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  1. SAME. Super irritating. It feels like the target zone has both shrunk and moved slightly left.
  2. Well, I'm impressed (as usual) with the reportage from this community on what issues they've been finding — helps me understand where 2022 can be useful NOW in production and where not. Having said that, may I also confess that I'm enjoying 2022 more — way more than 2021 v1, let me tellya. 2022 feels snappier in most regards as I work and hand to deity or not as you see fit, but it crashes less than 2021 SP1>4! Been awhile since I've had that New Cad feeling for realz & I'm enjoying. Thanks Nemetschek team. Couple caveats: Vanilla install, no non-vwx plugins installed. Files I'm generating are from-scratch inside 2022, but liberally importing resources, etc & pasting from other docs so far without problem to date, knock on wood.
  3. @Jesse CogswellThanks for all this legwork. Saving me from wasting a buncha time trying to get redshift to do what I hoped it would.
  4. @Dave Donley: can you verify whether Render Bitmap can render Redshift yet?
  5. @EAlexander hi there; I tried to open your dwg, 2022 on a 2019 MBP. Opened successfully & seems manipulable.
  6. @JBenghiat so does that mean redshift light does not pass through any shader with a transparency attribute toggled on?And is that because it's currently uh hobbled on VWX platform?
  7. @TomKenLove this solution: as long as in the OIP the selection handle chosen is center, if I'm not mistaken & the rect tool is set to draw from center, its a piece a cake!
  8. I thought it was me. I checked my math & it looked good: 0'0" should be where the walls and slab meet, at least as per the OIP. how could that light be passing under the walls? I'm not crazy & neither was the OIP (OTG), it seems to be something nutty with the 'Shaded' implementation… The attached movie shows a render starting with OGL, sorry, Shaded, next FRW, then FQRW. 2019 intel Mac 32 gB Ram 4gB VRam i7, etc Screen Recording 2021-09-17 at 7.08.14 PM.mp4
  9. @michaelk Thanks also; I d/l'ed your file and tried out one of the data tag items you built, un-styled it, figured out how you built it then rolled my own! Looking forward to more fun with data tags.
  10. For renders, I hit in no particular order: ESC or CMD+.(period) or or click a different tool or menu item. Please note that I cannot verify the reliability of any of these methods.
  11. I have to say: these seem such a gift to those who could deploy them. Well-played @digitalcarbon.
  12. @Dave Donley Hot damn that's excellent news Dave.
  13. @Ian Graham: yep, that's the kind of error many many of us occasionally experience -no matter how experienced we may be - & also why we're grateful for the generous input of others here.
  14. @willburgher:Super huge workaround. My eye-brain thanks you.
  15. Hey there @Dendecko & @Jesse Cogswell, yep I have experienced this a few times w/ vwx 21 as well. Hurts my brain really badly. Have zero solutions
  16. 100% (but still sad that we have to go back a version)
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