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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone! Does anyone have created an ironmongery schedule for doors and windows and can share how you've made them? I was thinking on creating Reports and use them to attach to the doors and then pull this information to the graphical legend, but open to ideas/suggestions.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has created a plant schedule that will also include an image of the species. I've been trying to attach an image to the plant data under 'Image Detail'. With both the functions 'Import an External File' or 'Image Resource'(after importing the image into the working VW file. Then I tried inserting column into the schedule with the database header >> ='Plant record'.'Image Detail' << However the result that comes up is <image> and doesn't actually show the image that is attached to that specific plant data set. I've even tried inserting the following functions without any success =IMAGE(='Plant record'.'Image Detail') >> RESULTS: =IMAGE(='Plant record'.'Image Detail') =IMAGE(S='Plant record'.'Image Detail') >> RESULTS: False =IMAGE('Image Detail') >> RESULTS: Custom Image ='Image Detail'
  3. Hello, I'm trying to sort my hoist report by X and Y dimensions, however Vectworks doesn't seem to be recognizing the difference between the positive and negative values. All dimension cells are currently formatted as a dimension. Not sure what I'm missing, any help would be appreciated!
  4. Hello, I have a room finish schedule set up with the finishes of North, East etc... Now I need the schedule to give me a surface area of each of these walls for take-offs. What Criteria / formula do I need to input in order get this read out? I'd also like to display the Gross Height of the spaces. I've tried everything I can think of. Help! Thanks!
  5. Dears, Is it possible and if possible, How to adress a data cell from one report to another? I want to make a irrigation joints report (which are not present in Vectorworks) useing simple maths. The thing is that I have to receive a data from other different reports. ex. Number of tee joint (for sprinklers only) should be =number of sprinklers- number of watering sections/zones ex. 12 sprinklers & 2 sections/zones -> 12-2=10 tee joints I want to receive a number of sprinklers from Irrigation Outlet Schedule. Is it possible to do it in similar to Excel way? ='[filename.xlsx]sheet name'!$column_no$row_no underlined text could have different values Maybe @Pat Stanford has some ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, I've been trying to develop my own schedule to try and get around all the options and make it easier for me when i need to 'customise' some elements and be creative with the schedule, but it seems i've hit a wall when i want to describe the leaf behaviour, for example, the if the door configuration is a Swing and the leaf operation is a single leaf it would show single leaf , if it's a Sliding door would show in the operation the XOX style, if Folding would show multiple... So when i try to go to search for a 'general' operation to include all styles of doors this doesn't exist, what it shows in the schedule is every style separate. My question is there any way of doing this??
  7. Hello I'm trying to find out the best way to export a list of materials used in walls, slabs and the roof. I'd need the material, size, volume etc. I'm not sure how to create this worksheet. Nor do i know how to look it up anywhere. Has anyone done this? Im' assuming I'd have to make record formats and add information on each walls data tab. Thank you Len
  8. How do I change the ID tag on a door or window, without converting to unstyled? Currently all the instances of a particular style of door have the same ID tag! Not helpful. If I go into the settings for a particular instance, the ID tag options are greyed out....If I convert to unstyled, that defeats the object of having pre-prepared styles that can be edited across the project easily e.g. if Client decides to have a different shaped vision panel in the front doors across a series of houses, or we have particular product data to update the style with later in the project. I'm trying to generate a door schedule too.
  9. Hey guys, I'm trying to isolate my door objects that have the number "1" for its ID Label value. However inputting this into the criteria window identifies objects that have 0, 1, 2, and 3 for their ID Label values. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Raymond
  10. Dear VW aficionados, could anyone please explain to me the difference between the below. Most likely I would understand a 'sketch or visualisation' to it better in comparison to reading the Help menu where I can't digest the content. --> Reports, Records, Databases, Worksheets & Schedules <-- Am getting utterly confused about these ;0)) Any input is appreciated. Cheers, Grethe
  11. I'd like to be able to enter some sort of name other than Custom for custom windows, in order to have them show up properly in schedules. I.E. we often use twinned or field mulled units from some manufacturers, and the easiest way to represent these with PIOs is with the custom sash option. However, I then end up having to do some work arounds on my schedule, because I don't want it to say "custom" (because a contractor is going to see that and drop a huge price on it, causing confusion until clarified). I think my ideal would be to have the custom sash option have a fillable field that would fill the sash record field for worksheets.
  12. Hello, I need to change the difference between the unit size and the rough opening size for some doors for some of our glazed sliders, so that the correct information will read out in the schedules for coordination with ordering. I don't seem to be able to find an option for this in the obj info. settings. Anyone know how to do this? It would also be great if anyone knows how to change the units in the rough opening column in the schedule to read out as inches for further ease of coordination. Thanks!
  13. Dear VW Users, I have more than 500 custom furnitures with a custom property set and different values to import from Revit. Doing this one by one is another pain (is there any way to import more than 1 IFC file to VW at once?) but the more frustrating thing is that after the import something goes wrong. The first IFC entity appears to be good. Than I import the second one, still seems everything ok. Than I make a schedule to show my custom properties with the values, still ok...but after a while, when I import more IFC files my custom properties don't show up anymore and even the ones I've imported before are turned off in the IFC data sets. I have a custom property set called "Other". When I import the IFC this property shows checked as active. Than later on it switches off itself somehow and forgets all the values were in it. I only use =GETIFCPROPERTY('Other.Customvalue') command to list my data, no big magic. Any ideas what do i do wrong? Oh...and now I see while im typing...after I restart VW the IFC entity even forgets my custom property. It is not anymore in the Data Sets for my objects. What is going on?????? VW 2017 SP4 Entity: IfcFurnishingElement 2X3
  14. Trying to get a schedule to show the width of my glazing just for pricing purposes, so I want to round things off to the nearest 10mm. Currently, the schedule (set as a database) is pulling from the windoor objects and I have set 'user2' to the 'overall width'. I can add 'ROUND' or 'INT' but that just makes the numbers all appear as 50mm which is not even in the same ball park - do the functions not work with numbers pulled from objects. =('WinDoor 6.0'.'__User2') =ROUND('WinDoor 6.0'.'__User2') Thanks.
  15. Hi - Trying to create a wall schedule - and I want to name some walls for clarification. Trying to create a Name (IFC Field in the OIP??) and then pull it on the report? Can someone give me the right location for the name and syntax for the report? Thank you Ethan
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