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Found 41 results

  1. I want to ask if there maybe is enough Space in the User Name Field to display the Country again. For me it was an important information, like knowing that people from New Zealand very likely have the Windoor Plugin and such things. If not, I would pack it into my signature.
  2. Reposting to this forum per Jim W's request: As others have noted, all that white space in the layout could use some consolidation. Here are some ideas. My goal is to make more posts/topics visible in one view area. This is eyeball area as well as screen area. -B
  3. The feature to vote a posted reply up / down for 'best answer' to a posted question is currently a feature that's only available to posts made in the 'Troubleshooting' board. I think the up / down voting feature should be offered more broadly, as almost all of the posts on the forum are asking direction on how to something in Vectorworks. It would make it much easier to find the 'best' way to do something if any post were able to be nominated for 'Best Answer', and then it would get highlighted by a bold green box (or something other than white).
  4. 1. Bottom of reply window has a slider to opt in/out for Notify me of replies. Does this generate email? 2. Unclear whether the default, left position of the slider triggers a notification. A checkbox would be better. 3. Can I switch off the email notifications in Settings? See attached. 4. I like the little bell icon in the browser indicating notifications, but I'm not really wanting the emails. -B
  5. I am not sure that the question format is the best for wishlist. It just doesn't seem that there will be a Best Answer to a wishlist submittal. At very least the nomenclature should change from "Submit Questions" to "Submit Idea."
  6. Can't find a "Forum Feedback" section, and see another post regarding forum design here, so I'll ask... Can there be a better division between posts in a thread? As it stands now, there is almost no visual border between posts, short of a very thin, light grey line. Makes it difficult to separate each post.. My suggestion would be that the rectangle around each post be darker and bolder, and that the header with poster name, number of posts, etc. be some level of grey, just to help separate it. I have a few other things on page design, but I'll save those for another post. I think a "Forum Feedback" section would be nice to have for a bit during the transition.
  7. Is there a way to view "notified" content as a stream or list of content? I keep going to the Notification icon and choosing each item individually. The content in that list all become unhighlighted when you click into it so the next time you go up to look at the next item its not immediately obvious which one to click on next. If you click on View All Notification different items are highlighted in that result than those in the Notification list at the top of the screen. Kevin
  8. I use Google a lot to ask questions if something is stumping me in VW. Google always lists the Vectorworks techboard first, and I almost always got an answer. But, Google is still links to the old techboard, and clicking the "We've moved" link there doesn't forward to the same thread on the new board. I'll try doing a search within the forum, but is there any way to make links pointing to the old forum forward to the same thread on new forum?
  9. Could we have a Sticky Topic with comprehensive info about vwx features and history or at least links to the info? This would be useful for troublshooting, maybe also as sales tool when potential buyers explore the forum. Several formats: Standard feature chart for each version with industry module indicators (these already exist). Searchable by version. Comparison search displaying side by side feature sets of 2 or 3 versions. Text search field for individual feature history. Search result is list of versions in which feature is included. eg search “Text Style”. Result will be v2017, 2016, 2015 (my guess) with industry module indicators. A scrolling product history/timeline could be fun, showing major changes such as ownership, HQ location, price history, render engine change (v2010?), OGL engine change (2015?), etc. Other? -B
  10. I'm not seeing any images that were inserted into posts from the old forum. All I see is what appears to be a broken link starting with 'ubbthreads.php'. Maybe all the old image links need to be redirected for the new forum? example post : X-ray doesn't work when working with subdivision objects
  11. I'm super excited as this is my first post in the new forum (well, first question post )! My question is about signatures. I noticed when editing mine the line spacing is very large and it looks like this is true for all of the old signatures. JimW's signature is nice and compact. How do I change mine so the line spacing is more compact? Thanks, Kevin
  12. Could we have some more space between the notifications icon and the mail icon in the mobile view? They are a bit close together and it's easy to thumb tap the wrong one. Kevin
  13. The Known Issues forum generates an access error for me. Are we intended to have access to it now or is this something that will be implemented in the future? KM
  14. Forum search is currently not always working properly on some mobile browsers.
  15. Currently, users have to use the Advanced search mode in order to search the body of topics, the simple default search will only search the titles of posts.
  16. The calendar on the new forums only shows the current month and does not let users switch to other months or other calendar view types.


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