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I have just upgraded to VWA2023 from VWA2010.  I started using VW before viewports, etc. came and have been using VW the old way with layer scales, separate files  and so on.

I have a standard sheet which I would like to be available for all sheets.  How do I get this sheet into VW so that when I place new viewports on a new sheet this sheet can be called up.

Thanks for your help.

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Use the user or workgroup folder to load your sheet as a resource so that it’s available via the Title Block Border tool in the Dims/Notes toolset.


create a template and save that in the user or workgroup folder so that every time you request a new file your sheet template is always available in a fresh empty file.


ise the workgroup if you want other team members to get access to the same resources.


if it’s just you then user folder will suffice but make sure it’s backed up.

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1 hour ago, Pat Stanford said:

Yes, you can take any of the default TBB Styles, convert to Unstyled, then Create Style from Unstyled in the OIP to save it as a new Style. You can then edit the TBB Layout to include your graphics and rearrange to however you want it to look.


When making 'new' TBBs from existing, I tend to suggest choosing "Edit Style" then immediately changing the name, then modifying the style as needed.


The advantage here is that By Style / By Instance settings are preserved, whereas if you Convert to Unstyled and make a new Style, these have to be determined again from scratch. It also preserves Plug-In Object Style Options (which is perhaps more relevant for other Plug-In Object types, which I also use this process for).


Might not matter too match in the OP's particular case (?), but a good habit nonetheless. And of course if you need the original style as well, then it can first be Duplicated in the RM.

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