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Found 11 results

  1. Trying out photogrammetry today. Do I have to use Nomad to get a snapable point cloud? Do I have to have Lidar to do this? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  2. Hi, I'm trying to view a seating plan on a venue. It's around 1600 chairs placed on a plain surface. File size is around 1MB in total and Nomad just can't handle the AR. Just freezes and crashes. I'm using an iPad Gen 7 2020, so it shouldn't be a problem, right? Please let me know how I can view my different seating plans in AG using Nomad (or any other software). Thanks all! 😃
  3. Hello, I’ve added Google Drive integration to my Vectoworks Cloud: everything fine, but both from the web and from my nomad app I can only see folders created by me in in Drive and not folders shared with me by others, even when “Added to my drive”. Am i doing something wrong or is it related to any kind of permission/ownership I should set in a different way? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. I'd like to be able to use Nomad but it's often not capable of coping with our building models. They're just too big. I look at Twinmotion (which uses Unreal engine) and Archicad's BIMx and wonder why we appear to be so limited with Nomad.
  5. we recently started to use the AR feature for client presentations. works very good in accordance to the tracking, layer classes stuff. good job. some things are strange. textures that are seamless sometimes show small gaps in the model and the surface starts flickering geometry (imported obj file) is rendered in the nomad 3d view without erros, but in the AR mode many faces are destructed. any hints what is going wrong here or how i can get rid of this? screenshot of nomad 3d model grid lines on the left of the roof bottom view of the roof @100% scaling car model in AR view. (original model format was obj) vw rendering
  6. Hi, I tried to find the answer in the help file but had no luck...hopefully someone here will know. I uploaded a 150mb file to my dropbox that is connected to my VW cloud services and all uploaded OK in matter of minutes. When I open the cloud app on my desktop the 'Status' says "upload pending". So my questions are: 1, How long does it take to start to upload after I hit sync files (my preferences are set to manual sync) as the time it takes seems to be very random? 2, Does this upload time get impacted much by file size even though the file is already uploaded to dropbox? 3, Is my internet speed (not that great) or VW/DB internet speeds in any way affect the process AFTER it has been uploaded to my dropbox? 4, I often get upload errors. Usually the bigger the file, the more chance things go wrong. Is there a file size limit as I even have issues on this small 150mb file? When it works, it works great but more often than not I end up walking away from it as things go wrong far too often. Any answers/guidance appreciated. Thanks
  7. Is Nomad meant to show up in the Files app on iOS? Or does it not support this yet?
  8. Augmented reality (AR), which superimposes a computer-generated image on a real-world view, is now available for consumer mobile devices, making immersive and compelling viewing available to everyone. In response to the fast-moving development of this technology, tech companies are creating new workflows. As a prime example of this, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. has added AR capabilities to its free Vectorworks Nomad mobile app, specifically a new viewing mode that is available on iOS devices that support Apple’s ARKit technology. While many third-party ARKit-based apps are available on the App Store, few exist for viewing CAD/BIM models. None allowed Vectorworks users to view their models in AR directly — until now. Nomad already had a 3D model viewing mode that let the user orbit around a model or walk through a model. However, with this new viewing mode, users can view Vectorworks models at their actual size and in context with the real world to make design decisions before they are built. The AR viewing mode removes the barrier between the virtual model and the real world, helping users and clients to better understand the design at scale, as well as illustrate potential design problems and facilitate discussion about the design. A few key benefits of the new technology that’s available to designers in the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries include: · Ease of use: Simply upload a 3D Vectorworks model to Cloud Services and select “View in AR” from the Nomad app. · Effortless manipulation: Use standard gestures for zooming in and out, and move with an iOS device to experience a model in the current reality. Vectorworks users are already embracing the new AR technology. “As a must-have companion to Vectorworks, Nomad with AR represents a defining moment in working interactively with models,” said Brian Goodridge, principal at Thor Studios. “It’s a powerful tool when designing kitchens and custom cabinetry, because AR allows me to project my Vectorworks models into real-world spaces. Clients are now able to view and interact with my new kitchen designs inside their home before the cabinets are ever built.” The new Nomad AR mode works with Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system and devices that support the ARKit. Users must have one of these iOS devices to be able to run the AR viewer: · iPhone 6s and 6s Plus · iPhone 7 and 7 Plus · iPhone SE · iPad Pro 1st generation and 2nd generation (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9) · iPad (2017) · iPhone 8 and 8 Plus · iPhone X “The Research and Mobile teams have been demonstrating prototypes of this technology in various forms internally and at public events, learning about the technology and gathering feedback,” said Alex Nicol, mobile team manager at Vectorworks. “This is the first iteration of AR for Vectorworks, and we won’t stop here. As users begin adopting the new technology, we’ll continue making enhancements based on their feedback.” To learn more about the new AR functionality in the Nomad app, watch this video. Download the free Nomad app from iTunes.
  9. I'm trying to run Vision on my Mac using Nomad on the same machine. According to Vectorworks this is not recommended because it can be slow, but it is not impossible. However, I'm unclear how to connect the two so that the Nomad controls Vision. (Btw, I don't have a Nomad dongle... just using the free download.) Has anyone does this and can give me some step-by-step help? Thanks!
  10. When I open up the Nomad app, it initially says "You are in offline mode", and my files don't show up - even though the device is connected to the internet. I'm not able to change preferences or anything in offline mode.
  11. I repeatedly have the problem that I place a VWX file in my cloud services folder, but it fails to generate a 3D model for viewing in the Nomad app. The file is there in the Nomad app, but says "3D project Not Generated". I press the recycle symbol, it tells me I need to process the file to view in Nomad, Would I like to process the file. I press Yes, it tells me it's been submitted for 3D model generation. Then it shows as "Processing for 3D viewing" for a while, before reverting back to "3D project Not Generated". Trying again gives the same result. Sometimes I'll upload something and it'll work, but I can't work out anything particularly different about the files that succeed. Is there anything I can do to files in preparation, to make success more likely? This feature is very useful for sharing with clients and for presentations but it's not much good if it doesn't work reliably.
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