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  1. Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the same exact problem, same font too. Our office of MacPros with 2012 and 10.6, no problems at all. New iMac with 10.8.3, and VW 2012 and 2013 this problem exists in both versions. Even created a brand new file, same thing. How do you validate fonts? No error up when opening font book and selecting Helvetica and Bold Thanks
  2. I know, that is how we have our model set up. The walls are assigned a class, and that class is assigning textures to the wall components (interior/exterior or left/right). We have the model set up with interior and exterior rendered views, so we need an interior painted texture to show on the inside of the walls, and a wood siding shows on the exterior. Every thing is perfect, textures show perfectly interior and out. Views from flying around, renderworks cameras, set views, walkthroughs are all fine and textures behave as expected. The problem arises only when we use a section VP to try to get an elevation view (due to topography hiding portion of elevation). The Interior wall texture is rendered on the exterior wall, clearly glitch with the section viewport. I just do not know if there is a setting somewhere, or just a rendering problem. As posted earlier, a brand new file from scratch showed the same behavior. I have turned the Section/Elevation toggle on the OIP for the Section Viewport to no avail. Thanks, CRSA
  3. Not that I have found. Looked all over in the advanced settings, and elsewhere. Slight update... A brand new file with a wall that had a class assigning two distinct textures to the right and left side of the wall, displayed the reverse texture of the wall face that should have been visible... So outside texture of wall, texture A, inside, texture B. A section VP to give an elevation of the front of the building should show texture A and does in any other view (axon, persp. etc), but texture B is showing as the exterior. I have played with clipping distances, near, far, infinite, but it still renders the incorrect texture side. errrr
  4. VW 12.5.3, Mac 10.5.7, Mac Pro When we use the section viewport command and render in Open GL or FQRW, the class assigned textures do not show up. When setup through the VIEW>STANDARD VIEWS>FRONT, and then made into a VP, everything renders fine. It would appear that the textures that are not rendering are assigned to the wall section (left/right) through the class attributes, use at creation. Is there a known bug that affects the rendering of a class texture via a section viewport? Thank you CRSA
  5. Doh, should have given myself 2 more min to try some stuff out. Convert 3d poly to NURBS, 3d Powerpack, Rebuild NURBS enter less vertices, convert back to 3d poly and change class. Bingo.
  6. We have a site model that was created with a series of 3d polygons, that have a TON of vertices. Rendering time is ridiculous, due to the many polys that create the site model, and even wireframe is crazy. VW 12.5.3 (do not laugh, it works) Am I stuck recreating the 3d Polys with many fewer vertices? I know I can modify the poly and delete some, but I am hoping for a nice easy command to distribute, or lessen the vertices in the polys. I tried using the site model option where you can insert a 'Smoothing Interval' but since all the vertices are original, it will not remove any. Any thoughts on how to keep this a simple task? Thanks, Spinner
  7. Oops, I didn't know it was bad... sorry. Deleted by a moderator.
  8. We have had success with escape canceling a render, especially just a single render. The problem comes when we do a movie. When we hit escape, it usually renders the remaining frame which could take a while based on your model, hen regenerates the model to the last screen view... Normal, Sppinner
  9. Thanks for the insight. This helps immensely. I guess since they will run it just fine, we will get VW2008 now, and push back the computer purchase... Thanks again, Spinner
  10. I think they use 3d Studio Max, and the laptop is only a prop. Who wants some ugly Dell on TV? The 3DSM thing came from a forum that I found while trying to get the same info you are. http://boards.hgtv.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/4774011632/m/2481037903 The show is Hidden Potential. I am sure VW could do this, but I would think it is easier to fine people who know 3dSM than VW, especially in the entertainment industry (animation movies).
  11. We have 2 old Mac G4 towers (PowerMac G4 800 Mhz, 1 GB ram, 64 MB graphics Card). We are thinking about upgrading to VW2008 from 12.5.x, but would like to know if anyone has 2008 running n a similar machine. We are trying to delay upgrading/replacing the hardware if we can manage it. These station are mainly for production work, with Architect (details, drafting, plans, elevations) and no 3d or rendering. VW 12.5.x runs, but slow, and really boggs down when redrawing large files with hatches. Ideally the computers should be donated, and we should get 2 new Mac Pros or iMacs, but the boss does not want to drop that change down now, but wants me to get VW 2008. Any thoughts on how slow they might be? Is there a noticeable difference between 12.5.x and 2008? Thanks for any insight... Spinner
  12. We had this problem and boy was it irritating. I think that 12.5.3 fixed it? Spinner
  13. This is just left over from old practices, where we have a master title block file, that was workgroup referenced in, then when VPs came onto the scene, it was easier and quicker to VP a WR layer. This kept us from having to stop production when we were very busy, but now we may have the time coming up. Thanks for the input. Spinner
  14. We have a drawing that uses viewport for title blocks, and they are locked so no one accidentally (or just being stupid) move them or changes the visual properties. Most of the Title Block Viewports are locked. Since they are locked using the Modify - Lock command, when you select the individual viewport with the selection tool, all fields in the Object Info Pallet are grayed out, and you cannot modify them, perfect. When you select multiple viewports in the Nav window, and one happens to be unlocked, you can override the locked viewports. You can turn on/off classes, and layers. This would seem to bypass the locking of the viewports. If all are locked, then no modification can happen. Not a problem for me, just messing around and I stumbled across it. It is not drawing specific, as can be replicated for any new or existing drawings. Bug or feature? Thanks, Spinner
  15. I do not think VW uses the 'o' letter (thats the OH letter), but uses the zero -0. Maybe thats the problem?
  16. We have VW 12.5.3, and VW does utilize only one core, except the RenderWorks, which uses all 4 cores. For example, Hidden line rendering uses one core, and takes forever...where final quality render works peaks all 4 out. We are using a MacPro 2X Dual Core 2.66, 2 GB ram. I do not know what VW 2008 (13) has to offer in rendering performance. Where are the specs for VW 2008, and multi core support? Thanks, Spinner
  17. How can you get the QTVR export pano options to have it look from horizon line, to say, a full 90 deg (vert) and then all around? Is that possible? Right now, any angle we specify it sets the view at that from horizon then only goes 360 around set at the angle. I want to do an interior where I can see straight out (horizontal) then pan up and see the ceiling (vert). I have not been playing with this much, but seems odd. Thanks, Spinner
  18. The title is a bit misleading? Design Comp. oh, BTW, only students.... Maybe that should be in the title? Spinner
  19. How can you get the QTVR export pano options to have it look from horizon line, to say, a full 90 deg (vert) and then all around? Is that possible? Right now, any angle we specify it sets the view at that from horizon then only goes 360 around set at the angle. I want to do an interior where I can see straight out (horizontal) then pan up and see the ceiling (vert). I have not been playing with this much, but seems odd Thanks, Spinner
  20. Well this was a weird one. A full reinstall of VW12, update to VW 12.5.3, still dod noting to solve the problem. We use Netwrk homes, from Mac server, and it worked fine on teh local admin acct for that machine. This made me think it was a user pref. prblem I dumbed the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks. Upon relaunching VW12.5.3, the folder was recreated, and I jsut had to select my network workspace. Then the wide flange tool worked like a charm... Odd... Anyway, just if anyone else is having that problem... Spinner
  21. Try powerpoint, or keynote. Make one movie on one slide, with a fade page transition, then loop the whole slideshow. That is my 'no coffee yet' thought today. Good luck.
  22. Well all good suggestions, but no go. I can open the file in text edit, and the shape I want is in there, but no matter what shape I select, the NOT AVAILABLE shows up. Can VW loose the connection to the data file? The file seems fine... I tried it on a co-workers computer, and it worked fine. Time to reinstall? I tried to copy over the file firm the working computer, but still no go. Perfect time to crap out on me. Reinstall this weekend...that will give me an excuse to to the 12.5.3 update. Thanks, Spinner
  23. We have a drawing that was started in VW 12, then in 12.5.2 we are trying to modify a wide flange beam shape. No matter what size we select, the symbol changes to 'SIZE NOT AVAILABLE'. I have tried to remove it and reinsert the wide flange beam into the workspace, but nada. I beam works fine, and the Metric W shape works fine, but not the inch W shape beam. Thoughts? see attached.
  24. Might make the display a bit slower, but I am unsure how it affects prints. I think it just allows your graphic card to smooth out objects (lines, etc) that are diagonal, or such. Just has a way to do with the display of your drawings. Glad it worked Spinner
  25. Turn on Anti-Aliasing??? For me (Mac 12.5.2) it is located in Vectorworks Preferences. Spinner
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