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  1. Working in VW 2022 sp3 I've applied data visualization by lighting device > parameter > fixture type and assigned both fill and pen, my visualization is wireframe. The visualization renders on screen in vectorworks, but is not included when I export or publish pdf. Any insight on this?
  2. How can I include the weight of Hoists in my totals for Hanging Position weight? I can see that the fixtures and truss are included, but not the hoists. If I "Select System Objects", the hoists are selected along with the fixtures and truss, so the relationship exists somewhere... Can I access this total?
  3. FYI, I also wasted several hours trying to duplicate the results in the seminar mentioned above, but its now February 2021. Perhaps someone should edit the seminar or put an addendum pointing us to the correct code. A very frustrating experience, after what was otherwise quite an interesting seminar.
  4. I've created a marionette object to model a Global Truss ST-157 crank up stand. Initially, I used a slider to manipulate the height value, but I found it wasn't granular enough; so I switched to a Dim Node. I limited the minimum and maximum heights within the script, but the user can still enter a value outside the allowable range in the OIP, which subsequently remains in the OIP field, even though my script has prevented the illegal value from being used to move the component symbols. How can I have the OIP field reflect the actual value when I've forced a limit on it? Many thanks to Sarah for her Scissor Lift code which is the core of my script. ST-157.vwx
  5. I'm trying to create a custom dynamic title block that leverages the existing Title Block database. Using marionette, I'm able to call the contents of the Title Block as text strings, but I'd prefer to have them as Data Tags so that updates to the underlying database are pushed to the tags without having to re-execute the marionette node. Does a marionette interface for data tags already exist?
  6. Thanks, this was helpful. FYI, The tags are in the following format #Title Block Project Data#.#Project Name#
  7. Is the following correct? In order to add fixtures to an angled truss, you must first rotate the truss back to 0 degrees.
  8. I'm having a similar issue as the OP. Has anyone managed to resolve scaling issues with video playback? I've drawn a 16:9 LED video wall in VW with dims of 16' x 9'. When I export via MVR to Vision and configure the NDI input my content shows up 1.85:1. The source is 16:9 ratio via VLC using NDI.tv tools as the encoder. Any suggestions?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. How would I implement the alpha mask for partial transparency.
  10. Hello, new Vision user here. I've used MVR to import my model from VW, but my objects with transparency (translucent Plexiglas risers) are rendering without transparency. Any suggestions on how to remedy this?
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