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  1. Hello, it would be very helpful to have the opportunity to export a Vectorworks 3D model into a Sketch up file. Allplan, Archicad and soem others are already able to do that... Thank you in advance! Nik
  2. Thank you, I know that. For me and a lot of others I guess it would beneficial to move parts in the direction I want to move it. Side view just Z-axes, Top view x and y. 3D view x, y and z. Would be quiet easy....
  3. Okay thank you! I see this problem must be communicated to VW maybe 2000.000.000 times or more to solve it ,-) It is completely nonsense that an object will be moved in side view other than in z-direction...
  4. I had that problem with my iMac as well. Now I bought a new Windows laptop (64GB RAM, NVIDIA 1080...),same sh.... I have one landscape project file and I need a FBX File out of VW. It does not work!!! When I restart the computer and do it with a new file and some very simple objects it works. When I'll do it with my landscape project it takes some time and than Cinerender troubles started... no file created. When I retry it with a simple objects file again after this, this does not work either!?! There will be a BugReport file in the MAXXON Renderworks folder created. Please find the file enclosed. Any support is highly appreciated! thx in advance Nik _BugReport.txt
  5. Hello, one problem occurs when I'd like to move an object in the side view in z direction, at same time the object moves in x and y direction (some times) as well. I tried already the T key (German Version) but it does not 100% works as needed. Therefore it would be a very nice improvement when we move something in the side view in z direction it will be just z direction and nothing else. Actually it's logical, but... Would appreciate to see this improvement soon. Thank you in advance! Nik
  6. Fantastic tool created, congratulate! I tried to put in the cities of Austria/Europe and it works within the wind rose, but not with the others. Anything to change when I use it!? Maybe the country code... Thank you! Nik