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  1. With VW 2022 it's great that we are able to texture individual faces. However I'm missing the possibility to split a face so I can only texture a part of the face. We do our concept design with SketchUp. There we can easily add lines to split the face and paint those new faces individual. After this action we hide the lines, giving the model a clean look. With VW the only way to split the face is by extruding. This gives two problems. First it results in lines that we don't want to see in the model. Second it makes editing the shape afterward more complex and result in unwanted depth of the mass were in reality everything is in the same plane. How we work now in SketchUp: Hope VW implement this function so we can say goodbye to SketchUp.
  2. Vectorworks has the object info palette to 'quickly' see and edit the info of a object. But for a lot of tools the information is an extreme long list of text and numbers. Making it impossible to find the setting or information you need. For example the window tool has a 3 (!!) page long list of text and numbers. I know that you can collapse part of the information but it is still hard to find anything. My whish is that VW redesign the object info palette to making it visual easier to find the information you need. A great example of how this can be improved can be seen at Archicad info box. They use icons so you can easily separate the information and find what you are looking for faster. If the information is to much they use graphical pleasing popups. Some examples of the horror in Vectorworks: How Archicad does this small edits in the info box Big edits in pop-up with nice visuals Those icons on the right is something I wish the object info palette of VW had, ping @Stephan Moenninghoff
  3. The Reshape Tool is a great function to visual reshape a object. Unfortunately it's implementation in VW is non uniform. A lot of times when I activate the Reshape tool on a object I see all the buttons (move polygon point, move edge etc.) but none of them are useful for the object. In my opinion a lot of tools missing the reshape function. I think VW should make a decision: - Implement the reshape capabilities for those object, or don't make the reshape tool active when only selecting a non compactible object. - Only show the reshape buttons (move polygon point, move edge etc.) that are useful for that particular object. Some examples: Reshape Custom Cabinet is a great example it only shows the buttons that are useful. But compared to reshape the base cabinet where all the reshape buttons are shown but none of them are working... Reshape floating floor (z=1000mm) shows control points on the plane, compared to reshaping a floating slab where the control points are correct IMHO. Reshape Column, all buttons shown none working Reshape Pillar shows control points for editing the shape but none for the height. Compared to reshaping a extrude where you can controll the height but not the shape Reshape a wall missing tools. Would be useful to have move by edge option Reshaping 3d modeling tools can be activated but none of them are working. For example if I activate the reshape tool on a object where I recently made fillet edge it would be usefull to use control points to edit the fillet radius This list can go on and on. Please take action and make VW a more uniform experience. Make the control points more visual instead of boxes For example show arrows for extrusion and edit of fillet edge etc. like with the Shapr3D App
  4. +1 And for layers it would be useful to if you can show-hide-greyscale all layers of a group at once
  5. Still nothing about window and doors improvements in the updated roadmap. 😑
  6. I would also appreciate a good explanation of the workgroup folders.
  7. One more: Project without legacy Screen Plane active should not mention screen plane
  8. Workflow that seems to work: 1. Use Extract Tool and select all faces, face by face.. 2. Open resulting group 3. Select all NURBS 4. Model - Add Solids (Ctrl+Alt+A) Is this what you need? @Kevin McAllister ? Would be usefull if Extract Tool select all connecting faces. Even simpiler would be as @Kevin McAllister suggested ungroup works for separating.
  9. I think this will fit the 'Extract Tool' the best. Instead of selecting faces VW can add a mode that select all connecting faces and creates a new solid. Perhaps for now you can use the tool to select al faces individual and convert that to a solid? I will test tomorrow if that works.
  10. +1 Would be usefull Edit, I think this workflow works for now. But a one button workflow would be usefull: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  11. Perhaps we can have a dedicated topic to report UI issues? Here is a list of what I found so far in VW2022: Space tool - Pick Up atributes and Apply use the same icon. Suggestion to use a bucket icon for 'Apply Attributes' Tool Sets shows blue background color, should be grey IMHO Reshape Tool shows tools that are not available, or don't have any effect for the selected object.. For example with railing most of the icons are useless Also the new preserve area don’t work with shapes other than squares, so why show it everywhere?
  12. With the release of VW 2022 we can now paint individual faces with the Texture tool. Part of that tool is the 'pickup' mode. Unfortunately this function only pickup the used texture of another face but not the mapping overrides like rotation or scale. Would be a timesaver if we can also pickup this information and use that for texturing other faces.
  13. My first reaction to the redisigned Atributes Palette was: wow that's huge. The added row's with the text 'Pen' 'Fill' and 'Effects' are part of reason why. Don't get me wrong, I think this space is good to separate them. Also compared to other parts of the interface the atributes palette is almost twice as high as for example the rows of object info palette. I do think the atributes palette is more import, so it has to be a bit bigger. But I think right now it's to 'bold' IMHO. Other than that I really like the submenu opens next to the atributes palette, nice look with good images explaining the functions. Only I think that the "Edit Marker" needs some love. This seems the only part left of the old UI. Also the checkbox to activate the shadow seems akward.
  14. Did you see the new buttons to use current view as workplane? (1) push it and draw a rectangle (2) Use that as shape to make a viewport. No need to activate legacy function. I was wondering how they made this possible without screen plane, nice work VW!
  15. I've managed to install the trail. Can’t seem to be able to paint only a part of a face by splitting it with a line. As you can see in the first image, the complete face light up with the selection tool. Of course I can use the third mode of the push-pull tool to push the face outward (second image). But this is not how buildings are made, most of time brick details are all in the same plane. Would be great if it works more like Sketchup, there a face gets split when drawing a line so you can paint both of the resulting faces individual. For now I will push pull outward 1mm. @bcd @Andy Broomell If you've got any tips I would like to know 🙂
  16. Wow that's great, thanks for testing 👍
  17. Can anyone test if VW2022 has the possibility to paint a part of a face by splitting it with a line for example? Or do we have to push/pull before VW recognize it as a separate paintable face? Would make adding details to a mass model easier.
  18. @Tobias KernNo it's an automatic overview from example all the walls used in your plan. Or al the tree's, windows or other symbols. We call it a "renvooi" in dutch maybe it's called similar in German? You can look the latest design summit movies, there they show some examples.
  19. Did you use the ungroup function first? They mentioned that in the video I think. Can't test now.
  20. 1000x this! Somehow I can't manage to use the dimension tool in a smart way, can't get it to associate with the object. So lot of manual adjustment.. Please give us a smart dimension tool as @jmendezsuggest. - Plus it would be nice if you can edit the object position by typing the number in the placed dimension. - Even better would be smart 'temporary' dimensions when selecting a object like wall or door etc. So you can see in a glance what the position is compared to other objects in the model. Ideally these dimension can be edited by typing in the temporary dimension field. aka, look at the competition, Revit does this the best IMHO
  21. For anyone that can't or don't want to install VW2022, you can find the help file with the complete changelog here
  22. Since vw2022 has been released the roadmap has been updated: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap
  23. From what I read, directly talk with the GPU (metal/directX), multicore and VGM upgrades, it seems that VW 2022 will also be great for old PC's. I think that by upgrading from v2012 you will receive a gigantic performance improvement. The adjusted hardware requirements are more focused towards Redshift rendering, which is more GPU intensive. I guess we will find out when the 2022 (trail) gets released.
  24. Free form modeling roofs and facades with layers (components). That's awesome! Only hope it's not overly complicated to setup. Interactive editing of stairs looks nice. I wish this workflow will also be introduced for window editing
  25. Would be great if Vectorworks worked the same as Archicad. With Archicad each material / 'component' has a 'priority' that controls automatically the cut order. So a construction 'component' of a wall has a higher priority than the finish layer of a slab. This result that the construction layer automatically gets cut out of the floor finish. When you move the wall everything gets updated.
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