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  1. just switched from 2011 to 2014 too - snap and constrain "problem" This may be a different problem than mentioned in these posts but in previous versions of VW: draw a line - say a horizontal line - then grab an end point - move the end point and enter an angle as you draw (i.e. 20 degrees) and the line is constrained to 20 degrees as you stretched it. Now, in 2014, the angle in the data bar seems to reference the end point that has been "grabbed", (not the whole line) relative to where that point started before it was moved. Or in other words, after a line is drawn, the angle constraints (preset or user defined) - available AS one draws the line - are gone... This doesn't seem very useful compared to the old logic. The only way to get the original line to a desired angle now seems to be thru the io palette - making sure first in the palette that the right end point is selected as the start - and then entering the desired angle. Very awkward. This adds several steps to a very simple, and very basic, drawing activity. If I am missing something here, please set me straight on how to achieve the old functionality - otherwise please bring back the old, consistent functions. thx Garth
  2. I have always used and valued VWs' 3D capabilities for design, design studies and presentations (w RenderWorks or Artlantis) but have rarely used the tools in a truly BIM way. The 3D work is separate from the actual working drawings. We use some of the program's BIM capabilities ie the wall tool and door and window tools, worksheets - but usually just for 2D purposes. It seems undeniable that BIM is the future - and that the future is here. I'm preparing to use a small institutional project - a little school addition - as a test VW BIM project. I've been reviewing all the info I can find including what is on the VWSS site. I'm aware from numerous postings on the subject that there are opinions as to the limitations of VW's BIM abilities, but I am surprised at how many tools and techniques there are that have been around for years that I have not been aware of. What I really do not understand is how, in the VW BIM universe, we are to create construction details... In the on-line presentations and tutorials I see lots of 1:100 scale plans and elevations - and somewhat generic sections - but little construction detailing that is linked to the model... This seems like a pretty obvious (deliberate?) omission. I've poked around in an exhaustive (brilliantly produced) ArchiCad tutorial package assembled by that company to understand how it does BIM and was frankly a bit surprised to see that there details seem to be given greater information by using a 2D drawing technique overlaid onto 3D section cuts (granted some of the 2D ArchiCad tools appear to resize, adjust automatically to model changes)... Is this how it is imagined in VW? 2D details? Are we still obliged to manually update the detailed 2D info every time the model changes? Can anyone offer insight into this question? Resources? I wish VW would post some tutorials, recommended practice info on this subject - since a building project is largely communicated thru large scale details... As an aside - although there is much to love about VW, I've always found the how-to documentation rather sketchy and difficult to follow. I know the program is capable of much more than I use it for. The program's big advantage - that it can be used in many different ways - is also one of its drawbacks: It isn't always clear what the most effective techniques and practices are. The advent of the on-line film clips is an improvement on the frequently "opaque" written information available - but that said, a thorough, consistent project-based set of training films - not unlike the ArchiCad example - would be very useful. Garth Norbraten Toronto
  3. Sadly, I had tried that even before posting. Doesn't work. Tried changing scales, colours, render modes, fonts (TrueType and Postscript) etc. Rien. I trust this will be sorted for the next release. Thanks Garth Norbraten Toronto Canada
  4. I can't figure out how to get the dimension text to appear when I dimension in 3D. All that I get is an outline box. If one zooms way out there seems to be text that appears - but it is much too small to be legible. pls see image VW2011 Mac 10.5.8 thanks Garth Norbraten Toronto Canada


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