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  1. We've also experienced frequent crashes while using 2016 with both SP1 and SP2. Below are some of the commands that have caused repeated crashes that we have noted so far: - Save and commit project sharing file. The program will save the working file and then crash while committing to the project file. - Editing multiple classes through the organization dialogue box in a project sharing working file. - Deleting multiple classes through the organization dialogue box in a project sharing working file. - Too many successive undo attempts in a short period of time causes the program to hang and crash. - Changing Viewport graphic overrides on sheets not previously checked out will occasionally result in a crash. These crash instances are marginally reproducible, and happen across several projects that we have in the office.
  2. So this is an ongoing frustration with Vectorworks and the year to year upgrades. It seems that they only take the "real" upgrades halfway. In my mind, a huge improvement has been the ability to add 2D section/elevation line reference tags and have those tags linked to a viewport. It seems like a logical step to do the same for the reference marker tool, but for some reason it wasn't done. So you can make only half your drawing set smart, the rest stays dumb... Really????
  3. Viewport class settings are being overridden by the current settings in the navigation palette. If a class is supposed to be on in the viewport but I turn it off on the navigation palette the objects on that class disappear. The setting in the viewport object info does not change, the class still shows there that it should be turned off. The inverse is true also, if a class is supposed to be turned off in a viewport and I turn it on, it turns on in the viewport, so I am unable to even just turn all the classes on to get the correct objects to appear. Closing and restarting Vectorworks temporarily fixes the issue, but it keeps randomly popping up from time to time. We generally don't catch it until we print and then realize that we have to go back and check all the viewport settings. Total workflow killer right now.
  4. I've noticed this as well. Maybe not as frequently as you have experienced but it is most noticeable while trying to exit a group/symbol/viewport/crop.
  5. It would be nice to have the ability to move and or resize the labels for doors, windows, spaces, etc in multiple viewports. Frequently we have an overall plan with door and window tags at one scale (say 1/8"=1'-0") and then we have englarged plans at a larger scale (say 1/2"=1'-0"). If we turn on the labels in the enlarged plan, they are way too big and often conflict with other items in the viewport. Also it would be nice to have live section viewports.
  6. This is not just a Vectorworks issue, this is a "any BIM/3D platform" issue. Can we please get a render mode that will display elevations the way that architects would like them displayed?! Sketchup has the ability to do this. How can a group of 5 stoners in Colorado figure this out but all the "big boys" fall flat on their faces with it? The 2016 Renderworks features are really nice, Revit when combined with 3DS makes amazing videos and still images that look absolutely life like. ArchiCAD has some great realistic renderings. Not one of these programs can produce a clean crisp working drawing quality elevation with correct lineweights and a progressive depth of field. Rant over, back to my morning coffee.
  7. I am trying to use keynotes in viewport annotations to note elevation materials and objects. When I try to create an already used keynote in a separate viewport on the same sheet the file crashes. These are 3D elevation view viewports. The simple fix for now is to simply not to annotate my drawings in this way. This is unacceptable and these issues need to stop. I'm tired of trying to use existing workflows only to run into issues and have to adjust to the whim of the tool instead of the tool fitting my needs. I will not be advocating an upgrade to 2016 unless it is ArchiCAD or Revit 2016.
  8. Thanks!! I'm glad that's an intuitive and easy to find solution... :tired:
  9. I am trying to create separate door schedules for interior and exterior doors, but I am having trouble with the criteria settings to get the worksheet to function properly. The criteria I have currently looks something like this: Layer is 0-Basement Record Door is present Field Value On Schedule = TRUE Field Value Location = EXTERIOR It seems that the last piece of criteria is not being used. No matter what I type in for the Location field, it will not cull out the doors that say "interior" Am I missing something, or should they be in a different order?
  10. Is it too late to get walls where we can adjust top of shelf heights without creating a new wall style?
  11. I am having a similar issue with section viewports and extrudes/extrude along paths. Vectorworks crashed while updating a couple of hidden line elevation viewports. After VW crashed, I opened the backup file to save some of the work that I had done before I was able to save. I can view the missing geometry in other views, but it will not show up on any section viewports. If I cut a new section viewport, it still doesn't show, even with all classes and layers turned on.
  12. Is anybody else having trouble with the callout tool having random text sizes when using it?
  13. you should probably be able to write a script for this.
  14. I've found that although the 64-bit framework of 2015 makes large project files and referencing more stable, the entire workflow is still too cumbersome to be efficient. I am trying to refrain from references whenever possible and advocate for shifting platforms to something that meets our needs whenever I can.
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