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  1. thanks - that was the issue doug
  2. so my problem is have a light plot that seems to have 2 0 Z planes - one set of pipes is at 26' and the other is double that but shows up in object info as at 26' not the 52' the are really at - there does not appear to be a working plane added and I'm at a loss thanks' doug
  3. thanks all- I guess jumping through the hoops to turn create a 2d/3d hybrid batten is what I'll have to show them how to do - - guess what I need to do is get onto the wish list forum and ask why is there no parametric 2d/3d batten tool - not all of us use truss thanks doug
  4. making sure they are 3d was the first thing I looked at - and they are - more experimentation we found if we move off the batten it will go up to the z - since VW creates Light Positions as 2d (I do not understand why that is - would it not make more sense to make them 3d??) i was trying to keep it simple and leave the batten 2d - that works fine on my computer but not hers - is there some setting to force the light to connect to the batten z on hers that is off on mine ? my battens are at 0 and the light moves to 20' and is still "on" the batten sorry I'm a td and this lighting stuff is driving me nuts thanks doug
  5. so here is a new one for me - one of my students is placing lights onto the plot and in the object info when she changes the Z it goes back to 0 - on the same version (2009 student) on my computer I can change the z in her file no problem - is there a preference we have different? driving me nuts thanks doug
  6. I for one would embrace the BIM concept more if you would create a wall framer that is specific to spotlight - really the only need would be a way to place toggles and angle bracing on flats- the studs and plates can be modified easy but i see no easy way to include any horizontal components other then top and bottom thanks doug
  7. so I have objects spaced out along a curve and I want to dimension the distance between each on the curve not on a straight line between them - any ideas on how to do this? thanks
  8. does not make any difference if I hold Ctl down thanks doug
  9. anyone have this issue with 2008- my mouse wheel zoom has stopped working - turned it on and off several times in preferences and mouse wheel works fine in other applications any suggestions?? thanks
  10. is there a hot key to stop re-rendering an image each time you move or zoom ? 0n windows thanks
  11. can a file be started in our lab (educational) version - worked on in the students version at home then opened again in Ed version ?? - we do not seem to be able to do that - suggestions on how they can open the lab version at home ?? thanks doug
  12. I want to import a PDF file - but VW crashes immediately - this is a networked 2008 version - any suggestions doug
  13. thanks Katie - just sent in the po for 2008 - glad they made that change doug
  14. is there any way to use file-new- use document template to point to a different folder? - our students must store their template files on the server not the local c drive - so they have to first pull the .sta over to the client hard drive then open it using new or use open and find the folder thanks doug
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