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  1. Pardon me if I missed the info on this during a quick online search, but is there a meeting for Vectorworks in NYC? either a sponsored 'User Group' or something like Meetup.com? Thanks, CJ
  2. Actually in windows (and half the time with Mac) you could just select the trim tool and click on a line, arc, polygon, etc. and will trim to the object it intersects... basically just select trim and trim away all the stuff you don't need. Specifically, when tracing or doing any type of work which will require a closed polygon down the road, I overlap much of the work with the thought that I'll trim later. This way, all lines meet (in theory) and then I could select the polygon tool in paint bucket mode and click inside my lines... resulting in a closed polygon.
  3. I've been working on a Mac w/ vwx for several months and have consistently found myself struggling to get the Trim tool to work correctly. I'll select lines that clearly intersect and the entire line will be deleted. Has this been brought up by other members? Is this a user error or known bug? Much thanks, Cory
  4. Will do. Thanks Pat. Just to be clear, in the pallet, the changes to the shortcuts appear, but do not respond.
  5. Yeah Pat. I think I may have mentioned this to you several months ago, but I've just been working around the problem. I have the scripts from TGA brought into my Mac and they're now in my tool bar and I can click on all of them and they work. I figured though, to change the shortcuts now all I have to do is go to the workspace editor... and you're say this is incorrect? That first the scripts themselves need to be edited?
  6. So I have custom linetypes on my program and if I click with my cursor through them, they all work fine. However, no matter what keyboard shortcuts I apply to them, they don't work. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. C W

    Crash Log

    Thanks Islandmon. Just to be sure though, since I couldn't locate this, your answer is for my Windows system correct?
  8. Is there way, via the VW program (or even Windows), to view a log of the number of times my VW program has crashed?
  9. Thanks for the feedback J. The more I think about it, it seems like a better approach than what I've used in the past... I'll try to remember to follow-up with feedback when I'm finished.
  10. In the past I would have layers for each floor of a project/type of work. For example, I would have 1st Floor Existing, 1st Floor Demolition, and 1st Floor New. Today however, I am going to try breaking down my wall types via classes. My hopes is to have one layer per floor, and have one wall type but have it set to different classes (Wall 01new, Wall 01existing, Etc.). Accordingly, I will have fewer layers and wall types, and be able to turnoff work types (Demo, new, etc.) in VPs via class management. First of all, does this seem logical? Secondly, I have attached a wall that I believe to have set to "Use Class Attributes" but is is not taking on the classes attributes... am I missing something? Thanks.
  11. It looks as though your plan is in a rotated view... is this correct? If so, I do believe this to be a bug. If I were you I would return the drawing to top/plan to use this tool.
  12. And Jeffrey, I missed your last post before typing, but standby what I've experienced. If anything, keeping in mind I make no claims of being an engineer, I really wonder if Windows didn't all but have a marketing driven monopoly, that NNA wouldn't just come out and say VW is a Mac-based/driven program. And I say this because across many fields/uses (Including VW) I here arguments for the benefits of a Mac and time and time again the only arguments I here for Windows are, "That's what we've always used" or "The programs I use (ie AutoCAD) don't run on Macs." In fact, sooner or later AutoCAD will be offered for Macs and I would love to see VW just take ownership of the market before that happens... just my 2 cents.
  13. For what it's worth, at the office where I work we run windows and I crash a minimum of a couple times a day and a dozen or so if I'm modeling (And I've rotated three machines during the past 2 years). While at home, keeping in mind I am only putting in a fraction of the time compared to the office and overall have a more powerful machine, I've been running VW on a Mac for a few months and have NEVER crashed!
  14. Mind you I'm not convinced this is even what's causing your issues (In fact, I remember 12.5 being buggy when it came to symbols) if the Dell rep told you to just check for updates via Windows/your hard drive, you may want to dig a little deeper. I know that I routinely would check for updates on my system and it would state I was up to date on everything, but on somebody's recommendation I went to the Nvidia site (which checks your system for you) and I discovered I was 3 versions behind on my drivers.
  15. Please add your hardware specifications... it will help us help you. I have a Nvidia driver and could update via their website.
  16. C W

    Stair tool

    The short answer is yes! The longer answer is, though there is the possibility you don't have your settings correct, that I and many others, do not recommend using the stair tool period. The long answer is that I've tried to use the stair tool on three projects over the course of six months and it only helped me to get a few more gray hairs. The problems I encountered were the stairs changing to text in 2d (They literally went from a stair symbol to text), their attributes became connected (I would edit one stair and another one would change as well), I would also assign all parts there proper class to texture accordingly but would have parts not show the proper texture, etc. Note worthy however, is that I was just told that the older stair tool (Around 12.5 and earlier I think) had less features but was more reliable.
  17. C W

    Grid Bubble

    One thing to keep in mind is that another benefit of having the grid on annotations is it's placement on a given sheet can be adjusted to fit each drawing as needed... I generally start off with it on a design layer during prelim but almost always end up with it on annotations.
  18. Kennedy, I'd be a little surprised if you as an undergrad had free range to choose your primary drafting software. To my knowledge, the school/program you attend will require very specific software for you to learn for several reasons; you'll be required to take classes learning them and more so tested on them, instructors want to be able to easily review your work, etc. Point being, you may want to research your list of requirements... I'd even speak with somebody in person such as an admissions counselor.
  19. Some of these issues can be easily resolved by back-editing via a schedule.Though I do have to say this has always confused me since in my experience as a carpenter, window callouts NEVER included the jamb... they were always based on the sash (Or even more accurately, exposed sash) and the carpenter added 2" to each side and 3" to the top (Or something to that effect).
  20. Agreed! Often these setup tools are just too static. Though using them in a few test drawings are helpful to understanding the theory behind many of the VW concepts.
  21. Tsdesign, Right click and choose "Force Select."
  22. Is this maybe just a class issue?
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