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Frameless glass fence panels

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19 minutes ago, Benson Shaw said:

Assemble the various repeating units into symbols and duplicate them to surround the pool.


Or instead of Move by Points you could try using the 'Repetitive Unit' tool... Although that seems to give you a horrible polyline you can't get rid of... But quite nice to end up with the run of panels as a single object you can resize/move.

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  • 2 months later...

Modelling a glass fence is relatively basic, but glass itself is computationally expensive and complicated.  The mix of transparency, reflection and refraction make it one of the most frustrating things to render clearly.  (no pun intended). The image below took 45 minutes to render using Global Illumination.  OK for a still, but not for animation.  

Everything modelled in VW2018 and rendered in C4D.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thank you @Peter Neufeld.. It took some tweaking, but I got it working (mostly) by considering neighbouring spigots as a single post. We just end up with an orphaned spigot at the end of a run, that's all. But that's easily fixed by ungrouping and deleting. The handgate works nicely - with the safety latches and self closing hinges included. @brody98 you'll find the Swimming Pool (glass) Fence Style options in the tool selector under ANZ Swimming Pool AS1926.1 ... 


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