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  1. I believe your floor does not show light. Here's a screenshot of the same file with the stage floor changed to 'bamboo'
  2. Great to see these numbers Jim. A Custom renderworks test would also be great, esp if baselined by say your MBP, which I think is similar to machines many in this community use.
  3. So lightweight, so fast. And sometimes I need both of those.
  4. I'm just gonna jump in here and say I extrude lines, not often but often enough that I think it serves a purpose on occasion (think quick borders/legs or another way to make cut drops for the stage). The extrude from a line appears to be a simple symmetrical loft, but someone correct me if I am wrong on that. Extruded line.mp4
  5. Lets hope there's a pantless day soon!
  6. ^^thrilled that this could be happening soon…
  7. Great info Luis. This coheres / clarifies Dave Donley’s remarks above. Thanks
  8. @zoomer - as usual, thanks for your detailed reply. Hmm, the Spotlight fixtures do act as though they have real shutters tho I haven't dived in forensically to determine how actually the shutter package works. If they are 3d, you'd think they'd show up in C4D, no? With reagrd to @EAlexander's issue, no idea how or if he solved it, but for me I simply choose the 'send to C4D…' menu choice with defaults and all my lights come in aimed properly. I don't yet have the time to or knowledge base to replace parent sources in C4D. I have seen C4D plugins which promise to replace VW Spotlight for a mere 999€, on top of the C4D price, possibly on top of VW price.
  9. Totally cool. WOnder what the render time on a stadium full of these might be…
  10. @jeff prince - one of the cool things about your project is your willingness to show us the development over time of the project. So very helpful.
  11. @zoomer; thanks for your insight, I always find your thoughts useful. For me, tho I do not need IFC yet, modelling incorrectly feels just wrong and goes against the core reasons I model in 3d to begin with: "I drew this, it is buildable as drawn." I am also the proud possessor of C4D R18, and - who has time? Just to learn proper import skills takes time, think EAlexendar and his thousands of lights which need to output as they were focussed in VW, and here's a daily problem in my world: VW Spotlight fixtures can deploy shutters or frames to block the light internally, so as to keep light on only the items one wants, but where is this essential-to-me-and-common-everyday-tool in VW in C4D?
  12. So, if I understand you correctly Zoomer, you suggest to model incorrectly for correct render results?
  13. Dang Jeff. That's outstanding.
  14. It does not help me @Aristobulous. When I nudge the black VP, it shows a couple lines on a big white field, nothing else. Yes, a reboot helps, briefly.
  15. @Dave Donley can you develop this notion further, so I may understand it more clearly? In my house and in my design practice, walls run up behind the trim. Thanks for your time
  16. Kevin, I am truly sorry for your troubles. I have used VW all these years because it has relatively reliably assisted me in creating the vision my clients keep coming back for. When I create something in VW for client review, I can comfortably say:"What you see is what you get." To get to that place lately has been terminally frustrating. I have hope VW sees this situation for what it is: an opportunity to make good a pretty big mistake, and to do so.
  17. This morning I found an email from a highly placed Vexctorworks executive, asking for input about my specific issues as described in my posts above. He asked for documentation on the workflow causing my issues. Instead of doing work-for-pay, as scheduled this morning I spent an hour or so recreating the scenario. While the 2019 Hidden Line render performed more predictably today, I encountered the dreaded 0:03 second black render, which was followed by the funny render shown below when I set the bounces to sixteen from four. The same file, down converted to 2018 with same render settings is shown in second render. I closed my reply to said exec thusly: "I hope you find this information of some use in solving the issues in this release. Please do know that, really and truly, I value reliability far more than new tricks. Trix are for kids. I eat oatmeal."
  18. Thanks for your question Kevin. System is the same as in sig except I am now on High Sierra 10.13.6 2019 Sp01 seems to run reasonably for 30 - 60 mins, then bogs down. I don't have time for that. I can make a cup of coffee from scratch before many types of operations complete. Not productive. 2018 SP-latest runs reasonably smoothly from start till end of work day.
  19. On SP-1 I am patiently waiting for an incredibly simple viewport to shift from unshaded polygon back to wireframe, and it's been minutes already. When that has completed, I will shut down 2019, as it's wasted another few hours of my life and my client's money. When I see steady user reports here that it's stable, I'll move forward with it. SP-1: Not better. 2018 SP-latest: • the viewport from wireframe to unshaded poly: 1:22 mins • the viewport from unshaded poly to wireframe: under ten seconds, as expected
  20. following on from @PatStanford, isn't making sheet layer viewports exactly the solution for this?
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