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  1. I would be interested in hearing some of the pros & cons. I went with Dropbox because others started sending me files that way and we got used to it. It's always worked pretty well whether I'm connected or not!
  2. This one has me stumped! The issue is a series of 6 cyc lighting fixture that don't shine evenly. It truly appears that 2 units are bright than the others, but not the same as each other either. Then there is a 'dark-light' up center, nicely darkening a brighter area on the cyc. And here is one where only some of the fixtures rendered, like OLG but it's FastRenderworks. Mostly the same lights are on, just the dark-light and some out of frame ones. I've tried all sorts of fixes: I've checked all their settings too many times to count. Clearing the cache, if I got the right one. Changing fixture types, changing fixture positions. I also went back to a backup file to rebuild the geometry. The 'dark light' I can get away with just turning off, but if I'm asking for help I'm throwing all the info out there. I don't want to rebuild the file, it is fairly complex with multiple references and sheets. For that matter I'm about to put in a plain surface with a glow texture and shut off the lights. Then again this is early in a 3 year project ... Something seems really strange!
  3. There are 2 clear types of preferences. Ones that stay with the machine/software and ones that stay with the file. Any other distinction is strictly for a user interface. Saving and loading of preference sets, or even partial sets (like dimension standards) should be completely normal in modern software.
  4. There are all the older versions on ETC's website. I think I saw that 2.6.1 is due out almost any day. I'd expect this is a major issue. The windows version is fine.
  5. This is what I see. If I close VW in my 2 screen workspace and reopen it with one screen then my 2 screen layout is scrambled. I can go any other workspace just fine, but my 2 screen is not fine. I would support a wish item for this.
  6. I have several symbols that are sheet borders with title blocks attached. All I have to do is to drag one onto the new sheet. That said, I also keep one sheet of each typical size in my main template, and copy from there. Not a huge difference in time or clicks.
  7. My understanding is that the 2D portions of hybrid objects are always in "screen plane," because if they were in a 3D plane then they would really be 3D objects. Clear as mud, right?
  8. I often rely on deleting classes. In a library file you can re-class entire sets of symbols by deleting the class. VW then presents a dialog with where to put the objects on that class. I prefer None, but if you set up (see importing classes) your favorite classes then you can move them - in bulk! The only drawback is if you import a new copy of the library file you can lose your customization. So change names, locations, something to make sure that doesn't happen.
  9. Strongly related to Area and Volume dimensioning.
  10. I get that a true horizontal section cut, with all the vertical cut functions and more, would be useful to lot of folks. I'm all for it. I also know that I regularly deal with elements too small to see at any reasonable plan scale. Switches, outlets, sensors and such are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. They REQUIRE a symbolic method which accurate modeling can never achieve. And it's not just 2D stuff, the 3D element is critical as well, recessed lights with 2" apertures, navigating level changes and balcony spaces. Show me a new concept that eliminates the stylized and symbolic nature of plans and I might be willing to give up Plan View. So far nothing I've seen comes even close.
  11. I'm on 2017 SP4 and just did an update check. I think I got that cache, Pat seems to using Mac names. I did C:\Users\rick\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2017\Plug-ins\RuntimeCache and C:\Users\rick\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2017\Plug-ins\Marionette\__pycache__ The whole issue of the difference between what's in a file and what can be captured in copy seems to be becoming more common.
  12. Wonderful, that is just what I wanted and definitely a keeper. Thank you!
  13. Nope still there. Unless there are caches other than in App Data. I didn't lose all my pref files. I kept the tool based ones but made sure to clear the python cache.
  14. So how can I reverse the stacking order of a large number of objects. My current project has 74 pages imported from PDF. A wish list item for importing a PDF that way, and waiting x years, is not the best answer. Anybody got a neat trick?
  15. Not surprised. It persists when I re-open the file so I had hopes...
  16. How about using a layer that's higher?
  17. Here is a puzzle for the brain trust and probably tech support or higher. A Mul node gave me an error when in a wrapper. Note that something else seems wrong in the wrapped version as it suddenly stopped editing properly. I'm fine now that I copied everything to a new file. It all works either way. But here is the offending file for those wanting to dig into the dark hole of why these things go bad. Traveler_with_mul_error.vwx
  18. I'll leave the Python wrestling to you guys. "Linear Array XYZ" is doing the job. In my network I was moving many things at once, so it is more efficient programming and I suspect faster in the long run. Thanks Pat for reminding me to delete the original object. I think that caused some issues earlier, but never again. (maybe) I think I've found another odd ball, but I'll post fresh.
  19. I had a couple of copies of "SoftGoods 2.vso" but I'm using the built in version. I deleted one and tested. No improvement.
  20. Minor update: In this test file it seems only the last object created is moved. Linear Arry test.vwx
  21. I'm back to my traveler curtain object. My current issue is a symbol that is arrayed. When I apply a move command to the resulting group, the source symbol moves, but all it's copies don't. There seems to be something wrong with the 'Linear Array' node, I think came from @DomC What would folks suggest for an alternate method? More in the "why did it do that" category: There are 2 Soft Goods objects that get made into groups, that I can't seem to ungroup.
  22. I doubt it would solve all your issues but I have another idea. For your symbols you can include some text that gets linked to record fields, like the Label one I used. It's probably most useful for your assemblies and parts.
  23. I made some tweaks. Mostly I added a record to show how that can work, and I did some different sorting. More fields are possible so the combination of materials and dimensions can show whatever you want. I clearly don't understand what your goal really is. I just hope this helps with understanding worksheets a bit better. Pipe_BOM.vwx
  24. OK, Here is a really quick sample from that. Tell me what you think should be different. Pipe_BOM.vwx
  25. How about sending me a mini file and I'll do up a worksheet example. On cut extrudes I'd just have to try it out.
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