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  1. Can someone point me to a sample pdf Construction Document set of a residential home developed and published in VW? Thanks,
  2. Does VW not provide enough 2D drafting capability? Why add BricsCad to the mix? Thanks
  3. Do most VW users use only VW or do you supplement with Autocad or Sketchup?
  4. I am currently trialing VW. I am struggling with the interface, amount of clicks, and general dated feel in the experience. Does this struggle dissipate? I am trialing Archicad too, and love it’s simplicity and modern feel.
  5. We already utilize Enscape in our workflow, so we are all set on the presentation renderings and VR end. It sounds like VW Architect will suffice for the time being. Thanks,
  6. Thanks. We do not do in-house landscape architecture. We do build in-house site models with landscape elements...but only for presentation purposes. BTW E|FA, I have followed your work... very impressive portfolio.
  7. Thanks for the reply. What specific features would you see as being needed that are lacking in Architect? The one that catches my eye is upgraded site modeling. Thanks,
  8. i am currently evaluating VW for use in an Architecture/Interiors firm specializing in custom residential. VW Architect seems like a good fit for us, but I am now looking at the additional capabilities included in the full VW Design Suite. Do other Architects make use of Landmark or others? Seems like for $500 extra annually, it would be some good additional features. Thanks
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