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  1. Very interesting! please keep us posted.
  2. How about the ability for creating landscape areas and applying Mulch with thickness, Rock, turf, or any thing I would like. Also the ability to create a custom package of plants for the Landscape area tool and import the package over and over, i.e. native grass mixes, (generate my own packages and import them as I need, not individual plants).
  3. ok, sounds like a possible bug than. Maybe after all of the fixes to 2011 they'll have 2009 running good!
  4. Bruce, This one may be off the wall but I also experienced issues like yours that progressively got worse. It wound up being the mouse. It is a wireless mouse and it had an internal issue. I had to remove the battery and click the buttons to drain the internal capacitor, then reinstall battery and Like magic back to normal. Dont know if this would work for you but if you have a wireless mouse, its worth a shot.
  5. Interesting, I have a client with the same problem. They can't save or print from PDF or straight out of VW. I however can. I have All updates (SP3, 10.6.7, and the latest adobe update. I was thinking it could be printer driver related. Could you post your computer and printer type?
  6. But who's fault is that? In my opinion site design always is better if the LA is there from the beginning. At the same time I would like to see many of the items in Arch in Land. We all want it all but to get it all you are oh yeah at Designer. I do agree that it would be nice to have various tools in each package but where do you stop. There is another post today of someone looking for plants, if he is an Architect then what next? Same from the other side. I cannot speak for VW but, if all was in one package then the price is higher, again your at Designer. I purchased Designer for the ability to accomplish anything I choose. As a side note I would also like to have the functionality of Deckworks, Interior Cad, panzer Cad and well anything else. Its not embedded so if I need the ability I buy it. If it were only a perfect world. Then LA's would design everything! just kidding.
  7. Shouldn't the LA be doing the site layout? He should have Landmark. DWorks, It's called Designer! All kidding aside, With the Designer package you get it all, If Arch and Land were combined so would the price, just upgrade.
  8. Garth, I also have had these issues. I also will get text but sometimes looks loke ailien garble. I hope there is someone with a solution.
  9. Many of the data collectors allow for DWG export, then you can import the DWG file and work from there.
  10. Andi, I do agree with you about the Keyboard and Mouse. However I do not think that an iPad App is meant to or will replace the primary work station. after all call me spoiled but I prefer my 2 30" monitors versus an iPad screen. The iPad App would ENHANCE the field or mobile capabilities of VW, not replace. As for will VW catch up the answer is both yes and no. They are always improving and advancing they may create what we are asking for today but there is always tomorrow and we will ask for more. This is how tech advances. I think an iPad app would be great, as an aide to the primary program. And Vincent, I know that the hardware key is not wireless but if they created an app I think they would change this.
  11. Sorry, I did not know I went from 2008 to 2011. I will try in 2008 and let you know.
  12. USB, Flash? Definitely not needed at all. This is old tech. I use a program called Billings on my I phone for tracking time. It updates wirelessly with my Mac Pro. The need for a cable or Flash is a tunnel vision view on whats good or useable. Remember when everything ran on Dos and a keyboard, then came along a mouse. How weird was that. Now it is THE choice for input. How about Screen Icons, mobile music players(iPod), even the laser writer. All APPLE creations, they are on the forefront of tech. Just hold on for the ride.
  13. You could sort this with a worksheet.
  14. type in this order, 125 then Option Key Zero 25 Coma Key 32 Quote Key.
  15. iPad oh yeah!! For in the field use, Measurement, notes, sketches, any thing your heart desires.As for outside of the VW use. One site for sharing photos, generating contracts, maps, site layout, even now with twin cams, (I presently have contractors with iPhones use the twin cams to show me issues live via FaceTime). With a VW app the sky's the limit. need it need it need it!
  16. Rossford, I will go through your questions one by one and get back to you. They require extensive thought. As for your question regarding the meaning of life that one is easy! Get a job pay taxes go broke and die! Oh I'm sure there are other takes on this though.
  17. As far as I know any text entered on screen will be checked with spell check, under the text heading. As far as the database, I do not believe it will work. Would be very nice though.
  18. Good to hear Bob, sometimes they just get a glitch, with the data you had I felt it was best for you to start over. Sort of a bummer but welcome to technology. I will play with this issue as I am working and see if I can find the cause, If I find or if you find lets post the bug so others will know what not to do.
  19. Bob if you could add a signature would be great. as for the 10 items. do you have 37 in the database? are all 37 being used on the drawing?
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