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Reshape tool not working on groups after updating to VW23

Daniel Monty




I noticed after updating my VW22 files to VW23 that the reshape handles are missing when a group is selected. I have tried closing the file, restaring the computer etc. and no change. When the same file is reverted back to VW22 the reshape handles appear again. I have also ungrouped & regrouped items and no change. 


When I start a fresh file and create a group the reshape handles appear as normal. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


New file.jpg

Updated file.jpg

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The difference is that in the second case you are in Rotated Top/Plan. I'm not sure why you lose the reshape handles in rotated views but it's something I've noticed happening to me + took me a while to figure out what was going on. Someone else will no doubt explain

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Hmmm. That's strange. In 2022 it doesn't matter if it is in a Rotated Top / Plan view or not, I still have reshape handles on groups as per the attached image.


You are right though, In 2023 once I have rotated my view back to 0.0, the handles appear! .. Surely this is a bug? Seems a bit daft if you can't reshape a group without first rotating to 0.0. 

VW2022 screenshot.jpg

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@Daniel Monty you're absolutely right there is different behaviour between VW2022 + VW2023 when it comes to reshaping Groups in Rotated views! I've realised that the issue I've experienced in the past is to do with reshaping Extrudes: when you can + when you can't. And it's dependent on the object being perpendicular to the axes, whether the view is rotated or not. In VW2022 the same applies to Groups: as long as the Group is perpendicular to the axes it can be reshaped regardless of whether you're in a rotated view or not. But in VW2023 whilst this remains the case with Extrudes it no longer applies to Groups. If you have a Rectangle drawn at an angle then rotate the view so that it's square to the x/y axes, in VW2022 you can then reshape it but in VW2023 you can't unless you enter the Group. This doesn't really affect my workflow but if it compromises your's you should probably seek an explanation for the change with Tech Support...

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I've experienced this as well.


Stretch-handles of groups seem to disappear when you are in rotated 2d plan view and the groups themselves are orthogonal to the file's axes (but not the rotated view).


I do not know if this has been changed deliberately or if it's a bug. Do Tech Support monitor this thread? The change in behaviour is problematic for 2d-workflows which have been well established in my organisation since VW 2015. Can anyone please recommend the best way to bring this to the attention of Vectorworks Tech Support?

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Thanks @Jeremy Best. It is frustrating enough not being able to reshape grouped objects in a rotated view. One of the best tools for 2D workflows is the 'Rotate plan' tool, being able to align your view to a certain orientation / element. This bug lessens the functionality of that tool, not being able to reshape groups. 


Hopefully the fix is implemented quickly!

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