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  1. The walls are aligned in all three dimensions (x, y, z). The edge does not appear in the design layer but does in the viewport on the sheet layer?!?!
  2. I'm using VW2010 3D views for the first time. I have walls on separate layers (1st floor, 2nd floor, etc). Is there a way to eliminate the edge/line that appears between the walls on these separate layers? Or do I need to set up my drawing differently? Thanks!
  3. i'm using a customized version of the sketch "certain" style for a veiwport. all of a sudden, it looks like it's adding arrow heads to various lines throughout the drawing, see attached image. any ideas as to what's going on?
  4. Hi, I have a titleblock symbol which contains an image file of my company's logo. I have used this symbol and exported successfully to DWG under previous versions of VW. Now for some reason either the image does not attach when exported or VW crashes. I'm running 12.5.3. I export to DWG format 2000 with export image and image fills on. Any thoughts? I have recreated the symbol and it still will not export. I've tried the image as an eps, jpeg and tiff as well. HELP!
  5. I add all my drawing notes into my viewports. Recently I have been experiencing issues in regards to drawing labels, reference markers and elevation benchmarks. When I move a viewport around on a sheet layer the text in these objects all of a sudden becomes incredibly large. I can go back into the viewport and reset the text size but it becomes cumbersome to have to do this everytime I move a viewport. Any ideas? Using vectorworks 11.5.0 on a PC running windows XP. Thanks!
  6. I just upgraded to 11.5 (running windows XP) and some of my key commands no longer work. Evidently cntl+1 (zoom in) and cntl+2 (zoom out) are built into the program. Previously I had commands for cntl+alt+sht+1 & cntl+alt+1 & cntl+alt+sht+2 & cntl+alt+2. However when I key them now, all the program does is zoom in or out. My workspace editor still has the old designations but for whatever reason the program fails to recognize the additonal alt or alt+shift for the #1 and #2 keys. I've tried other # keys and they work fine. I've also tried reassigning cntl+1 and cntl+2 to new functions but they still operate as zoom in/out. Any ideas for a fix? Thanx
  7. Running Vectorworks 10.5 under windows XP. A file I'm using keeps crashing our LAN. It appears to happen randomly when in the process of saving. File size is around 8mb. Is there any way to test the file or pinpoint what objects might be causing the problem? Thanks.
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