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  1. I have problems with Mac Os Sonoma 14.4.1 - Vectorworks is "Lagging" and spinning wheel keeps driving me crazy. I am considering updating to Sonoma 14.5, but want I to check how it works for other people. I try to work with both Vectorworks 2023 and 2024. I havce an Apple M1 Max from 2021 32GB, and I try both with an external screen (AOC) and only on my laptop. What kind of issues do you experience? Is there any way to make it work better?
  2. I searched the forum and found out that I could try to turn off the graphics caches, and that seemed to be helping
  3. Hi I have problems with my drawing slowing down when I am editing annotations and moving viewports on the sheetlayer. I am working in VW 2023. I don´t believe it is a very complex drawing, the file is 112Mb, and I use Mac Apple M1 max. Does anyone know what I have to do to? I have imported a lot of elements from a sketch-up drawing, and I have used som elements from the resource palette. It is a drawing containing lots of differents elements for a set-design, and I wonder if I should "split" the drawing, and start working on some elements in a different file. Best wishes, Dagny
  4. Hi I need to export my vectorworks files so that they can be imported in Inventor. However - when I try to export to step-files, only one of the design-layers are exported, and a I have several design-layers that I would like to export at once. Does anyone know what I should do? Or is there another file-type that is suitable? Best wishes, Dagny
  5. I restarted and they went away.
  6. Thanks! They went away after I restarted Vectorworks. I have a M1 Mac.
  7. Hi I am struggling with some weird lines appearing in one of may layers in a drawing. I cannot figure out what they are, as it is not possible to select them. Have anyone seen something like this before, and know what I might do to get rid of them?
  8. I have a problem when I create a top/plan viewport on a sheet-layer. The lines disappear in the viewport and are only visible when I am zooming. That means I can only see what the drawing actually looks like when I am zooming. All other views/viewports are fine. This is only a top/plan problem. Does anyone know how I can solve this?
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