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VW 2024 issues

Jeremiah Russell


Is anyone else having major issues with VW2024? I upgraded the first day, as I always do and I've never had so many issues. First, the link to camera function for the renderworks camera is completely non-functional. I set up a view then go in to edit it and it flips me to a top view no matter what I do. Next I've had issues with floating pallets not collapsing. The roof objects are acting all kinds of wonky - like floating sheathing and shingle layers. 


Most of this seems to be related to importing 2023 files. This is happening on multiple files and it's getting cumbersome to work in.


Anyone else?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
18 hours ago, SGSF 42 said:

I can't get a cased opening window to display in plan.

Also, there appears to be an additional wall panel as part of the window...?



Can you attach (or PM me) a file showing the issue?

I believe this issue has been resolved for VW 2024 Update 2 but I'd like to test this file to make sure.

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This chain has got me wondering. I often read VW users saying that something "occurs in 20XX when opening a file created in 20(XX-1)." Not always, but often it is delivered as if it is something that may be causing an unintended problem. This cannot be the case. Unless you are a new user, EVERY file you open 20XX will have been created in VW 20(XX-1) or earlier. Every one. I assume that the top priority of a new VW version is that it will flawlessly open files created back to a certain date. I've always been amazed at how far back I can go and still have a file open. I don't remember the "new version" opening an "old version" being a problem a decade or so ago. Was it?




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
On 11/1/2023 at 12:31 PM, SGSF 42 said:

114 New Church Road EXISTING.vwxThanks Matt. Please see attached. Best, Scott


Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the file!  This actually looks to be a different issue than what I was thinking.  I managed to narrow down where the geometry creating these holes is coming from but I'm not sure what causes this geometry to be created incorrectly. I submitted a bug (VB-200331) with your file so the engineers can sort it out.

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