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  1. Added thought: The unified origin theory has a problem. The movement has been similar but not uniform among the linked files. Most of these files come from a VERY experience AutoCAD tech and share an origin among themselves. But even when they share this point they move and move almost randomly. It's curious that the distances and angles are somewhat similar but not uniform.
  2. Thanks, That sounds a bit like what Art was talking about, but I'm unclear as to the details. Are you saying that the 0,0 of the linked file has to match the 0,0 of the master? Is this the internal origin or the user origin. If so then I would have to move and rotate every DWG import into the shuttle files. Sort of defeats the purpose.
  3. New data I cleaned everything up in SP2. Opened, closed, opened all was well. Today all the DLVPs shifted. There goes the SP2 idea!
  4. The origin did move. I'm not sure if I might have done that while trying to fix the first shift. Definitely never before that. And definitely never in between moves. I.e. Yesterday I 'fixed' everything for the 3rd time while waiting for support to call back. This morning it was moved. (and the only other person capable of opening a file is well aware of the issue and generally doesn't do much drafting anyway) No the shift did not line up with DWG imports. As I mentioned one of those is untouched for 2 months. I also worked in a couple and when done they didn't shift.
  5. Thanks for the response. I'm not quite sure what you mean. (Geo-referencing isn't an issue.) I never move a files origin. In fact one of my first steps is to place a loci at 0,0,0 and lock it. In the theatrical world the stage centerline and proscenium opening form a reference grid. That referencing has been around far longer than CAD of any form, so it becomes a strong habit in theatrical drafting. Though something triggering such a move could be a clue here. FYI One of the key purposes of the shuttle file method is to allow the DWGs (drawn and updated by others) to be placed and rotated to match my needs. I've done this at least dozens if not hundreds of times, over years and never had a problem. My work moving means that all my objects are relocating as if the origin moved. To take a simple case that 0,0,0 loci now reads 41'8", -61'3.25", 0
  6. Just got off the phone with tech support but no good solution. My working theory is that this is SP3 related as it just started happening and am reverting to SP2 to confirm, and maybe get some work done. Anyone else seen this?? My current major project has a master file with 6 linked vwx files The linked files are fairly simple DWG imports in the classic shuttle file method for working with AutoCAD users. These files have been moving around between closing the master file and reopening it. Not every time, and they don't all move together or even the same distance or direction. Oddly enough if a DLVP has a crop, the crop element stays but shows a different part of the source file. All DLVPs have "lock position" checked and are also Locked objects. Recreating the link doesn't help. One linked file is 2 months old most are a couple of weeks old and the issue is a few days old. To make matters worse my work is moving as well. Everything (except the linked files) stays together. That includes the crops to the files mentioned, locked items, and even the layer print page. There isn't any trouble with sheet layers. The last time it happened links on a 2nd design layer did not move (most are on a single layer.) Layers without DLVPs are fine.
  7. Same here on SP3. My settings and workspace files are updating. So I'm guessing the data isn't being written.
  8. They seem to be located in an XML file as part of the settings information. They SHOULD have upgraded by the migration manager, but mine didn't either. So I just go into the list and rebuild manually.
  9. I've been pouring over Revit for a while now. I've determined that Revit LT will do enough. The big differences are in control of the view of the linked master file, live project sharing, and MEP functions. Since the EE will do all the panel schedules an such I will do without that stuff. I'll have the architect create a "view" of just the stage area and live project sharing sounds like a nightmare that would hard to implement. I'm in the process of creating some VW symbols, curtains, vastly simplified lights and such. FYI the ETC clamp symbol is a work of art that will suck CPU power for everyone on the job! I'll still do most of my design and certainly lighting work in VW and transfer some of it and the 2D to Revit. For a while I'll hope for usable Revit project exchange. IMHO, IFC is not quite up the advertising. I do feel that it's important to be able to work with the team on an even footing, and that means Revit!
  10. Hey @Clyde S, (had to try out the new @name linking) I do much of what you talk about. This file has a bunch of my custom stuff. I stole a lot from Pathway Connectivity with their system in mind, as well as ETC. I also freely modify to suit the job at hand. I have been thinking of getting the full designer version to get the Architect electrical tools and the space tool. Then again all my architectural clients are going to Revit! Simple_Template.vwx
  11. It shouldn't matter how you get there. I'm having a corrupt file issue myself - give them a call!
  12. Are you sure you have a design layer selected as the target? You can't reference a file to a sheet, only to a design layer. Work dialog boxes from the top down.
  13. Several options depending on what you need. The OIP should show the arc length at the bottom. Menu Modify-Drafting Aids-Arc into Segments will let you decide how many segments etc. Then place the polygon or lines into a hidden class. Add dimensions. Copy Along Path can do lots of other things for placing loci or something do dimension to. You should alway be able to get 1/4th points with the snap function. Ask again if I've missed something.
  14. I just got a new system - clean install, etc. Same old problems!
  15. Insert mode is not related to classes, layers or object types, except that 3D objects can not be in screen mode. Dimensions can be done in Screen Plane, they just show something different. It's much more related to view types, but doesn't save in "saved views" either. You just have to watch what you are doing with 2D objects in 3D space. That's part of the joy of the hybrid method.
  16. Several things can get newbies lost. Is the Dimensions class turned on? Are you working in "Screen Aligned" mode or "Layer Plane" mode. Do you know the difference? Are you getting actual 3D dimensions while looking for X,Y,Z distances? (see above) Are your snaps set for what you need?
  17. I've found worksheets can do an amazing number of things. Getting to know all their options and methods will pay of in a big way.
  18. I've used two solutions. Preferred method: Break the schedule into parts by the criteria. "ID# <50" or something for the first page. Then duplicate the worksheet but change to "ID# <=50" The major drawback is that you have to manually place the split. So if things change much you can get funny lengths. Method 2: Create and reference a PDF. Create the raw table without headers and save as a PDF. Pages 2+ will not have headers no matter what. Then draw several versions of the header on the sheet. Import the PDF pages as references and place them under the header objects. Now every time you update things you re-create the PDF and the sheet gets refreshed. The drawbacks are mostly the PIA handling and setting it up.
  19. I'd be happy if there was just a space. Readability is a major factor for anyone doing CAD.
  20. I've had IFC file imports take many hours (3-10) so exporting could easily be similar. My only thought to help would be to break it into many smaller parts (by floor??) but still not a good solution.
  21. A colleague is getting this as well. Not sure of his system specs, but I know he called tech support without good results.
  22. I've got a pretty large file in hand at the moment. 1GB+ on disk. And I've been crashing out trying to import the 260MB rvt source file. This is while viewing the whole thing in OGL.
  23. FYI I too have no way to change the display. I often use a dual monitor, but also frequently use a single. No saving, closing, workspace anything will let me re-set the basic palette size and location.
  24. I just sent a file to tech support that wouldn't import. Granted it is 200MB+ and will grow fast as we are just in SD. I suggest calling them! Also your signature line says you are on VW2016.
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