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  1. Did this feature stop working in a recent update? I'm on VW2022 SP3 and noticed today that setting individual objects to display as uncut doesn't seem to change how they are displayed in viewports. Wondering if I'm missing something or if others are also experiencing this. Thanks! Test file attached. test.vwx
  2. I originally replied to a thread in the Rendering forum, but reposting it here as a new topic in the hope that it gets more traction. I'm encountering a bug when using the Datasmith Direct Link Synchronize tool (this button: ) with Vectorworks 2022 SP2.1 and Twinmotion 2022.1 (Windows 10 64-bit). Sometimes a few of the material overrides stick, but most of the time all the materials in my Twinmotion model revert to their original state when I send an update from Vectorworks. I'm not certain, but it seems to happen most frequently when adding new textures or objects to the VW file. Deleting or moving existing objects doesn't seem to cause the materials to lose their overrides. Are others still experiencing this bug in the latest versions of Twinmotion/Vectorworks? Is there a workaround at this time? Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. @Dave Donley I'm still encountering this bug when using the Datasmith Direct link Synchronize tool with Vectorworks 2022 SP2.1 and Twinmotion 2022.1 (Windows 10 64-bit). Sometimes the material substitutions stick for a few updates, but most of the time they revert to their original state. I'm not certain, but it seems to happen most frequently when adding new textures or objects to the VW file. Deleting or moving existing objects doesn't seem to cause the materials to lose their substitutions. Are others still experiencing this bug? Is there any workaround at this time? Thanks for any suggestions!
  4. I think you're on the right track. You could break down the facade using the built-in wall tools with some manual modeling of the details. Creating the basic geometry and applying a brick pattern texture would get you a pretty convincing rendering without needing to model every detail.
  5. One workaround is to apply the pattern to a polygon using a free program like nanoCAD, then save a DWG and import into Vectorworks. A little clumsy, but it works.
  6. Good to know, thanks. Interesting that the bug also occurs with stacked curved walls.
  7. Is there a way to eliminate the vertical line between the two curved walls shown below? The walls are tangent, but the line still shows even when increasing the smoothing angle in the viewport settings. The line doesn't a ppear in an OpenGL render. curved wall test.vwx
  8. I think part of the issue may be that Backup & Sync doesn't work with company-wide Shared Drives, only your personal My Drive. With G-Suite, it's useful to have Shared Drives for teams that aren't "owned" by individuals. I'm also not certain that Backup & Sync is always compatible with G-Suite (depending on the individual company's configuration maybe?). https://support.google.com/drive/answer/7638428?hl=en
  9. Does anyone know if this is the case with OneDrive also? Is there a potential for corrupted project files if multiple users are checking out layers or attempting to commit changes simultaneously? I also didn't see the documentation stating Google File Stream is not supported and we've been getting all kinds of corrupted project files and lost work. Trying to decide on OneDrive (free) or Dropbox (paid). The speed isn't too much of an issue since we usually only have 3 users on a project, but if there is less chance of corrupting the project file on Dropbox it might push us in that direction. Prior to this we had been successfully sharing projects over our local network, but now we're all working remotely and looking for other solutions. Thanks for any suggestions or insights.
  10. Expanding on this, I wish there was a way to delete used colors and replace them with another color in the document (much like the prompt you get when deleting a Class that is in use). For example, I often end up with two different named colors like "Gray-50" and "50% Gray" that are otherwise identical (often happens when importing other resources). It would be nice to consolidate the colors.
  11. There is an option to change the gray level when publishing a PDF, but it sounds like you're looking for something in the design space.
  12. Vectorworks can import a number of 3D formats, but not all of them come in with textures. If you can import your model as 3DS or OBJ you should be able to bring in textures along with the 3D geometry. I've had the most luck with OBJ. I've found materials usually require some adjustment once imported, even if the textures come through. If your model isn't available in one of those formats, you can try installing Blender (blender.org) which can import a number of other formats, then re-export from there.
  13. Thanks for confirming. I did manage to get what I needed using Blender and importing it. The original file I was working with was a 1 arc-second GeoTIFF that I was using as a displacement map. Sample attached.
  14. Is there a way within Vectorworks to bake a displacement map texture to actual 3D geometry? I've mapped a digital elevation model (DEM) image to a simple plane that I would like to convert to use as a site model. Thanks!
  15. Is there an easy way to gather all referenced files (DWGs, images, PDFs, etc.) from a VW project into one folder? I'm pulling together some files to send to a vendor and we've made extensive use of referenced files that are spread out across our network drive. Just wondering if there is something similar to InDesign's "publish" feature that automatically packages all the relevant files in one folder instead of having to manually locate them all. Thanks!
  16. I'm having an issue in Vectorworks 2019 when exporting the model space to DWG. When I open the file in AutoCAD (or re-import to VW), it seems all walls are converted to 3D polygons. Is there a way to retain them as solids? Other objects (extrudes, generic solids) are coming in as expected. I've attached a screengrab of my export settings and a sample file I've been using to test. I'm able to export walls as solids in other formats (SAT, STL, etc), but then I lose any layer/class information. dwg test.vwx
  17. In the circle's Object Info Palette, is "Plane" set to Screen or Layer? If you set it to Layer you should be able to move the object in 3D. (Screen plane objects don't have any 3D orientation—they always appear as though drawn directly on your computer screen.)
  18. Hello, Is there a function to return a wall style component name using its "Function" attribute in a worksheet? I'd like to make a schedule similar to the image below. I can get close using a database header of =COMPONENTNAME(1), =COMPONENTNAME(2), etc... but it falls apart if I don't have exactly 3 components in a wall type. Thanks for suggestions!
  19. Brilliant! I had no idea that was a feature of Edit Section In-Place. I can think of lots of other situations where this will be useful. Thanks again, everyone!
  20. Oops, my signature was out of date. I am indeed on VW2019. I was experimenting a bit with the settings to display objects in front of the cut plane. It appears that if an object is cut by the section plane then the rest of the object won't show even when "Display Extents before Cut Plane" is checked, but I may be missing a setting. I didn't realize hybrid symbols can now have 2D elevations. I'll have to look into that more. Thanks for the suggestions!
  21. Is it possible to "exclude" certain objects from the cut plane of a section view? I have a live section through a steel member and concrete anchor (drawing 2, below). I'd like it to look like the section on the right, but since the cut plane is centered on the steel tube the fastener is also cut. I thought maybe the "Display Extents before Cut Plane" checkbox in the OIP might do the trick, but so far I haven't figured it out. I know I can always add the fastener in the Annotations layer, but I'm curious if there's a way to do it all in 3D (so, for example, if the hole location changes I don't need to also readjust the 2D annotation). I've attached the VW file as well. Thanks for any suggestions! Section.vwx
  22. A good place to look is 3D Warehouse. Lots of models there that you can download for free and import into Vectorworks. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=AC unit&searchTab=model Vectorworks also includes some basic models in the Resource Manager if you search under "air conditioner".
  23. tsw

    Dwg Imports

    Dassault offers a free version of DraftSight—definitely useful for cleaning up DWGs prior to import.
  24. In Vectorworks 2018 (Windows 7 64-bit), if you select "Black and White Only" under Advanced Properties of a referenced Design Layer Viewport then create a Sheet Layer Viewport, Hidden Line mode will render using the original colors of the referenced file. This is different than Vectorworks 2017 and (I'm assuming) a bug. Is this a known issue? Any workarounds? I don't want to check "Black and White Only" on my Sheet Layer VP since I have other objects and callouts I'd like to show in grayscale. See attached file for an example. BW Viewport Example Files.zip
  25. One other thing you can try (but it's very dependent on how the original Sketchup model was made and how complex it is): Select your imported Sketchup mesh. Modify > Convert > Convert to NURBs. Ungroup the resulting group of NURBS surfaces. Model > 3D Power Pack > Stitch and Trim Surfaces. If all goes well, you should end up with a Generic Solid object that will appear in section correctly.
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