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  1. Interesting.... I checked with one of the other project managers running the same VW version and checked what version of QT he's running. He has 7.69 same as listed above. Just to try everything I uninstalled my QT and installed 7.2 from the VW 2008 install disk. After rebooting VW was able to open. Since I was running 7.69 and Steve has 7.69 and it worked fine I'm going to guess that somehing happened to the QT install and the new install gave a clean copy. Good news, program runs again, bad news I have to rebuild ALL my preferences and settings over again. Thanks for the help! JJ
  2. I don't thinks so. Wouldn't the new VW install also install Quicktime? Edit: QuickTime 7.69 installed.
  3. Monday I had VW 2008 open and working. Tuesday our IT guy deleted some obsolete programs on my machine using control panel add/remove programs and then did Windows update. (14) updates where downloaded and installed on Tuesday. Wednesday when I tried to open VW all I get is the hourglass apearing for about one second and that's it. 10 hours later trying all sorts of fixes, VW still won't start. XP SP3 computer VW Designer 2008 Reinstalled VW, still didn't work. Manually hunted down registry entires, moved original files, etc, to uninstall VW and did a clean install of VW, still won't work. Chased down every update downloaded and installed and removed the updates using add/remove programs, rebooted about four times, still won't start. Running out of ideas, has anyone run into this before and if so, how to fix? JJ
  4. OUCH..... I use that method for creating raised panel doors for cabinets but this is routed edge details on furniture pieces. Especialy tedious when on three out of four edges. I tried setting the radius for a fillet as a negative number but that didn't work. VectorWorks do not have ANY method of effieciently creating a cove? JJ
  5. I've been looking for a way to produce a cove as an edge treatment. This is essentialy the reverse of a round-over fillet as it cuts the shape into the material. Does anyone know how to do this? JJ
  6. Thanks Ray. The Mr Hand looks like what I've been looking for. The direct link was very helpfull as lots to choose from! JJ (Architect Pack has been ordered.....)
  7. I'm sure this has been asked before but multiple searches haven't turned up the right answer and google searches have been to intense. Does anyone know where to download a font that looks like our good 'ol classic handwritten block text? What I've found so far just doesn't look "Architectural" JJ
  8. Since ipoint is a Microsoft mouse program, has anyone tried replaceing the MS mouse with a Logitech or other? My office workstation has a Logitech optical wheel, doesn't use ipoint but I still have double-click and scroll for the wheel. As mentioned previously, no blinking screen. When I uninstalled ipoint on the home machine and went to older drivers I lost double-click function. I'm thinking of replacing the MS with a new Logitech on the home machine. Let ya know the results...blink or no blink.
  9. Ray...Looks like we're running similar systems except I'm at 64 X2 4200. My copy of Vista went back in the box, I reformated my hard-drive and reinstalled XP. I've been reading different opinions regarding VW utilization of dual core and rendering. Heard VW doesn't utilize dual core and also heard some rendering modes do. Any definative info in this area?
  10. Update..... Checked system processes and yup...found ipoint running. Shut down computer, removed the brand new MS Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 and retired to computer parts graveyard. Replaced with basic MS optical wheel mouse from computer graveyard. Rebooted, went into programs and uninstalled intelipoint. Rebooted, installed v5.1.26 (7/01/2001) driver. Reboot. As of right now my page doesn't blink when opjects are selected and GL rendering is working again. That's what's so great about these forums. Been there, done that, share the news! JJ
  11. Has any one used or know if running dual SLI video cards improves 3d rendering? My system and video card are SLI ready and all I have to do is plug in a 2nd identical card. Since we're talking CAD rendering and not video games do the dual cards improve rendering performance? JJ
  12. Definately the latest video driver. When I upgraded to 2008 and got the flicker I check threads and then went directly to NVIDIA for latest driver. (10/04/2007) I am suspicious of ipoint as a possiblility for the screen flicker. I checked the office machine and ipoint not present (also no flicker) Will have to wait to check the home machine but any thoughts why Open GL quit?
  13. I know there has been discussion regarding screen flicker in other posts with various conditions, sugestions etc but I have not seen a cure. Running 12.5 on two different PC's have not had ANY of the problems some have encountered. Since upgrading to 2008 multiple issues have cropped up. The worst problem being a blinking drawing screen and Open GL doesn't work. At the office I'm on a simple HP running XP pro with Celeron 2.4GHz processor, 1 gig RAM, NVIDIA GeForce FX5500 video 125MB, and logitech optical wheel mouse. Other than being SLOWER to respond for various function in 2008, no serious problems. Home machine is XP pro, custom AMD 64X2 dual core 4200, 1 Gig RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT video (driver dated 10/04/07) 256 MB, latest MS optical wheel mouse, new drivers (not sure version) When I upgraded the home machine to VW2008 I immediatly had the blinking screen. With mine, the entire drawing blinks about 6 - 8 times every time something is selected. Process stops until blinking stops. Last night I discovered Open GL render does not work in VW2008. To test and see if it might be a card issue I went back to VW12.5 opened the earlier version of the same file I was working on and Open GL worked just fine but now 12.5 blinks. I did replace the mouse recently and upgrade the drivers and I'm not sure if I was using the new mouse with 12.5 but I did not have any issues with 12.5 prior to upgrading. So....is this enough information for a diagnosis/solution? Need help! JJ
  14. Typed a reply and when I posted it apparently timed out and went away....try again In doing my previous research on Vista it rarely indicated 32 or 64 bit. What I've found since yesterday (Sunday) is that typically references to Vista are 32 bit not 64 and there is a difference. I found devices that are listed as "Vista compatable" only work in 32 bit systems unless specificly stated. In the link referenced since it just refers to "Vista" I'm not sure if these are for the 32 bit or if VW works the same for 32 or 64 bit. With that said, I have a few options available and I need to make a decision pretty quick...... A) Bite the bullet and spend another $150 and buy another copy of Vista 32 bit. Install my old "G" wirless network card, 54 mps data transfer rate, poor signal and dropped connecitons. B) Spend $110 for a Trendnet card that is "supose" to work with 64 bit and "may" be compatable as a replacment for the Linksys (curently Linksys SRX 400 wireless at 104 mps, dual band) I can do a work-around for some of the driver issues for 64 bit but I don't want to go through the hassles and money and find out VW has issues with Vista 64. So.........anyone actually tried VW 12.5.1 in Vista 64?
  15. It looks like I did a stupid thing.... When I upgraded my computer system two months ago I upgraded to a 64 bit, dual core system, memory, new video etc, all Vista approved. Saturday I picked-up Vista 64 bit and spent all day Sunday installing. Bad news...... No network adapter drivers at all that will work with 64 bit. Linksys says not sure IF they ever will have 64 bit drivers and if so when???? With out my network, no internet. Very first program I tried to load (clean install) was my original VW 12. When I tried to install my VW 12.5 upgrades the install failed, couldn't find internet. The more research I've done today it looks like the 64 bit Vista is a disaster. When I called the computer builder this morning to try and exchange the OEM 64 bit for the 32 bit version OEM, they said NO WAY. I'll have to buy a full new version of 32 once it leaves the store even though it comes in an unsealed, open plastic case. Has anyone actually installed the 64 bit version of Vista and tried to run VW 12.5.1? Does it work and if so better/worse?
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