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  1. Is there any way to turn off the borders/lines in a worksheet? I would like to use a worksheet to print a drawing list but don't want lines between the items. Tried changing the line weight to 0 but it doesn't stick.
  2. eas

    Scale Hatch

    Ex ACad user are you? It can be a hard adjustment.
  3. eas

    Scale Hatch

    The only way I know of in VW is to edit the definition of the hatch. This changes all instances of the hatch. So if you want the same hatch at different scales in a drawing you need to make copies and change the scales. We occasionally end up with three or more versions of a hatch in a multiple scale drawing.
  4. So in the current set of drawings I am working on for some reason the various files have different dash lengths. Our projects are set up with a shared symbols file from which symbols are referenced into the various drawings. What is happening is that when a symbol is drawn with a dashed line it looks fine in the symbol file. Once it is referenced the dash is too long. The dashes in question are set in the object info box not in the class definition. Mind you, the class definitions are supposed to be referenced from the symbol file also, but the people who set up this particular set of drawings seem to have done something not standard so the class definitions are not overridden by the symbol file. Boo hiss. Is there an easy way to get the classes from the symbol file to rule in the file into which they are referenced? If not, is there a way to set/import the first dash style in the pull down list so that all files will at least have the same definition. I am looking at a set with over 100 files so simplicity is key! Would adding a class for the dashed line that has the dash length in the definition solve this? thanks much . . .
  5. Found it--sorry for the basic question. In case anyone else is wondering, hover over the symbol in the resource browser and the name of the file from which it is referenced will show up.
  6. I did search but can't find anything in the forums. Is there any way to tell from which file a symbol is referenced (in VW 2008). Thanks much
  7. What a blast from the past. Nope, we didn't. It is funny how whenever a new person starts here a few weeks in we get the batch plot question. We just plot all the files one by one by one by one . . . If you figure something out please share!
  8. Again, no direct experience but most of our clients--local gov't and universities--require ACad drawings in addition to various other hard copies and files for as-builts. Someone in the office spends a couple of days cleaning, converting and checking files. Haven't had any complaints yet. From the clients that is, the person doing the slog is occasionally vocal.
  9. Or, just make a class called something like non-plot and remember to turn in off in your sheet layer viewports. We do this in a multiuser office for a faux defpoints. It works pretty well.
  10. Answering my own second question in case someone else is wondering: Modify Convert Objects from Polyline Pop up window for Ceiling grid.
  11. Reopening the discussion. I find it much more useful to be able to enter the distance I want the start point to move rather than grabbing. Moving from 12.5 to 2008 has made me wonder why that nice functionality is gone. Is it hiding? And, as long as I am asking, is there anyway to convert a polygon into a ceiling grid?
  12. I take back that doh. The option with point to point move only lets me make one copy. Sometime it is handy to make lots. Still nice to know about but not as functional as true point to point copy. And I have to say, point to point copy is such a basic tool that it baffles me that VW still doesn't have it. Off to reinstall my plug-ins . . .
  13. Doh! Thanks much! Off to tell the rest of the office . . .
  14. I have searched through the forum and haven't found an answer so a new topic. Seems I am way behind the times. I have been finishing out a project in 12.5 and am just starting to work in 2008. Many nice things . . . but While in 12.5 I had plug-ins for point to point move and point to point copy now I have one tool that does both. It is nice that VW includes such a tool but for me the usefulness is really limited because it is in one tool. Are there plug-ins for these in 2008? Or a way to separate out the two parts of the tool?
  15. Yep. Pretty much the first this I did. The links all seem to be old or pc based. So I posted here hoping for more specific info.
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