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  1. I will gladly forgo the FPS and use an external FPS monitor, if that means the time saved in coding can be used to buy some real hardware for you guys to test on....😂
  2. Bumping this as I still see this issue
  3. Can we add this to the list of people that have issues with the orientation of fixtures in Vectorworks, compared to how they show up in Vision?
  4. I can absolutely come up with some weird designs to send over. In all honesty they are not as "pretty" as the Sponza demo file. But that is purely by design. At least in our use case, we are trying to get the fastest frame rate, with as much realism as possible. Does this mean we get to use the nice new haze? Sadly no. We just need to have the lights dim, wiggle and show gobos with as much accuracy to real life as possible. Our goal is not photo realistic renderings, but something that closely resembles the timing you would expect in real life on the actual rig. I will try and create a small, medium and large show file to send over your way that can be distributed to anyone. Where is the tip jar that I can add money too to get you guys good hardware? While I know the current discussion is that the software may not currently scale perfectly with hardware, I would love to push the need to have something that scales better. Cannot say I know the best way to test this either, but I do know with other programs this is a much bigger sticking point. And in following this, knowing if a different cpu architecture is better than another, or cores vs clock speed type discussions. Vision is arguably less about data and planning, and purely about speed and looks. So knowing how to get the most out of that is really the only thing that matters to us in Vision (maybe others disagree?) Fair enough, but one would expect in that extreme case that the amount of time it takes to crack a password with an old Pentium III CPU vs a new AMD Threadripper 3390x would be significantly lower. Obviously Vision has been getting faster. However lighting, like Moore's law seems to be getting complex just as fast. With all the current multipart fixtures things have gotten big fast. I can get over all of the trials and tribulations (see fixture orientation, dmx transforms and the like...) but allowing the hardware to scale "better" with hardware should be a must. I hear by place my vote to let you guys focus on making the software "solve passwords better" haha. If you guys improve that portion of the software, then I can throw hardware at it. I think it is perfectly acceptable to accept that if I want it to run faster I just throw gear/money at it. Currently I don't feel I can do that with much success. Then once all that settles we can all deal with MVR and GDTF. 🤣 (Steps off soapbox)
  5. So besides the obvious "What hardware can I buy to make it perfect?" type question I want to be more more inclusive of data analytics and actual testing. 1) I know that there is the Demo file that Vision comes with, but what are the chance of having a few "user created" scenes that we can send out for testing purposes? I would LOVE to see a data table of the same file, used across a bunch of different hardware and settings. 2) What types of setups do you guys test on at Vectorworks HQ? Do you try multiple types of setups from minimal to absolutely insane? 3) In a lot of Graphics heavy programs or scenarios there are very specific requirements to get the most out of a system. That includes even down to the exact graphics driver you are using for a given card. Has any testing, data or thought been put into trying to figure that out? 4) While yes there are limitations to the way a software can scale too, I would think those limiting factors would be money and time? In my opinion I would like to see improvements made in the ability to get large fixture heavy shows working as fast as possible, and then go back and add in the fancy features. In most cases I end up running my machine at 1024x768, turning off every feature the program has just to get the lights to flash all at one time when I hit the button. Thus all that time put into making those features is a complete waste. Knowing that it is possible for me to buy a 64 core processor, with dual 2080ti, 256gb of ram and then overclocking everything, but not knowing if that actually helps me at all is painful. Lastly, if there is anything we can do to help test this sign me up.
  6. Having just gone through this process myself I will try and offer a little help that worked for us. Go through your Vectorworks file and figure out where you want the pivot point to be. (in our case I created a simple box symbol symbol, and made it a lighting instrument) This allowed me to leverage a worksheet to make a nice list of all my pivot points that I could print out. (pivot point name for organization, and then X,Y and Z position - in inches based on document units) Exported that list to Excel. Reason we did this was so we could swap Y and Z positions before entering them into Vision (as they have different coordinate systems) and that always gets confusing to remember. Then in Vision we created a New layer in the Scene Graph for each rotation transform we wanted. For each new layer, we named them accordingly (ie. Truss 1 Transform Rotate) and adjust the X,Y and Z position of the layer to match with the pivot point we figured out from Vectorworks.(this is where having the pivot point figured out already sped things up, kinda) For each transform we exported a .mvr that only included the truss, objects and lights needed for that transform. You merge each .mvr in to your file one at a time. After each import you can drag the .mvr layer "into" the associated layer you created to nest it inside the transform layer. Adjust the DMX transform data as needed in your high level transform layer to get the rotations as you need them, and the nested layers follow suit. We found it helpful to export our Truss in a vertical orientation from Vectorworks using the same pivot point we wanted. That way we could default the DMX transform channel in the console to 50%. This allowed us to rotate the truss both positive and negative directions without needing to nest yet another dummy layer for transforms. I hope this helps. I hope that there can be work done in this area to make this process easier. The future of integrated previz is already here, it would be nice to have a better workflow. Cheers!
  7. For what it is worth, I am currently patching a show using JDC1 fixtures in 62 ch. mode and everything is working out pretty well. Using Art-Net (GrandMA2 console however) Only thing I can tell is TILT might be off, but have not done full testing on that.
  8. Should we make an enhancement request for this? It seems that this process is very labor intensive. I would think some sort of automation, and information for the user would be desirable? I know in the past I have encountered a change to an already existing fixture that has caused issues. I would think there should be a nice way to get these "release notes". Along with a way to somehow show we are out of date... vs just checking for an update... and it then getting applied without any options...
  9. How does this work for a simple extrude shape? where is the Name for the MVR object?
  10. Even something like H-FOV in the properties tab would be enough to clue anyone in. Thanks for the knowledge!
  11. is the "FOV" setting for Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal? Thanks!
  12. I have noticed some of these issues as well at times... yet I was unable to re create them on demand.
  13. Seeing that the dark theme is really nice, is there a way to create a dark "beta" theme that maybe makes the chevron theme in the background a dark red and dark theme? I totally see how it needs to stand out to remind people they are in, or not in the beta sections, but it is like turning on the sun! Cheers
  14. Jim it seems that the beta forums do not follow the dark theme selection, is this something you agree with or is it not possible/a setting on my end?
  15. I second the motion for release notes. Also a link to an updater would be good.
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