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  1. Being able to set the pipe jump size would be fantastic, it is so time consuming to go back and edit after the plans are drawn. As far as the mainline jumping the laterals, I feel like it would be fairly easy for the default trench depth setting be made to determine which pipe jumps over which regardless of draw order. I would love to see a tool for drawing in the sleeving with a couple different graphical options for how it looks as well. Just my 2 cents.
  2. thanks for the offer, however the software doesn't recognise valve in head rotors, I can add in the specs but Vectorworks won't size the pipes or calculate the losses for the mainline of calculate flows for the poc
  3. Rainbird, Toro, Hunter VIH Golf Rotors and control systems
  4. are there any plans to include golf irrigation components in a future release? I know that they are very different from landscape components but we still use them in different projects other than golf.
  5. Vectorworks seems to not understand when I use a looped mainline. Anyone know how to set this up so that the calculations are done automatically as far as flow and pressure loss and sizing?
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