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Resource manager library out of date...

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33 minutes ago, bjoerka said:

Since the update 2, when i start vectorworks, there is by minimum once a day the message appearing, that the resource manager library is out of date.

Also appears on windows machines in our office.

Not a big issue, but does anyone else have this behaviour?




I feel like I get this message more times than necessary. I always click 'Update' but I have no idea what, if anything, is being updated. But this is not just since Update 2, it is periodically over several versions.

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3 hours ago, bjoerka said:

there is by minimum once a day the message appearing,


I had this in VW 2022 (?) since I installed it.

after I downloaded nearly all of VW Libraries but moved them from

System Disk/VW App Folder to my Workgroup Folder on an external disk.

Either VW had a problem with moving (too much ?) objects itself or

I assume it maybe could have to do with a loaded Library which is not

meant for my VW Arch license type (?) or that VW got a problem

to check license or file date that way.


Never could get rid of it.

So for following VWs I just avoided downloading their extra libraries.

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6 hours ago, bjoerka said:

yes. i always let the libraries be updated. but usually the libraries get updates once or twice a month and not daily .-)

I am only seeing the occasional request for updates. It sounds like the update is not completing properly for you so it is trying again.


Have you run the VW Updater and tried the Repair option under the Advanced button on the right?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The libraries should only be updating with Updates to the software(previously called Service Packs before VW2024). If you are still on Service Select or on Subscription there are five Premium Content updates a year which also trigger the update dialog but that will be a different message. I would follow Pat's advice and try running the repair option in the VW updater.

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