? or maybe i'm wrong.. anyway, it still doesn't work at the moment. regs, Nigel
  23. Hi, i know you can snap to a tangent but i need to create a 3 point circle that is defined by snapping to 3 tangents. in other words, i am setting out a curved unit. i have 3 exterior circles to create the outside curves and i need to fit 1 circle that fits to the tangent of the three other circles to create my inner curves running off the tangent. how can i do this? regs, NS
  24. Hi, I used AC for 6 years before changing to VW. at first i thought VW was a little difficult but soon come to realise that it was because i used to use AC. packages do not work the same and you shouldn't expect them to! i now think that VW is very good and would consider myself converted as it is easier. look at grouping. in AC, you need to go through various stages of naming, selecting, dialog box etc but in VW, select and group. scaling. in AC, you have to select, pick a point, pick another point, pick another point..... in VW, select, pick point and scale. trim. AC has various ways of trimming but you just need to trim so trim. i could go on for hours but i won't rant. i think its is an easy good package to use and lets face it, if you really need a photo finish renderer, then pay for one! regs, NS
  25. Further to this, the dongle has issues attached. for example: i have just upgraded my OS to Vista. the dongle manufacturers have supplied updated vista drivers that don't work! Sketchup & Autocad on the otherhand, do not have dongles and do work in the new OS. consequently, for me to continue working, i have to re-install my XP to use VW and put my new Vista on the shelf until such a time as support is available! secondly, the dongles are weak. a collegue of mines dongle split open when he took it out leaving the usb plug section still plugged in. this cost him an extra ?80.00 for his own licence to be fixed..... quite annoying. N.S.
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