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  1. Hello I'm trying to find out the best way to export a list of materials used in walls, slabs and the roof. I'd need the material, size, volume etc. I'm not sure how to create this worksheet. Nor do i know how to look it up anywhere. Has anyone done this? Im' assuming I'd have to make record formats and add information on each walls data tab. Thank you Len
  2. Hello. I'm working on sections and elevations. I usually go through the viewports to make sure i can access the same info on the page but in the design layer, as most of us probably do. There is something wrong. I go in through the viewport to edit something and the design layer looks as if the clip cube has chopped it going another direction. The clip cube is not on and you can still select the items that are missing you just can't see them. Here are some images. Working on the sheets this is what i'm looking at. So i need to edit something in 3d space i double click to edit viewport---> This is what I see. a portion of the lower floor is cut off and the upper floor is selected in orange...but nowhere to be found. I can zoom around and never ever do i see what i'm looking for. When i go into the design layer through the viewport I am able to see everything. Its just in the Section/Elevation in place tool. Which is a newer tool that I don't want to live without. Please help. Thank you Len
  3. Thank you. I figured this would be the best option. I was just hopeful that the tool would think of everything!
  4. Hello I'm used to using the section/elevation instances. However, I'm finding that for each viewport I need the instance to show up, they need to look slightly different. Whether it needs to be a smaller bubble, or no text, or less text. Is it possible to make section line instances have different graphic properties on different viewports, without changing every single instance for that viewport? Is there a way to do this? or is one instance all instances at all times. No matter your needs. Thanks Len
  5. Hello I'm using the section tool, which i use all the time, and when i create a viewport from this line. Nothing shows up in the viewport. I've turned on all classes and all layers. I've got everything in the right classes. Literally nothing has changed since the last time I made a section...which was last week. The marker is in fact at the same elevation as the drawing details.
  6. Thank you so much for your help. It seems as though the shape i'm looking for isn't the one that the nurbs creates. It has more of a hard top and I need the shape beside it the "Pillow" like one. With nice smooth edges. The mesh. I think there is something I clearly haven't learned when modelling. I've done a lot of modelling with straight line shapes and the odd curved shape. But nothing this complex. I am able to use this shape that I have. But i'd like to make it more useful in the future when we start getting into 3d modelling complex shapes. Oh man. Learning curve.
  7. I'm having trouble using the subdivision tool and nurbs to make the shape I want. I've been able to import a rhino shape and convert it to many different things to alter its bits. But its not perfect and its not extremely useful because I can't always make it do what I want when it comes to scaling it up and down to make it seem like they are in fact separate layers of foam and concrete. Right now its just a shell. What is the best way to make this shape? But with a thickness and the ability to gather the volume of it. If i knew a mathematician and a python coder...could I get this done easiest with Marionette? I have a basic understanding of marionette. I just don't have the math or coding skills to make it what I want. The firm I work for needs to go in the marionette direction...and I'm hoping this answer will give the kick in the butt we need to spend the time to transition into the world of marionette/Bim/IFC integration. Thoughts? Thank you Please point me in the right direction if i'm in the wrong place. Is there an easy marionette equation that could do this for us with the right parameters? Len
  8. There is a nurb shape on the left. With many layers of nurbs most likely based off of the 2d nurbs on the "Ground" Then on the right is the mesh. I need to make this shape into an exterior wall structure. I've converted the shape into a group so that I can scale a copy up and down to give the illusion of a foam layer and a concrete layer. However, this doesn't seem to work when I repeat the process. I'd love to be able to make this shape an enclosed solid based on the thickness needed. Interior 6" spray foam, then 4" concrete. Then I need to get the volume of those formations in order to calculate the amount of concrete and foam as best I can. If not. I'd love to just give the illusion in section of these "Layers". What is the best way to easily manipulate a shape like this without having to control each minor piece? Am I converting to the wrong shape? Can i take those flat nurbs and sweep them around the oval 2d nurb to get the shape? This is actually a rhino shape. Thanks for any insight. Len
  9. Then riddle me this. In order to recreate this shape from scratch...Would other programs like revit being using math and or marionette type things to shape it properly. I'm finding using the subdivision tool for modelling to be a bit hard given that i have to always know the angle of the direction i'm moving a point and where exactly i'm placing new points. All in 3d space, except I cant just click on a point and drag it where I want. If i know a mathematician and a python coder...could I essentially make any shape I want and would this be the best route to go? or do you find objects imported from other programs that seem to be perfectly shaped to be easy enough to work with? I don't just want easy enough. I need Volume, Structure, IFC, BIM...everything needs to be attached to these items. Whats the best route to go? Its a new architecture firm and they're willing to move in the direction most suitable for 3d modelling and unique shapes etc. Thanks Len
  10. I received a mesh shape from a client and i've not figured out how to make it more of an enclosed shape. Do I have to do this in order to make volume a reality? I've read some on offsetting 3d objects, there isn't anything concrete on if its possible with a mesh or subdivision. I need to take one mesh. Scale it down 4-6" then attach the edges to make a sort of wall. This shape is very complex. Is this possible? and is this the only way i'll get the real "wall" like volume I'm looking for? Please refer me somewhere else if necessary 🙂 Len
  11. Hello I'm curious if its possible to find the volume of a subdivision? Will I have to convert it to another object? Thanks Len
  12. Thank you so much. I figured it was just like every other import format and we’d have to go back to the client again.
  13. Hello I'm looking to understand if an ifc import is supposed to have classes and or layers? A single design layer is created just like in a DWG import. However no other classes import and every 3d object is a generic solid. Is this supposed to happen this way? The ifc file is being exported from CAtia and I can't seem to find any information on if i'm seeing whats the norm or if there is something I am doing wrong? Do i ask for another file? They sent me an STEP file and all it does it trigger the wait rainbow ball from hell for a long time. Am i to assume i just need to give this file more time as its importing a lot of information? So as you can see. I need to know its me or is it you? George Costanza "I invented it's not me it's you." Love Len
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