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  1. justinekwood

    Sheet Layer Printing Issues

    I have VW2017. I had feel set up as 1:50 on A2. I need to print A3 for a meeting first thing, I set the sheet layer up as 1:100 and reset the doc set up to 1:100 and A3. It all looks great on the sheet layer using Viewport to get all the layers in. However, when I print it appears to be printing as A2 despite the printer and the page saying A3. Does anyone have any ideas? I am presenting in 8 hours and Vectorworks put me to the backlights of the queue because I still have a student version of the software. I've attached a pdf of one of the files. Concept 3 Simple.pdf
  2. justinekwood

    Moving Educational Watermark

    I have VW2017 and have just caged the page steep from A3 landscape to A3 portrait and the student watermark is located in the middle and top of my page. Can I move the one in the middle. As you see it's overlaying the design.
  3. I am a student working on Vectorworks 2017. I was working on a file in vectorworks 2016 and have opened it and am now working in Vectorworks 2017 on Mac. If I select any item - text, shape etc - and try to move it using the arrow buttons on the keywboard, it doesn't move the selected item, it throws my view in that direction. As far as I can tell the item is still selected. The view changes in the direction of the arrow.


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