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  1. To me, saved views and viewports are totally different. I don't see how to directly compare them. The way I see it, viewports are physical "things", which happen to look at other things in a file. Saved views are simply scripts to allow me to see things in a certain ways. Moreover, I like creating saved views being in the annonation mode of certain view ports, so I don't have to find the right sheet layer, and double click in the certain viewport. Prior to vp's, it was imperative to use saved views to navigate through a drawing file. Fortunately, the introduction of the viewport has allowed us to distinguish between what we are designing, and what we are printing on the paper. I also agree that details are better kept in the design layers only. What we have done now is have a separate layer set a particular scale called "details", where the details and the notes/dims are all placed. This way we can simply viewport them. Being that they are details, adjusting the scale is not needed. I do agree that there can be improvements to the viewports however (like making them "smarter"), and an autonaming feature would be pretty cool, if it allowed us enough flexability in setting it up. What would be neat would be to have a "history" pallate, which keeps track of only our navigating through the file (like a web browser.) And have it be separate from the undo pallate.
  2. I honestly believe it really depends on how you plan to use them. Knowing your overall intent with the applications will help you realize which one is probalby a better fit. I have used both extensively and I personally find Vectorworks to be more versatile than Acad 2k7. That is, of course based on primarily needing 2d residential drawings. And don't forget, if your only tool is a hammer, everything will seem like a nail. You will probably be most limited by the willigness of your users to actually learn the software and what it's capable of.
  3. When I first started working on VW (version 9), I got used to a workspace that was being passed around the office which had a large amount of non-default shortcuts. When we upgraded to version 10, I couldn't bring the version 9 workspace up. This was a pain for me, to have to re-assign all these cusom shortcuts. Since then I re-trained myself to stick more true to the default shortcuts (with only a few tweaks) mainly because I discovered the deeper logic behind some of the arrangement (people actually thought long and hard about it), and because it is a lot easier training newbies at the office now, because the default shortcuts are referenced all over the help guide. And on the contrary, I really like having a bunch of 'useful' commands in the right click menus.
  4. We primarily do residential additions, so our structural drawings are quite simple. When we do our structural drawings, we usually uncheck the "show wall components" button under the advanced properties button of the viewport. At least then the wall components don't detract from the structural information.
  5. I usually start to drag the object in the direction I want to move it, hit the TAB key three times to highlight the length "L:" box, and type in the distance I want to drag it, and hit tab again. That will move it your specified distance.
  6. yes I have had that problem in the past. My workaround was to group it first. Grouping it seems to tame it somewhat.
  7. This is only for the corruption problems with Macs, right? I didn't see a pc fix (also my corrupted files don't become zero k)
  8. I have had this problem several times on 12.5.0 and 12.5.1 with our networked pc system. I posted this problem in Post 74794 dealing with corruption issues. Not only did it crash, the file would become corrupted.I was able to send one of my screwed up files to Nametschek and they fixed it, but were not certain about the why it's doing that. Hopefully someone is listening, I understand there is a bug on the mac side as well, but under diffrent circumstance.
  9. On my 2d elevations, I use a polyline as the grade line. I like it because I can put the grade "in front" of my house. I usually have two to three edges hidden. I find this faster than clipping my house to the slope of the grade line. I usually do a polyline from scratch, but I inherited this particular elevation with a rather large polygon and was looking for a quick way to convert it without having to re-draw it. I find polylines to be extremely versatile.
  10. Maybe I am missing something, but there's got to be a way to quickly convert a polygon into a polyline. I know the answer is probably obvious, and quite simple and yet I have simply overlooked it for the past several years. Any suggestions? Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  11. We use option "A" for doors, and make sure we have the lables on a class that could be turned off for 1/2" scale plans. We do all our annotations in viewports, and put our titles directly on the sheet layer (like the viewports.) Makes it much easier to align from sheet to sheet. We also try to set up mutliple pages per sheet layer (5 15 or 25) so we can fit all our documents on one sheet layer. Nice for viewing all the drawings at once. the only exception to all of this is we are now having a "details" design layer set at 3/4" scale where we both draw and annotate our details. It became too cumbersome to go back and forth through a viewport. hope this helps...
  12. In quicktime pro, I believe you can go into the properties and change the filesize there, or you can somehow "save for the web" under file/save as... It could also be under "share" if that menu exists. I have Quicktime pro at home, and have done just what you're asking before. I just forgot the actual menu sequence. I would think it would be easier to change the movesize in quicktime than in Vectorworks.
  13. Hi Mark, No, the corrupt files were not zero k. I sent an e-mail to tech@nemetschek.net on 2/14/07 but got no response. Given their sizes (14mb & 33mb) I was not able to send them through e-mail, and was awaiting for further instruction.
  14. Has there been any news regarding corruption issues on the PC side? Again, our files are fine IF we work of our local hard drives, not off the network. Anyone have any suggestions? I have also turned off the autosave to see if that helped, and it didn't. It would be really great to get our other employees up to 12.5.1, but right now, we can't afford to make the jump due to the corruption issues. Furthermore, I can't expect our IT department will TRUST any future upgrades until this matter is completely resolved. Something happended between 12.0 and 12.5....
  15. Moreover, I just wish the alternate coordinate angle could be saved with the Saved Views. Then, at least, I could go back and forth bewteen different coordinate systems quickly.
  16. In lieu of UCS... I have used the Alternate Coordinate System in the Angle Snaps dialog box to manually set a desired angle. That way that particular angle will keep showing up while drawing. Another way is to make your non 90 degree spaces orthogonal and convert them into a symbol.Once a symbol, rotate them to the desired angle. That way, you will always edit them orthogonally. This has worked well for site planning for myself, but may not work well for interiors. hope this helps.
  17. Had you added new record fields to the source record format? If so, that would mean you would have to re-import the record format into the non-source file, assuming it already has the record format in the file. Good luck, there is 'usually' a reason for everything VW does.
  18. Nope. No external drives, except for the network. For me, file corruption only happens when I read/write off of files on the network, not on my local drive.
  19. Katie & Others, I too have been having this problem since upgrading to 12.50 (I thought 12.51 would help, but it didn't). My personal work around as been to work off my local hard drive, not off the network. I have ONLY gotten corrupted files when working off the network. I used to think our IT department was running some intrusive scanning software which would interfere w/ the way VW performs, but seeing this is also a problem with my Mac brethren,I now don't think this is the case. Please keep us informed on the the status of this. I work with 16 - 20 users who have not upgraded past 12.0 because of this problem. Until we know this is figured out, we won't upgrade. Katie, I will also send you a seperate e-mail w/ the specifics at tech@nemetschek.net. Thanks, Matt Dirksen
  20. If you used the "export to pdf" tool to create your pdf's in Vectorworks, then the only possiblity is the people at kinko's had the scaling setting on, which would have scaled the drawings to fit the printer's margins. That is, of course, assuming your viewport scales are set correctly.
  21. I just printed out some plans with word and excel pdf documents in them, and they look excellent. Best thing is you can bring in all the sheets of the pdf at once. The "export to pdf" works just as well. Now we don't have to spend an extra 10k for Arobat Pro. Matt D
  22. After you have copied them to the hard drive, right-click one of the VW files and select "get info". Make sure Vecorworks is set to "open all documents like this," and hit "change all." (Assuming you are on Tiger.)
  23. I am simply grateful for the "Modify Layers and Classes" command. So, how many classes do you typically feel "comfortable" working with? And is there anyone out there that typically uses less than... let's say, 15 classes?
  24. I tend to have a similar problem when I copy and paste viewports from one sheet layer to another. Any text inside of any pio's become scaled up to 1:1. My workaround is to tweak the viewport scale and it seems to scale everything back to normal. Although this workaround cures the symptom, it does not address the problem.
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