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  1. Looking for a comprehensive list of all the files I want to move from my old computer to my new computer, just to make sure I don't miss any. I'm sure that list must be somewhere in these forums, I just couldn't find it on a search. Workspaces .STAs etc.
  2. I'd love to be able to have cloud services convert DWGs, DXFs, Sketchups etc for me. Instead of watching the import process, unable to use the program, or sometimes even other higher computer functions, I'd love to drop a file on cloud services, keep working, then get a notification when it is ready.
  3. I'd love to be able to check a box that says anchor an annotation - especially a drawing label then choose right/center/left then top/middle/bottom maybe even a box tot set the margin e.g. +5'X and +10'Y (design layer scale i assume is easier than sheet layer scale) from border e.g. I duplicated a VP to build another one (or even just needed to change the crop to include or exclude an update). Once I edit the crop I then ALWAYS have to update the drawing label Location, and it is tedious. Especially for a design with many many MANY sheets.
  4. I would like to make a worksheet style. Example: I just has a file where I made approximately 50 worksheets off of a first worksheet. The difference was the criteria was looking at a different class in each. Then some @#$%^& asked me to add a column. 🤯 I was not about to do that 50 times. I'd also love a replace button in the Worksheet OIP so I can swap worksheets in but retain their anchor location, and scale factor. See above example of 50 plates with similar worksheets on each. Each plate was made as a duplicate of the template.
  5. The ability to build a ton of classes faster from an .csv import, export class list .csv (or .xlsx) I know the classes wouldn't have the characteristics yet, but some times you need the speed of excel editing to develop a plan in the first place, especially for a lot of fresh classes.
  6. An optinal admin toggle to force users to checkout full layers only, and not individual items. It would really help me prevent my @$%#^ teammates breaking files!!!!!!!!!
  7. Pat, You will never know just how much time you saved us. Thank you.
  8. Also a worksheet style so we could have elements that are cross-worksheet editable, and elements that are editable in individual worksheets. The example scenario is that I have 150 rooms. I have a worksheet to count the contents of each room. The only thing that is different in each worksheet is that the criteria searches for a different class. If I need to add a column to these worksheets, right now I have to do it 150 times. I would also love to be able to have a "replace" button so that I could swap one worksheet in for another from the object info palette just like symbols, I would having to manually place them or manually set the scale factor. In general, worksheets have fallen behind other updates.
  9. This is what I get any time I open 22 -The attributes palette is blank and not where I left it. I have to go into another workspace and return to my custom space to make it visible. Then I have to move it, each time. I have tried save palette positions, and deleting the custom workspace. Rebuilding it is not fun. This is what I want-for it to stay on the bottom Left, and the working window as wide as possible. What can I do? - Thank You
  10. ABSOLUTELY YES. I need there to be one place in all the chaos where I actually have complete data, and telling interested parties (myself, assistant, electrician or shop) to go look this data up for each light is not cool. I use VWX for complete data aggregation. It is designed to do that as evidenced in Worksheets and its relationship to LW. It can't offer complete data coverage and not offer this.
  11. And the ability to assign layer folder access permissions on project files- eg. anyone from the Video company/department can add/change/delete within their own folder but none others
  12. As long as one sheet could live in multiple folders. There are also a lot of other details that one saves with a saved set that would be better managed via the method used in "Organization" than the publish procedure.
  13. I'm not saying things can't be done. I saying that, it can be smoother, easier and behave more like the rest of the program. And as I understand it, I'm doing 11 "Batches", but I want to set them up to all go successively. Some batches have DWGs and PDFs loose, some are PDF packets that need to be manually named as they are being published. For an example I may have a weekly publish that looks like this: PDF all plates loose for Producer. PDF all Rigging plates in one packet. Same for Lighting. PDF and DWG certain Sheet Layers for Audio. PDF Packet of only the Guest experience for the End Client. PDF All technical plates and export Design Layers DWG for Scenic. Then back-save VWX with all certain references pulled in and some left out for Video. Staging, HVAC, Operations, Cameras, Brand Ambassadors, F&B, Talent Load-in-Load-out, TPA, Tents etc etc etc. Everyone has their own needs. Each week's updates can take half a day to set up and process each week. If when a draftsman makes a new Sheet in our Project file, if they could right then and there add it to whichever Sets it belongs in: say it is a plate about a jib platform, they could add it right away into Sets: Cameras, Scenic, Seat-Kills, Video etc., it would be huge.
  14. I have a varying 30-80 plate project file. Each week I have to update, re-save and publish 11 different sets. Step 1 check all new&altered plates and note to +/- them to whatever sets. Step 2 take previous week's set, update it compared to list, save, publish. If they are lose pages label each by sheet per selected setting options. If multiple pages, name the packets to match the name of the saved set. Do this again 10 times. If any sheets have special render views, this process takes 1-2 hr and requires my attention. I can't imagine having to deal with this for an entire building, it would be a full time job. Wish: A saved set could be managed like a viewport in Organization. Under Visibilities radio button (with better name) turn on or off the Sheet Layers you want showing, drag to change order. Under Details radio button chose format, PDF or otherwise, set the same publish settings. If they are lose pages label each by sheet, per selected setting options, PDF into a dated folder (format selectable I use YYMMDD but others don't). If multiple pages, name the packets to match the name of the saved set with auto-date-add option. Then when I publish, allow me to queue several Sets up and walk away. A more detailed progress box, "publishing page # of total # of this set, this many sets and this many pages left to go" would be a huge help. At the end, an optional report "Each set took this length of time, this page# from this set took longer than the others long (so you know if there is one you want to fix). Please!
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