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  1. I have produced a setting out plan and to keep things simple I used the mono button to make everything black and white and remove colour. The landscaper has asked for all dimensions to be in red. Is there any simple way that I can do this? Or is there another way I can remove colour from the whole drawing using classes/layer settings? Many thanks Justine
  2. I wonder if anyone can help. I have tried undoing but unfortunately I was too far in. I have a revised design for a garden. Midway through amending I tried to import a dog of an outdoor shower which I thought would mean I could use as an object. I am pretty sure that I clicked this object only but I mustn't have. Now all my scale has changed. And the expression of the dims has changed to have decimal 00 after everything, My problem is, everything in teh amended file has the right scale and dimensions but when I print it it is way out and too large. I think somehow I have rescaled against the imported dog and that has thrown the dimensions out of whack. I need the revised design but at the right dimensions. I can't rescale as that will give incorrect dimensions for the landscaper. Is there something simple I can do to get the 1:50 being at the right dimensions. I have attached both plans for reference one entitled Original and the other entitle amended. Plus the dwg file. Note both files are set at 1:50 on A1 but when you export the sheet the image is massive on the amended one which is what alerted me to the issue. Thanks for any help as I am a deadline of today and I am hoping that I don't need to redraw. Justine amended.vwx original.vwx 2DC-EX3-514.dwg
  3. Thanks Kevin, I did indeed use the scale bar as that was the only dimension I could use. I did ask to match the dimension too which I guess is why it changed from 1:200 in mm to 1:10,000. We got there in the end.
  4. Hi Kevin, Thank you. I did solve it in the end. As Claes mentioned it had a distant reference coordinate which was skewing positions. That is good advice. I just import 2D as I don't model from VW at the moment...just a newbie. Thank you though.
  5. Thanks Claes. It is just that. I zoomed around and found it and one corner was miles away and the drawing at the other. I have now dragged to the drawing area and rescaled. Thank you.
  6. I have bene sent a dwg from an architect which says it should be 1:200 at A0. When I import it it automatically imports at 1:10000. No problem I thought I will just use teh scale bar to rescale as usual. However when I import everything disappears. I tried zooming out as obviously the file will be tiny now but I can't find it anywhere. Anybody know why this is happening or how to locate the file so that I can zoom in and move the geometry? Have attached the dwg. I am working in VW Landmark 2019. Restronguet Barton House - TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY.dwg
  7. Every time I select the Door tool in up to date VW 2019 my laptop (new MacBook Pro with plenty of spare memory) starts spinning out and crashes. All other apps except Safari and Preview are open as I need them for reference. Can I stop it from happening? Thanks
  8. Thanks Gunther - it was and I have turned off. I will hope for the best.
  9. Thanks Pat. How do I do that? I would find TBBs for different sheets really useful but have never found a way to do it. Is there a tutorial anywhere?
  10. I have just got this issue. My screen looks like below. I have VW 2019 and a 2019 MacBook Pro 15" with 16GB memory - only 20% used and graphics: Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB How do I reformat the graphics to work? Is it in settings and then in VW settings? No IT support here so it is just me and an urgent project to deliver. I can't open a file I was working on yesterday or should I say I can't see it. Layers and classes are all there in drop downs just not visible.
  11. I understand what you saying Pat and I understand how to create viewports. I just can't see the rotated view as an option in my viewport set up.
  12. I have a site that I edit rotated to ensure lines are straight and parallel to the house etc. I label accordingly as it will make the plan more legible when I print. When I create a view port and select the layers (TiTLE Bock etc) the Title Block is also rotated and therefore doesn't fit the page whilst the plan is nice and legible, Is the only solution to this to create 2 viewports? Can I create. a viewport from the rotated plan and the other he title block? Or willI need to rotate the plan design viewport to align with the title block layout using the degrees in the rotated tool bar? Many thanks Justine
  13. I am working in a ayer that is visible with a class that is visible. When I write a new callout the text is barely visible - see screen grab. I have checked class transparencies and the object transparencies and all is solid at 100% and I can't see any reason why this should be happening in the callout options. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. I have Vectorworks 2019 and have created a basic garden design plan. To enable greater visibility of the design I have changed the transparency on existing trees to 20% so that when I print they are visible but not dominant. When I am in the Sheet and zooming in and out the trees appear solid before flickering and going transparent again to the correct visibility. This also happens when a colleague accesses via a dropbox link. Any ideas? Thanks


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