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Anyone know how to quickly get to VW help from the Forum page rather than having to go to VW app then click on help?  Would be nice when in the forum and trying to figure something out if there were a hyperlink to Help so you could click on it and have it open in a new tab or window so you could go back and forth quickly.

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42 minutes ago, Gadzooks said:

And that differs from mine by?…….


You said Favorites he said Bookmarks






I also have also bookmarked VW help in Safari

(probably for VW 2019 or so, but I can edit the year ....)


But if you do Bookmark all such things, your bookmarks may be so crowded

and deeply hierarchic in Sub Folders that it might be even easier to start VW

and open help from there ....

(At least my Bookmark collection is that way)


An alternative would be to create an Alias to VW's local help on desktop (?)

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I’m not sure if this was the original poster’s intent with their question, but I have thought it would be ‘helpful’ if there were a direct link to the online Vw Help file directly from the user Forums. Much like it would be useful if there were a direct link to Vectorworks.net from the user forums.

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