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  1. What were the steps you did when trying to change the length? To change a symbol's default, you'll need to right-click it in the resource manager and choose the Attach Record option. Find the hoist record and edit the record. Save, and you should be good to go. I entered 30000mm for one as a test, which worked as expected. Once I changed the max, I could enter the 80' chain length shown in my screenshot.
  2. Sorry, not really. As each lighting unit may have different mounting hole locations, you would need to use the light's spec sheet as a guide. As for placing the clamps, @Sam Jones's autoplot has a script you will find helpful.
  3. @Cristiano Alves This is a known issue where attaching two clamps causes a confusion concerning the actual hanging/insertion point. We suggest making a clamp symbol with the two clamps spaced apart and centered as you need and inserting that as the accessory. For proper counting of the clamps, you can use the new virtual parts function to place the extra clamp to each light.
  4. Hi Ed, Is this in a newly built file? Or, is this happening in a file that might have been built in a VW version prior to 2024? Would you please post a sample file? Thanks, Scott
  5. i've put this in as a bug. Not sure it will be as closing the box without using the OK button is canceling the current activity. We'll see what the engineers can do. Select all the cells, open the Format Cells dialog, change Patterns to None.
  6. Ah, pressing the X cancels the process. Clicking OK completes the process. It seems the bug is the middle one where the worksheet was created even though the X was used to close the worksheet dialog.
  7. Double check that your RM is set to either all resources or to worksheets. Happens to me all the time when I've filtered by other items.
  8. Select the symbol and convert to lighting device. This adds the appropriate record.
  9. @matteo17 Would you please post a file with what you've tried? It's much easier to help if we have the file to start vs. building it fresh. Thanks, Scott
  10. @KRMLighting Cable labels arrive with three classes, one for each. You can hide the start and middle, leaving just the end visible. You can also edit the style as @Bluetones suggests. The catch is when opening a file with cables that use the stock style.
  11. Hi Chris, Take a look at the posts here: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/186-data-tags/ You can do most of what you want. The limitation is that VW Data Tags are not able to look inside other objects, so looking inside the hanging position for the number of sticks of truss is the trick. With that said, I think @Sam Jones and/or @JBenghiat have solutions for this.
  12. You can, but you need to fake it a bit. Convert the controller into a lighting device and edit the 3D geometry to move the box up equal to the height of the truss. Being a lighting device will automatically add the power consumer for power. In your lighting paperwork, if you need it, filter out the rigging layer so the controller doesn't end up in the light paperwork.
  13. Thanks @Stig Runar for these. Jesse makes good points for those who have workflows that fit what he describes. Except for MVR (I haven't played with the issues he has), I find ways to make the HP work with the various items he mentions. When considering the advantages both @C. Andrew Dunning and @Mark Aceto mention above, and wanting to keep a consistent workflow, I use hanging positions for all of my items upon which gear hangs.
  14. Also, double-check that all the needed layers and classes are turned on in the viewport overrides. Some of your accessories could have internal classes you don't know are turned off.
  15. @DearAlexJohnson would you please post a small sample file with a couple of your lights with attached accessories? Perhaps just copy and paste one of your hanging positions with a bunch of units into a new drawing. Thanks, Scott
  16. Hello @Stig Runar, perhaps you could add some links to posts about the HP dying? I've searched and most posts I've found about the hanging position are questions dealing with: how objects inside the HP container are dealt with. how to get cables and other items to properly attach. how to garner info about the HP and attached items in worksheets, data tags, etc. how HPs deal with runs of truss and how to change heights. Personally, the HP is central to my keeping items organized, numbered, and reported upon. Thanks, Scott
  17. Fyi, I can finally share... We're replacing the lighting instrument summary with a new Equipment Summary Key that can include all, yes, ALL, spotlight items. You'll see it in 2024. Some great solutions have been offered above. One of which we can't do yet. ISO views. The summary is still top/down except for lights with GDTF files attached.
  18. Fyi, I can finally share... The summary key has been completely rebuilt for 2024 and is performing much faster. It retains 90% of what was there, but adds the ability to add all entertainment objects into the key. Looking forward to seeing what people think. We're working on that last 10% 🙂
  19. FYI, I can finally share... GDTF profile info will be available in the new Equipment Summary Key in VW 2024. Just as you can show Watts or Weight, the GDTF info can be toggled on/off if you've added the GDFT file to your lighting units.
  20. Are you able to post a file for testing? The info in the screenshots is small and the data limited. I'd want to see the x,y,z values of the truss and hoists before being able to offer guesses.
  21. There is a "daisy chain" mode to the cable placement tool. However, the connected objects do not calculate power as the lights do not have output connectors. It's on our list of needed improvements.
  22. It's not free, but... I use SnagIt for most of my still and video screen captures. https://techsmith.z6rjha.net/qnPeab It'll capture your screen, your camera, your mic, your notations, scrolling windows, etc.
  23. @Ben59 Would you please post a sample file with the items you're working with?
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