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set class creation defaults

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4 hours ago, grant_PD said:

Yes, but then when I edit the properties after creation, I want to have all of the fill/line/textures set to be what I normally set them to be.  Is there a way to predetermine those?


With no objects selected, set the attributes you want new classes to have in the Attributes Palette then set these as the default (hamburger menu > Set Default Attributes).


When you create a new class, these will be the preset graphic attributes in the 'Edit Class(es)' dialog.


I'm not sure there's a way to preset the texture...

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12 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

You can use the Custom Tool/Attributes command to make scripts that will set the attributes to the different "defaults" you want for classes. Then just double click the script before you make the new class. 


You're right Pat, a new class will use whatever the current graphic attributes are in the Attributes Palette. I was thinking it used the Default Attributes but it doesn't: clicking on 'Use Default Attributes' is just a way of setting the current attributes to what you want them to be in the new class but double-clicking on a script is a quicker way of achieving the same thing, plus it allows you to set up a few different 'defaults' should you want some classes to be one way + others another way.

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