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  1. Dear Bryan, Thank you for your quick response and yes, data tags are working - all leader lines are showing, great. Just one thing on that note, when I try to align those data tags, it seems that the objects themselves have moved to the new postion but the text hasn't... So I can select the data tags, highlighted with orange but the text is not inside the box...it remains in the old position but is no longer active. Does that make sense, what I am writing? Could this possibly relate to my Macbook? Thank you again for your advice. Sarah
  2. Hello there, I am fairly new to the software so hopefully you don't mind my question. I have arranged my plants in a hierarchy, some are in the front, others have been moved to the back. When adding plant tags I have noticed that this hierarchy has been automatically applied to the tag lines as well, not only the plant symbol. How can I keep my plants as I arranged them but make all tag lines visible throughout the plan. I appreciate your time, Kind regards, Sarah
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