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Rolled up printing for layout


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So, my second and I were talking: wouldn't it be cool if there were a way to print a layout sheet right onto a semi durable piece of vinyl (maybe 2"X200') on a 1:1 scale.


I've see sparkies print our something similar on receipt paper that they tape to a stick of truss as a guide but... 

A) I have no idea how to do this, as I have never been an LX guy

B) seems like receipt paper would not be durable enough and maybe not accurate enough for more than one load in.


Any thoughts? Has this been done before and/or is it a bad idea?

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AutoPlot Tools for Spotlight, www.autoplotvw.com,  also makes such tapes.  They are called truss tapes by Lighting Designers (LDs) and Production Electricians (PEs).  My slim knowledge of Lightning Tapes is from demos prior to covid.  The process was very convoluted, but I hear they have made the process easier.  I think Lightning Tapes requires all the objects that you want to put on the tape must be a plug-in object called a Lighting Device, but you can convert most objects to Lighting Devices, and that may be old news.  Anything that is selected will be put on the tapes created by AutoPlot.  Both Lightning Tapes and AutoPlot Tools have only proven to work consistently with the Epson TM-T20ii or TM-T20iii printers.  I know that AutoPlot only tested one other printer, I don't know if Lightning Tapes has tested other printers recently.  Both Lightning Tapes and AutoPlot Tools are third party tools that cost money, and there is a large price difference between the two tool sets.  AutoPlot Tools come with a fully functional 2 month trial period.

Most PEs that I have talked to use the regular receipt tape that you can get from Amazon and other outlets, and have used it in 60' truss.  I do know PEs that use a much more durable version of rolls of receipt tape.  The more durable rolls of receipt tape are harder to come by, but Lightning Tapes used to sell the more durable version of the receipt tape separately.  That tape was very difficult to tear and usually requires scissors to separate from the printer; it was also more expensive.  I am lead to believe that you can get those more durable rolls elsewhere, but I have not looked for it.

I can show you the AutoPlot Tools if you want to arrange a time to Zoom.





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