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  1. Sounds good. I know that for me it happens even if I save the palette positions, and then just bounce between a workspace, or close and re open the file. Only difference would probably be that I am on a dual monitor setup. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone else run into this issue? Should the bug have been sorted by now or is it still a persistent issue? Thanks!
  3. Ah fantastic, thanks saves me the time submitting. Cheers
  4. Is it sad to say that it is good that it is not just me, looks like we can report this as a bug?
  5. Tried that and a few restarts, seems as though I will not be as lucky haha.
  6. Is anyone else having issues where the work space windows keep re sizing? I have attached two pictures to explain what is happening. The correct picture is how I have it set, and then I go to edit workspaces, hit okay and come out and then it changes to something different. Am I not saving the space information correctly? They are staying ordered correctly but its almost as it its not keeping some of the position data for the windows on the side panel... Cheers!
  7. Interesting, I have a persistent white color that exists around all my buttons and explorer bar despite how I start to change these.
  8. Ah, yeah I am seeing it in the Sharpy as well.I presume this will just be a fix that is resolved when you run the updater? Short of not being able to move groups of things into an Xform easily it is looking really good!
  9. Can 2018 handle "prism" from fixtures correctly? Or is this another issue. Also where in the road map would DMX nodes be for moving truss automation?
  10. Fantastic thanks! Looking forward to taking it for a spin.
  11. Did vision also get a bump in software with the new release of Vectorworks? Cheers!
  12. When you say the geometry for fixtures does not go over to vision, what do you mean? The use case is to place the fixture correctly in VW, allowing you to place the 3d fixture orientation as needed and being able to verify what the cable tail orientation is. Then once exported to vision I would no longer need to see this tail.
  13. And then a secondary question is what are the units used in the Xform for DMX Transform? In Vision 2 I was able to use Feet and inches, seems that I can not here in this scenario. Also Being able to group Fixtures with an ESC would help when "Transforming" a Truss.
  14. Is there a "Projected" date that you guys would like to have this implemented by?
  15. Hello! Is there a list of fixtures that have the "Positional Tag" has been applied to? In making the switch from 3d Studio Max, not having the info of Tail location makes this transition nearly impossible. Thanks.