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  1. Hey @Scott C. Parker; thanks for your interest, much appreciated. no mod keys held down, it seems to happen regularly when I deploy the amazing Savvy Select Similar tool from @JBenghiat, my single most used tool in the savvy collection. Because that's about the only way I select anymore on a fleshed out plot I have no idea if it happens by other selection methods. The cursor you see in the video is from SSS. I'll see what I can get you file-wise, need permission from clients 1st. Just hoping the problem is some simple adjustment on my end
  2. I'm just gonna say I see graphics anomalies nearly every VWX session & mostly a restart fixes it temporarily. It's how I know it's coffee break time.
  3. But maybe as usual, I am missing something. if you watch, you might see 'select similar' tool choosing by purpose. At the fourth fixture, it make all the boom fixtures into C-Clamps. Side note: It's not always the fourth, could be third, fifth etc. never got as far as fixture 6. Breathtakingly frustrating, and if it's me someone clue me in so I can get something done. c-clamp movie.mp4
  4. I have to say, that sounds awful. And to hear that this is not the only occurrence sure makes me nervous. Find any steps toward solutions? New file, then import, well everything, and see if it occurs again? Try opening a backup file, in date descending order, till you find one which opens completely? Best of luck
  5. Thank you @klinzey for fixing this. I wonder if there might be a use for a sub-forum dedicated to VWX Resources which need attending-to? I have found multiple Spotlight fixtures with similar problems (lookin at you all forms of multi-circuit fixtures). I did learn that some of these problems can be relatively straight forward user fixes, such as correct stacking top>bottom of strip light cells so they number correctly. Still; having to stop and wring out why things are not numbering correctly is a definite productivity problem.
  6. I am so sorry to see yet another of these kind of grind-everything-to-a-halt issues.
  7. @Bill Werst I don't have any more time today & but so I've attached my file. Maybe it can help you find a solution. Signage example.vwx
  8. Good job @Dubman, I was just about to write about the loft as solution. Glad you found it.
  9. Thank you @JuanP. After several restarts, the fixture in question is now behaving appropriately predictably.
  10. So I was editing a spotlight fixture thru the OIP and an amazing thing happened and no it was not good. I repeated this several times. I will now shut down and restart everything. You'll see the fixture in question in the appropriate filter color L763. Upon editing the the fixture thru edit spotlight the color changes without my input, while still keeping the correct filter text in OIP. Not cool. Also the Altman R40 3 cir., 7.5' strip is built in reverse order for numbering. Screen Recording 2023-02-20 at 11.03.24 AM.mov yay Mondays
  11. In the sense that every time you have an unwieldy AutoCad file, passing it through Vectorworks reliably creates a smaller, nimbler file.
  12. @gmm18—I'd love to hear more about your Clip Cube sectional workflow. I am not enjoying the slowness of the Section Cut tool nor how much visual annotating I end up doing.
  13. "Layers" and "Sheets" are all I need for clarity
  14. I'm just surprised and happy to hear the round trip thru VWX as the converter actually produced a more usable file! Have you found that to be repeatable?
  15. Don't recall seeing so many graphics issues in 2023 These issues really mess with my workflow. 1086798060_ScreenRecording2023-02-08at12_34_18PM.mov
  16. mjm


    Seeing very similar VWX slowdowns here. More MBP restarts per day than ever before. Super duper irritating.
  17. MBP M1 Max 32GB Unified Ram. Freshly restarted VWX. Takes about a minute to work thru all the geometry passes, then the render happens quite quickly.
  18. with safari mail, etc in background
  19. Welcome to My Monday Morning Blues: Ouch What exactly were you doing to occasion these series of crashes this morning you ask? Welp, I was cutting and pasting a small number of 2D/3D symbols and attempting to paste them elsewhere, appx -100' from current location. Internal origin is 0,0. Edit: Ok, so: the items to be moved were on a couple different labels. I put em all on same label, no cut/paste, just Shift+Moved to new locale on layer. So far so good. Cmd+Save & immediate Crash Monster Redux. & even deeper than the ouch is the lack of productivity
  20. . OK, just checked the website you mentioned and saw both items rendered above in IRL video from th showreel. Pretty dang cool.
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