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  1. PNG doesn't help me import a client's logo that I have to extrude. The bottom line for an EPS file is that it is vector, and I only ever need to import it when I need it in vector format. Which means I have to get anyone I know or possibly the client's client's client to open this in some Adobe program and exported as a DWG or DXF or whatever adobe will give me. I should never have to trace a file that I could've received in a vector format. I don't think I need Vectorworks to support something that is unsupported by the operating system, but what I do need is a free converter from EPS to any CAD format that I can import to Vectorworks because there's no point in me buying an Adobe program, when I only have to do it every Year or so. That being said, I've probably had to do this at least 10 times in my life.
  2. Tried a few times today. None of the other Cloud menu commands do anything at all. Submitted Support request. Thank you.
  3. What do I do to fix this message? Running on Mac. M1 Max Sonoma 14.2.1 Application up to date:
  4. Even if the worksheets are a completely different size, if they had the same insertion point, it would be a huge timesaver for my current workflow
  5. With a checkbox option for each of those. I would want it to do that in my primary drawing, but i would still need the option to be able to add prefixes to things I’m about to import
  6. Sorry to be late to the party. Unless you're beta testing or love submitting bug reports, NEVER upgrade before sp1, and in most cases not before sp2. My rule is to let everyone wrap up existing 2023 projects over the course of 2023, and expect everyone to start the new year on the latest version together. If the team can find a gap of time between the fall rush and 1/1 to upgrade, then agree on that day or week and do it all together, that way when one person has questions about workspaces and user folders, you can all help each-other, or all bother the one tech savvy person in the company for a shorter piece of time, rather than over the course of months. And up-saving files to new version is always as needed since it is a very simple process upon repoening, EXCEPT for favorite/library and template/.sta files. Fresh copies of those want to be done as soon as you upgrade.
  7. To be fair. I did make it work, but I like Pat suggestion better because it’s much easier to manage the formatting via worksheet. I’m excited about the naming a viewport crop as a location tip! I also think it’s easier to manage criteria in a worksheet then a graphic legend. It feels as if it were fewer steps to get to the same fix.
  8. How do you make a Section VP from a SLVP without a clipcube, don't you have to start on the Design Layer? The geometry was built by someone else, and it appears to be very simple, but it is using a bunch of custom plug-ins that could be suspicious. Hard for me to tell.
  9. Definitely going to try this one
  10. I appear to be having an issue where the background render settings of my viewport, obey the clipcube, but the foreground render settings in this case, hidden line, ignore the clipcube and stick doors in where there shouldn't be. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong, or do I need to include a sample file? (I'm delaying, including the sample file because I would have to make a copy of the existing file and clear out a bunch of stuff for confidentiality, and need to find a free moment to deal with that) As a sidenote, the reason I am constantly using clipcubes for sections and elevations is I am still reliably crashing, hanging or having terrible update times whenever I make/use a section viewport. Other people seem to be able to use them, what setting do I have wrong?
  11. @Jesse Cogswell This appears to be extremely foxy. I will test it out on the current show stat. You won't have to worry about me bugging you again for at least a week. Thank you so much!!
  12. @Jesse Cogswell That gets me far closer than before, and it is very fast. I’m attaching my test file I have tested that this does work on the design layer, it does work in the annotations, and it does work outside of a viewport. Could we have the counts on the left? I can do this manually, but if it is not difficult: could I have the ability to add a header via the OIP or something? In some cases it would say Inventory in some cases they want vocabulary like Bill of Materials, or Rental Items, you can see the example I posted a little earlier in this thread. It would be great to exclude all data tags from an inventory list. In this case I'm using a datatag to read off the space number, but I usually use one to read off the space name or name an area or similar It would be great if it did not say “Symbol –“ before each symbol Is there a reasonable world wherein it would display video screen with size and separately projector with type (or symbol name)? How about a television with its symbol name? This is also one of the dilemmas I'm still running into when I work on the graphic legends version of this. Space Inventory working.vwx
  13. Excited to try in the morning. Keep you posted. Thank you!
  14. Got this far in replicating the manual text data, shown Left, with Graphic Legends, shown Right. Plug in objects like Projectors with screens are breaking the system.
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