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  1. I have an E Series (UK) licence for Vectorworks Architect 2015 + Renderworks (MAC/Windows) - I'd like to sell it as I no longer need, but am not sure how to find out if this is possible or there's a transfer fee involved? Any advise would be appreciated - thanks.
  2. I thought it would be that simple. It changes in the callout as you suggest, then when I click okay from the callout text box it looses any font changes made and just reverts to plain text? I can change all the callout text but cannot highlight a word or two and make those different to the rest.
  3. Hi, been a while since I visited the forum due to an unexpected move to London and work with a new practice. The practice almost exclusively use Vectorworks 2D and I'm still having to learn a lot to keep up with the pace of doing things. One thing I'm being slowed down by are the callouts which they produce with a polyline and simple text block, which can mean a lot of fussing around connecting and aligning the two. The callout tool would solve my problem here but I can't seem to change the font within my callout text. I am required to use one text for notes and another within the same callout to highlight specification codes. I can't seem to edit the font within the callout? Is this why they don't use the callout tool. If so that seems like a huge omission? Also, I'd like to start using the keynote database linked to my callouts, any good, free resources that explain how to use this well, especially linked to UK data? Thanks again for your time and assistance!
  4. I'm trying to create a sort of cone shape. I've been able to get the shape using multiple extrude but the operation crashes VW as soon as I move the model post extrusion. Any suggestions for an alternative way to do this that VW can handle. Frustrated because doing this in SketchUp is fairly simple.
  5. Hi, trying to adjust some visuals I find that a gutter I can see on my rendered viewport, I cannot see it in the model where I need to see it to edit. Any one know how I can reveal something hidden like this? Thanks!
  6. I'd like to +1 the previous two suggestions, especially the last one! VW is way behind it's peers in this respect. VW has so much good about it, but is really impaired by issues like this. These may exist already, I know aspects of them are dotted around inside of various tutorials about other things but: I'd like a tutorial which focuses on how to create curved 3D geometry and how to render it efficiently: I'm finding it tricky to figure out how to combine the different 2D/3D line/polygon/shape tools, making/adding surfaces to extrude, additive/subtractive solids, extrude along path, multiple extrude, using and orientating extrusions in relation to work planes, how to take geometric information from one object to another and how to organise these objects and retain the ability to edit geometry and position of objects in relation to one another. I'd also like a tutorial showing clearly, step by step how to make 1.symbols, 2.plug in and 3.hybrid objects, which also discusses what distinguishes these different object types and the pro's and cons of using them for various operations.
  7. Apologies for my simple questions, I think this stuff may seem fairly obvious to an experienced VW user, but I'm coming from SketchUp where all this sort of push/pull stuff was straight forwards.
  8. Thanks Wes, I think I'm still getting confused at some point about which is which (in terms of drawing 2D shapes with 3D settings) will refine this. On the subject, I seem to remember there is someway to trim away the sub-object info which records the addition/subtraction information for 3D objects. Is this the 'convert to generic solid' option?
  9. Another quick one. I draw a shape using a working plane on an angled surface then need to extrude it at 90 degrees to the layer plane rather than the working plane it's drawn upon. There must be a button somewhere to switch the plane the extrusion extrudes from? Is it the second one on the Push/Pull toolbar, but this only seems to work when extruding 3D surfaces not a 2D surface drawn on the surface of a 3D object?
  10. I could have sworn I drew that middle object as a rectangle + arc. Does it convert to a 3D polygon as part of the add surface operation?
  11. Hello all, Happy New Year! I'm creating some relatively complex geometry using a lot of intersecting curves and blocks but seem to be achieving this in a rather hit and miss way. In pursuit of good practice I'd like to get a firm grasp of (what I'm sure are fairly simple) modelling principles. The attached file shows the type of thing I'm doing, I need to combine these 3 shapes to create a single extrudable surface. I find it simple to use some arcs, rectangles, circles etc and simple add surface to amalgamate them all. Yet occasionally I have problems joining surfaces, especially when I use a concave arc. Messing about with decompose/compose and switching solid off and on I'm managing to fudge solutions as I go along. This object I push/pulled the three surfaces separately and then added solids to get what I needed. I'm sure there's some simple way to do this that an experienced user would intuitively know. Thanks.
  12. That's 8x crashes in a row over half an hour or so, from trying to use the push/pull in several simple ways. Infuriating.
  13. Thanks Vincent, I'm going to have a go at the first two and see what I come up with.
  14. I'd really appreciate some more clarification on this. I have my window inserted into the wall. How would I go from this to attaching the reveal edge trim. This needs to be continuous with the wall finish, not a separate object and I'm wanting it to be shown in 3D and 2D. Feeling a little frustrated with this, as it's the type of automatic operation that I expected VW Architect would have done easily. I guess it needs to be part of the same programming that cuts the wall and adjusts the cut for the window dimensions?
  15. You're lucky mate. That's about my hourly crash rate. Ouch...
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