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  1. Hello, I tried several times to do a street on a terrain model and for me it is very complicated, actually impossible to get an acceptable result. I have seen some videos with Revit as well as with SketchUp, were it is at least somehow possible to do it... It would be very helpful and beneficial if the landscape experts from Vectorworks could improve this tool for streets, like it works with trees and other objects (to send the objects to the terrain surface) in VW altready. Thank you in advance and best regards Nik
  2. Hello, it would be very helpful to have the opportunity to export a Vectorworks 3D model into a Sketch up file. Allplan, Archicad and soem others are already able to do that... Thank you in advance! Nik
  3. Thank you, I know that. For me and a lot of others I guess it would beneficial to move parts in the direction I want to move it. Side view just Z-axes, Top view x and y. 3D view x, y and z. Would be quiet easy....
  4. Okay thank you! I see this problem must be communicated to VW maybe 2000.000.000 times or more to solve it ,-) It is completely nonsense that an object will be moved in side view other than in z-direction...
  5. NikF

    VW2018 - FBX Export Fail

    I had that problem with my iMac as well. Now I bought a new Windows laptop (64GB RAM, NVIDIA 1080...),same sh.... I have one landscape project file and I need a FBX File out of VW. It does not work!!! When I restart the computer and do it with a new file and some very simple objects it works. When I'll do it with my landscape project it takes some time and than Cinerender troubles started... no file created. When I retry it with a simple objects file again after this, this does not work either!?! There will be a BugReport file in the MAXXON Renderworks folder created. Please find the file enclosed. Any support is highly appreciated! thx in advance Nik _BugReport.txt
  6. Hello, one problem occurs when I'd like to move an object in the side view in z direction, at same time the object moves in x and y direction (some times) as well. I tried already the T key (German Version) but it does not 100% works as needed. Therefore it would be a very nice improvement when we move something in the side view in z direction it will be just z direction and nothing else. Actually it's logical, but... Would appreciate to see this improvement soon. Thank you in advance! Nik
  7. NikF

    Weather Analysis Tools

    Fantastic tool created, congratulate! I tried to put in the cities of Austria/Europe and it works within the wind rose, but not with the others. Anything to change when I use it!? Maybe the country code... Thank you! Nik