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  1. I created a named notes layer placed a keynote, erased the note when placing a keynote annotation chose the named layer location instead of default on the selected sheet layer create a viewport of your note layer this vp can be placed on any sheet
  2. you can edit your workspace, to show navigation palette under windows/palettes strangely it was removed from there last upgrade?
  3. For the the magic mouse is a 3rd party app available called mmiddle which allows centre click for panning
  4. I am trying to learn something by editing files created in earlier versions but I continually crash, specially trying to copy and paste in new file often crashing while editing (poking around trying to understand) also opening files in 2019 all nodes are stacked one on top of the other but opening in 2018 they are stetched way out see screen shots both taken in top plan
  5. Since I upgraded from VW2015 to VW2018 & 2019 two weeks later I try to educate myself in Marionette after downloading some files and opening in VW2019, I found when trying to edit an object all the nodes where stacked one on top of the other (bit of an headache to unravel ) but opening this file in 2018 everything is nicely spread out and a bit easier to understand. Can someone maybe confirm this glitch this is file 6 of the marionette tute try in 2018 & 2019 Marionette-part6-start.vwx
  6. Clone your existing HD to an external drive and work from that till The Day I Work on a 2017 4K imac from a Thunderbolt external drive while mI have upgraded the imac to Mojave
  7. I had a similar problem with text (1) and call out (option 1) but this was only in one workspace advice from OzCad (if you edit the workspace and remove then add back these shortcuts, it will work again. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
  8. First call-out text in subsequent call-outs a @#$ nuisance solution first call-out a space, delete call-out and start each new call-out with delete
  9. Render with hatch fantastic but see picture.. is this for everyone or just me
  10. Most crashes happen (for me) when clicking the eyedropper tool. Anyone similar experience?
  11. Thanks very much for all answers regards
  12. Hi all, we had someone changing some text on a pdf produced by our office with vw2012 does anyone know how this can be prohibitted, no idea what program was used to achieve this. regards
  13. The walls that not follow the AEC (fit walls) command are referenced I am not to familiar with referencing but that seems to be the problem. I was able to manually fit the walls to the roof
  14. yes I run 2009 on XP via VM Fusion so I can make my VR objects since 2012 or so they became to big so if I need one I export to a 2009 file etc.
  15. Windows XP on a Mac either Bootcamp or Virtual box
  16. Is this what you're after? I managed it by 3D manipulating the wall and also the fit walls to object worked.
  17. yes I have this window popping up still in 2014
  18. Cannot open the file either asked Ozcad for clarification. OK had confirmation from Ozcad we cannot open student files with pro Opened the file with 2012 viewer and it appears that the object is original a generic solid which looks faceted, so if that original object could be edited to be smooth..
  19. I would create 3D loci from those site points you measured, select all and create site model from AEC menu and use VW help
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