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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, is there any command/function to return a number from a Data tag's sequence in e.g. worksheet? Or is there a way to link this value to the object e.g. by data manager/record and then return it in a worksheet? numbering sec.vwx
  2. Hello everybody! im trying to get my datatags for my spaceobjects exported into ifc. As far as i know, the IfcEntity here should be IfcAnnotation. I tried mapping it with the datamanger but cant get the tags exported into Ifc. simple text- or dimensionobjects didnt work either. does somebody know if and how its possible to get them exported ? thanks in advance! regards gsp_nowhere
  3. Hello Forum users. I've got a question? Is there a way to get a Data-Tag rotate/align with a Bridle Leg? I've got a Data-Tag for my steel wire length as I configured it in the Bridle Configuration. Now I add the Tag to every bridle leg and the manually rotate it with the rotation tool. And this is a lot of work. Is there a way to auto rotate it to the leg? Greetings Martijn. Rotate along bridle leg.vwx
  4. It would be helpful if Callouts could host both text & images. Maybe this could be done with a future version of DataTags if Records could host the image. Either way, a simple Image in Callouts enhancement would be very quick & handy. (If this is already possible I'm drawing a blank)
  5. 1. The available data tag sequence patterns are all zig zag. No good choices are available if preferred pattern is "around", eg window or door tags along series of walls. Wish: Add Clockwise/Anticlockwise options. 2. Access to the sequence pattern dialog is deep nested. Wish: A friendlier workflow would result from shallower nest, eg combined functions in one or several of these dialogs. 3. Renumber dialog indicates pattern will apply to " . . . all tags of this type . . ." Is Data tag "type" a defined concept? Perhaps "style" is meant here? Wish: Rewrite to clarify intended result. -B
  6. Hi There, Not sure if this is possible or if I am doing it the right way, I am a landscape Architect trying to find a way to annotate our plans to call out material supplier area etc. I am aware of building the Callout database but find this really clunky to use, I really love the speed and simplicity of records and data tags and hoping to use that workflow to annotate instead. I was hoping to create multiple preset records (with the record defaults set to the actual material or product) within the resource browser so that you can quickly search and apply the selected record to any type of object. Each record has the exact same format eg Action, ID, Description. Finish, Supplier. etc. The reason for doing it this way is so we dont have to manually spend time looking through or manually typing the information as the defaults in the record are already set by default. My Issue is that you then have to create an individual Data for each specific record? Is there a way to have a universal datatag that you can call out any record information? I understand we could have one record with built in information that you could select or type. However we are just trying to reduce the need to scroll through and select or type information within the record format by using the records default ability. Any help would be really appreciated! 1587123777_MultipleSavedRecords.vwx
  7. Hi All - I'm new to tags and trying to use them to display info about two things - 1) Finishes. If I've created a wall and given it a material there are finishes embedded. I'd like to be able to create a label or call out with leader line with finish info for that wall generated by the material. Is this possible? It would save so much typing and ensure accuracy. 2) Steel Members. I'd like to have a label as a call out and leader line that will draw from the type of profile used to create the 3D steel unit, such as W27x94. thanks!
  8. Hi I would like to use data on Data Tag from custom record which is on format YYYY-XXXXXX-ZZZZ. On Data Tag I would like to show only XXXXXX-ZZZZ. String YYYY- to remove is known length, all ways same amount of characters and same delimiter (-) exists. Is this possible somehow?
  9. I might be completely dumb but I havent managed to add a seconde leader line to my custom data tag... Is it a hidden button ? Right click somewhere ? Was I rude to my computer ? I am actually trying a workaround because my texts flip position as shown at the end of the movie... "Multiple leader lines" is ticked. Nothing like "Add leader line" in the right click menu... Enregistrement de l’écran 2021-04-01 à 19.27.24.mov
  10. Hello all I am just getting started on using the Data Tag tool. Is it possible to have the data tag that I apply to an object in plan view appear as well in elevation or section automatically? Thank you!
  11. Hi all, 2 questions: A: I`m wondering if it is possible to get Renderworks textures in an worksheet with an image of the texture. The idea is to create elevations with data tags which refer to a worksheet for the: material, texture, color, ... B: Is it possible to get the name of the chosen color fill in a data tag?
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