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  1. Hi Stu Have you tried the different styles? I am guessing you have, but just wanted to make sure. They will also respond to different attributes. For example, my favourite option is Flip, with a nice fill colour (or hatch) applied.
  2. Looking at this, the report you're using reports on a record called Site Model Slope Analysis. The field that contains the data does seem to store the information in square millimeters regardless of the unit setting of the file. Therefore, to get the value to display cubic meters, it needs to be divided by 1000000, like this: =('Site Model Slope Analysis'.'Projected Area')/1000000 I am now going to look closer at the data and see if it updates depending on the style you've chosen... I'll report back!
  3. Hi Amanda Thanks for posting this. I just wanted to confirm that I have filed this as an enhancement request with our development team, and that I have included a link to this post. All the best
  4. Hi Lee In OpenGL, there is a limit of (I think) 8 lights. (But it could be 10...) If you render with Fast Renderworks, you should see all the lights in action. So, when you get your model displayed in some Viewports, you'll be able to see all the lights, and also be able to control them from the Visualization palette. Hope that helps.
  5. You're welcome. Good luck with your coursework.
  6. So, it sounds like you've imported this as an image fill. Next step is to create a Renderworks Texture. Double-click on your Resource Manager and choose to create a new Renderworks Texture. Set the Color shader to Image and import your image. (You can also set other shaders like reflectivity, transparency, and bump). When it's a Renderworks Texture, you'll be able to apply it to the 3D object.
  7. My colleague in the US has just fixed this for you. It should all be working now.
  8. Hi Darina I have just looked at your account in the student portal and I can see that your licence is not due to expire until January 2020. Can you try again to use the software and if you still get the problem, please post a screenshot of the error message?
  9. I don't Ryan, but agree that this would be a nice thing to have in the standard libraries. I am sure this is something we can look at for the future.
  10. P.S. I'm going to move this topic into Site Design, which might be a good place for you to look for more Landmark inspiration...
  11. Hi James Take a look at the Hardscape tool in Pathway mode. You can then use a Tile fill to give the impression of irregular stones. Here's a tutorial that will help you: https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2019/getting-started-guides/site-design/creating-hardscapes You can then create a report on the Hardscape, which will give you the area and perimeter.
  12. Yes, if you edit the Reflectivity shader in any texture, you have many metallic options.
  13. Does your texture include displacement mapping? This is a very resource intensive option within a Renderworks texture. Try rendering without it to see if that makes a difference? Also, presumably this is an image-based texture... check that the image is small in size. It may be that it's far too high resolution and this can cause things to slow down. Try downsampling the image before using it in Vectorworks.
  14. If you search for Metal Mesh in the Resource Manager, you'll find some great examples of textures which utilise a transparency mask. These, when rendered with a Renderworks mode, will give the effect of metal mesh.
  15. Hello I'm afraid it can't be classed. Although, it would be really nice if it could. I will file an enhancement request for this. While looking at this though, I notice that if you do assign the tags to a different class, and hide this class, the polygon display is also hidden, so it looks like these lines are somehow connected to the tag. I will note this in my report, but this might help you in the meantime, should you wish to hide the tags at the same time in different viewports.
  16. Here's a second example file, demonstrating the inclusion of different columns of data (in this case the SKU) in the report. And, please do ensure that when creating your report, you choose Plant Record as the data source, and not the record simply named Plant.
  17. It has been an honour to work with you Jim.
  18. Does the crashing happen with a specific file?
  19. Interesting. SP3 was released a couple of weeks ago.
  20. Go to the Applications//Vectorworks 2019 folder on your Mac and open the Vectorworks Updater application. This will enable you to update to SP3 which might resolve things for you. In the same application, you could also try running Repair under Advanced Options.
  21. What is the operating system? What hardware are you using? Which version of Vectorworks, and which service pack?
  22. Tommi, Please visit the student portal, (student.myvectorworks.net) and request an extension. When we receive the request, we'll review and extend as appropriate. Requests are handled during office hours and are checked daily, so you won't have to wait too long.
  23. Try using the Shell solid tool in the 3D Modelling toolset.


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