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  1. Uhhh, so when placing dims within a annotated viewport the font size is automatically adjusted to whatever settings your dimension style is set to. Why not the scalebar? That and why is the scalebar stacking in 2020? Meaning text on top of the boxes. I have a thread out about this but I haven't received any responses. I have a tech support call out but the solutions have not worked. So here's the thing. The DRAWING LABEL is like a receptionist in your office. If the receptionist is bad then your representing yourself badly. Anything done thereafter is questionable. Detailed drawings are meant to be documents one can trust. Not question. Now I keep hearing things like, "from a programmers perspective". The programmers are not the detailers. When a "detailer" says there is a problem then it should be addressed. The program should be dictated by what a detailing drawings should be, not what a programmer thinks it should be. All of the issues here are not about personal preference. They are about industry standards.
  2. I'm working in VWX 2020 on IOS Catalina. Within the program I'm trying to draw on a specific surface a shape. To do this I select that surface by pressing the Command key and backslash simultaneously. Then draw the shape on that surface. This has been working fine until 2020. It shows that surface as being selected and the transparent purple square in plane but still draws on the ground plane. Driving me crazy. Next problem. This one I sent a while ago but haven't received a response. The scale bar is has the text stacked on the bar. It's looks overlapped instead of being just above. Why?
  3. Yes, I thought I placed this comment into the wishlist category but I thought someone may have devised a workaround. Doesn't hurt to try....
  4. OK so is it possible to have the scalebar be placed automatically when creating a viewport?
  5. OK, so there is a Title bubble (Drawing Label) symbol that comes with Vectorworks and has for years. Still, the Scalebar is not included in that symbol. I've tried doing it myself but I can't seem to get it to work. Again in autocad I created my own and that was doable there but in Vworks I've had issues. Can someone create one or provide me with some direction to do so? Please Then how do you make that symbol the default symbol when creating new viewports?
  6. I'm interested in making a smoother video or non-stepped. That was handled by frame rate in 2019 but I can't find it in 2020. This is not duration of movie. You can have a movie or animation be 1 minute long with 10 frames per second. If you increase the duration to 2 minutes long and the frame rate remains the same then the gap between frame gets larger. That larger gap would equate to a larger step or jerk in the animation. When I created the path (V2020) it shows the frame rate as ticks on the line. I don't see anything to increase the number of those ticks on the line. I'm working in 2020 on Catalina 10.15
  7. I've been placing a scalebar into my viewports. When placed the text is on top or dropped into the boxes below. It started doing this with V2020 on Catalina 10.15. I placed a screenshot of whats happening. I tried adjusting all kinds of settings but nothing has worked thus far.
  8. The problem is not "to update or not to update". It's that the update is sloowwwww. Either way you pay the time cost of updating. Either at the end or in the beginning or all along. I'm pretty sure that anyone who uses this program and uses it as a design tool where the end product changes as the design evolves then one will be making changes. Those changes equate to updates of the viewport. This is un-escapable. I will literally wait 10 minutes to update a few pages. Then I'll look at the result and see something that could be improved. I make the change and then wait another ten minutes because every time I go into the design layer, ALL of the views on the sheet layers have to be updated though the change has no effect on some. So then I have to re-update ALL of the views. I save out and close the file and go back into it. What do I find when I reopen? All of the views need to be updated again. On another note. Updating views. I can understand how renderworks views with maps or skins can take time. It does for every program. Why does it take the same amount of time for just Hidden or Dashed Hidden. Those are just line drawings. No maps, no skins, no colors. If I use wireframe then the render time is immediate. Noone can read wireframe so.......Most detailers who use Vectorworks will use these last to view options. Those should be fast. The full color renderworks view styles should take time.
  9. So, Regardless of benefits of waiting to update or not. It takes far to long to update for hidden line, dashed hidden, and OpenGL views. This is why people keep asking for automatic updating. Yes if you automatic update it will bog down the computer but only because the render engine is taking too long to do the job. Never had these delays with other programs. I have to say that most of my time is spent waiting for Vectorworks to do it's thing. Just to day I tried to do a "update all viewports" and it wouldn't. I tried multiple times and still nothing. I saved and closed the file. Then opened it and retried, nothing. I had to go page by page updating the viewports. Why? There are so many things like this. Things where I'm driving Miss Daisy. Like the bug where you have to move the OIP out of the dock and back again because it locks up the program. Why doesn't the Bubble drawing label have the scale bar as a option built in? Instead you have to go one by one putting them in and adjusting the scale bars because they keep changing as you place them. Why? Point is instead of looking at the short term functionality and draw backs, look at the long term expenditure of each process that waists time.
  10. I have an object I created in 3D but it's at a 30degree angle. I've created the orthographic views on the sheet layer of the overall element that object is placed on. Then I created a section view thru that object but it comes in on a angle though the section view should make it come in flat. I went to the properties dialogue and set the angle to compensate but it doesn't change. I don't see any other setting to rectify this. I've enclosed a view of the page.
  11. doberman69

    Hatch Scaling

    So, when one creates a "SECTION" viewport there is no "Advanced Viewport" dialogue box to be had so it impossible to adjust the hatch scale on a SECTION viewport. You can adjust the scale on the viewport that section line is referencing but that viewport doesn't have any hatches so it's pointless. WHY is this so hard? This again is a rudimentary drafting requirement. It should be right up front. As in, you select the viewport and the Properties dialogue for that viewport has a hatch scale setting. To be spending anything more than a couple seconds to make an adjustment is absurd. WHY?????
  12. I'm having the same problem among many others with this program. I have multiple pages that have the drawing label on each page that needs to be changed to something else. I've done it twice now and it reverts. This means I've wasted about 12 hours. I've saved the file each time. I've even made the change and printed immediately and it reverts just before it prints. So if I read this exchange about this issue then essentially there is no fix. Sort of like the move the Object palette to get Vectorworks to work and not hang up. How is that a fix? That and it's temporary.
  13. ok so one of the tech's @ vectorworks suggested I undock the info pallete move it around a bit and then return it to it's original docked location. Then you do the hoky poky and you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about. Somehow that worked.
  14. Pardon me but the OIP (Object Info Pallette) is critical and in every other program I've ever used it is docked. In some it's permanently docked as it's role is integral. So when you say undock the palette I get concerned. Why should a docked palette cause a problem. Especially this palette. As it is, all palettes should be able to be docked and locked. Right now the other palettes have a nasty habit of un-docking and then you have to go through the tedious process of getting them to redock. This is in another thread but related. OK so, I've had issue with Autocad and it's issues but now I'm facing the similar stuff with Vectorworks. Stop adding new bells and whistles and make the existing software solid. I know you are dealing with ios changes but this stuff shouldn't be associated with IOS.
  15. What about creating aspects of the file in a separate file and bringing it in as a external reference. Like in Autocad.


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