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  1. So, I'm also having this issue in version 2023 SP7. I've tried using "Join" in multiple files with other drawings and totaly blank files. I've restarted my machine, saved, and updated. I draw a poly line I do an offset of 2" I then draw two lines at either end to close off the two polylines Then I try Join. The program beeps at me with no notification then I tried the connect and combine tool and I was able to connect the various lines vertex by vertex until it was closed off. So a possible solution? So, what happened to JOIN?????? Yes, connect/combine works but triple the time.
  2. Still, in a way, I feel better that it's not just me experiencing this. Now, what is the solution? or,...is this just a glitch that I have to live with?
  3. Right, so I try to open the greyed out file and it won't open. If I open a folder separately from Vworks and double click the file in question, it will open. Just not from within Vectorworks.
  4. Ahh, my mistake. I thought I was working with a tech for Vworks.
  5. huh, interesting. I'll give that a try but how is that possible if some of the settings are set correctly.?
  6. Am I speaking to someone who is just a user of Vworks or someone who works for vworks?
  7. I'm not using recent or favorites. I just hit open, browse the directory or folder the files are in and open the desired file. ???????
  8. That's what I'm saying. I created a template and set the leader settings but they go back to "unstyled" and if changed to the style I set them to they change the justification. EVERYTIME I open that template
  9. When starting a new leader I select the leader icon from the tools menu. When I insert the leader, the font style defaults to "unstyled". Every other setting for the leader seems to be correct though. So I have to go into leader settings and change the font style to our standard style ( which was set previously). When I do this the horizontal justification of the text settings change the in the leader to "Left" instead of the "Auto" it was originally correctly set to. Once I get everything set AGAIN within a given drawing the rest seem to work fine. If I start a new drawing or work on some other drawing then I have to go through that process all over again. Soooooo, how does one set standards and they stick? Vworks 2023 version SP4 MacOS 13.2.1
  10. Nope, the file has never moved from it's location. In fact it's many files and never the same ones. As you can see in the screenshot. All of my files are on the desktop of the machine I'm working on. So not a server issue either. I'm using the latest version of Vworks and some of the files are older versions but those I can open. But not always.
  11. I'm trying to open a file. The file I want to open when opening the file directory within Vectorworks is showing up as greyed out. For instance the file named "SederCase.vwx" in the screenshot I've enclosed. If I leave Vectorworks and click on the file outside of vectorworks to open it then it will work. But within Vectorworks I see what I see in the enclosed screenshot but can't open that particular file mentioned above. Why are only some of the VWX files greyed out while others are not? Vworks 2023 version SP4 MacOS 13.2.1
  12. I'm trying to select sheet layers in the left column of the Publish dialogue box. Problem is I can't see what I've selected because it doesn't highlight when I select a specific sheet. So it's near impossible to tell what will be moved to the right column of the Publish dialogue. I've tried going into preferences and then into the Interactive drop down to appearance settings but I can't find the right thing to change. I've tried just "reseting" the appearance settings. Still can't see the selected sheet highlighted in publish.
  13. I created a drawing a while ago. I recently went back into the drawing to change some text in my leader call outs. I select the callout leader and it opens the dialogue where one can change the text within. Problem is that there is already some other text in that dialogue box that replaces the text that is currently in the leader callout. I tried saving, closing, and reopening the file. Same result I tried shutting down Vworks and reopen the file. Same results. I retyped the entire leader callout and then went back in. The problem went away. Then I selected another leader callout and the problem popped back up. I'm currently working on a Macbookpro 2017 w/ version 12.5.1 2.9ghz i7 / 16gb ram / Graphic Radeon pro 560 4GB. Vworks is at 2022 SP5 build 664120
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