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Import .pat (pattern) files

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A .pat file is a hatch definition equivalent in AutoCAD.

To "import" a .pat, you would need an AutoCAD file with a hatch definition included.

These patterns then get converted to hatch resources tied to the imported file.

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@HHFurr- this is not an answer to your .PAT question, but just in case you were specifically looking for stone hatch patterns, I have attached a v2016 file which has 6 stone hatch patterns similiar to Eldorado Stone patterns.



As requested by another forum user, also attached is a 2011 version of this stone hatch pattern file:


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added 2011 version of file
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7 hours ago, HHFurr said:

What if you don't have a AutoCad file with the hatch pattern included?

Like from Eldorado Stone


If you had the .pat file, and a copy of AutoCad, you could open a new file in AutoCad, apply that .pat hatch to some dummy object (rectangle,circle) etc. Save as DWG and then import this saved DWG into VW

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Visiting this old thread. Is there still no way to bring .pat autocad hatch patterns directly into vectorworks?


I just  want a concrete roof tile hatch but can't find one in vectorworks. Have found a .pat file that looks ok though but don't have autocad so can't import it

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On 6/4/2020 at 2:43 PM, tsw said:

One workaround is to apply the pattern to a polygon using a free program like nanoCAD, then save a DWG and import into Vectorworks. A little clumsy, but it works.

Free Nanocad shows the Gravel hatch I want as a fill for a rectangle, but the dialog box seems to be waiting for something, before it will allow me to execute. Are hatches not included in the free version?

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