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Project Sharing Metadata problem



We finally have begun to use project sharing with one of our projects.

Our server is a Synology nas, fresh out of the box for 6 weeks.

The project that we started with, is converted from a vwx 2022 version.

The project was setup yesterday and in the afternoon the first message appeared, that the metadata size is to large and should be cleaned.

The count was 99379 entities.

We followed the instructions to clear the metadata and after that 2 users got the message that the working file is no longer valid to work with the project file.

We generated new working files and copy-pasted the data from the old working file to the new one.

So far.


This afternoon the message about the increase of the metadata appeared again! This time the count is 59959 entities.

The size of the project file is 150mb.

Actually only 3 people are accessing this file. Two have administrative priviliges, the other one is set to project level.

Vectorworks version 2024.2

Accessing machines are 2 windows pc´s with win10pro and my mcbook as in the signature.

Connection to the server is set to smb only.

Anything we might have done wrong or any suggestions why this happens in such short time?


screenshots from yesterday





screenshot from this afternoon



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That doesn't sound normal, but I can't see that you're doing anything wrong. I think you might need some help from Vectorworks on this one. I would give VW support a call. Or maybe @Tolu can comment?


When you clear the metadata, you need to make sure everybody else has refreshed their file first for them to carry on using their existing working file.

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