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  1. I am currently using VW Architect12.5 US version and started thinking about upgrading to either 2008 or 2009 US version. I'd like to know how those two versions are doing with 2byte characters (e.g. Japanese language). Am I able to use J characters with them (2008/2009) out-of-box, or do I have to tweak some settings? If that is the case, how? I don't remember doing any special settings to my VW12.5 in order to use Japanese characters in it, but I could be wrong. Knowing VW12.5, I wasn't worried about upgrading but there were a couple of reports here recently about not being able to use 2byte cahracters in 2008/2009. My VW12.5 is Windows version and I'm using it in my iMac via Parallels. My upgrade will be to Mac versions.
  2. I usually draw detailed sections of major walls from top to bottom in DL, without omissions. It's less likelly for me to make mistakes this way. However, this drawing is too big to fit in to one SLVP even scaled 1:5 or less. So naturally I make omissions and present just important parts of it. Here is the drawing. I left my SLVP unupdated so that you can see how I'm using SLVPs. This method works beautifully until I try to make dimensions across VPs. In this example I put my dimensions directly on SL, instead of annotation space of SLVPs which is more desirable. Is there any better workarounds for this?
  3. Hmmm, so far I'm in love with Viewports, I'd like to get as much use as possible from them. But I'll try anything people suggest at least once. Come to think of it, callouts can be on sheetlayers, yes. But dimensions are the easiest to handle when they are in VPs. I don't have to worry about scale of each VPs. What setting are you people using for the scales of dimensions? I usually have something like three different scales on one sheet. Oh yes I did, but after the first post I always ticked off "Add Signature" box. Just thought it's kind of redundant to have it in all of my posts. Maybe I shouldn't worry about that.
  4. I made some progress. Now I understand that after Custom Modification dialog box, the parameters not in property panel or attribute panel cannot be tweaked until you close those panels. So I closed them and went to menu to change fonts and text size of callouts while they are being selected. That was understandable. But I noticed those changes I made are not reflected outside of what I have open at hand. For example, if I make changes to callouts in VP, the cahnges are applied only to the ones in the VP I have it open. That's like 20 callouts, but I want to make changes to all 400 callouts in the other VPs. This is not the kind of behaviour I was expecting... or is this the way it is? Custom Modification dialog box shows "objects that meet the criteria: 400". Any help will be appreciated.
  5. BTW all of my callouts are in viewports. After I tried Custom Modification, I went 'right-click VP' - 'Edit annotations' and found all of my callouts selected but not changed a bit although I clicked 'execute immediately' checkbox...
  6. Sorry I added some info to my signature. I'm at work now so this is about VW2008. I tried Custom Modification but strangely enough, I can change attributes of other objects (e.g. rectangles, lines) but not that of callouts. It did select 300+ callouts but changes I made (to marker-style) were not reflected at all even after I clicked OK. I couldn't find a way to change font size either, "text-size" in menu was grayed out while I was in Custom Modification dialogue box.
  7. After having worked on a set of drawings for weeks, I changed my mind. Instead of having point8-size font in my callouts I want point7, but all other text objects should stay point8. I also want to change marker style of all callouts created so far. I am an AutoCad convert and if I remember correctly, there was filtering-select-function in ACAD. Now I wonder if we have something similar in VW as well, so that I can change all of my callout style at once?
  8. Holy cow, that's a lot of posts! Thanks anyway. So I'm just striving to become a newbie now.
  9. Sorry to hack the thread... but how do I become a member? My status stays as "stranger" even after I completed my registration.
  10. These threads are from another forum of which I am a moderator, but they might help. Revit vs Archicad vs Vectorworks vs 2D drafting Autocadasaurus BIM Documentation Not Ready for Prime Time Usually, this kind of "which CAD is better?" talk ends up with "it all depends on how good you are".
  11. I wanted to buy English version / US version too for many reasons. Money is of course one of them, the lack of VW forum like this one in Japanese language is another. I cannot ask questions here without figuring out what "hariawase" command is called in English! The difference between JP and US version is a big bonus of being able to name your layers in Japanese (but if you do, you will be in a trouble when converting them to other formats)!. So I called the largest VW distributor in Japan. "Can I get an English version from you?" "Of course, why not!" "I want a copy of VW Architect" "Sure. Essential will be US$1300, DX is US$2200." "VW Architect?" "No, we are not allowed to sell that." "I need some functions of VW Architect" "Get DX then. Oh by the way, we won't support English version..." "No support?" "Absolutely. NO Support from us. You have to call Nemetschek North America for support." ??????????
  12. [file] - [import] - [image files]? Is this the question?
  13. That cannot be. Those broken bones are on my right hand. :grin: and I have a USB Tenkey pad on the leftside of my keyboard! I'm a gudget geek.
  14. Imagine my surprise when I found out that some functions of VW are assigned shortcut keys like +++.... I broke two phalanges. :grin: I totally agree with you when you say one hand has to stay with the mouse. Keyboard Express looks interesting but I came to a different solution...I have Logitech MX 610 Mouse, which is (Be very warned, the following sentences might not be suitable to some Macusers!) 10 application dependant programmable buttons. So I assigned key to one of mouse buttons. I'm set.
  15. This is something I was wondering... OK default shortcut keys might be very effective or could be better, but are people actually using it? When offset, do you guys type +<->, or use the icon? Most textbooks seem to recommend to use icons.
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